Saturday, July 9, 2011

Biography Review 10-Helen Keller

What would be the worst thing ever happen to a child? 

Being both deaf and blind, Helen’s world is dark and silent. She was mad like a cow, and she had shed her anger on her family at first. Nothing can change the facts of being unable to “see” and “speak”.

Helen loves life, the way any child does, and she is loved by her family. Education would be the cure to her unsettled mind.

“Water” is the first words she had learned, with her hands splashed by running water under a faucet sink, she “feels” the word “Water” and comes to comprehension of the remark written on her palm by her private tutor…What a discovery for this poor girl! Later in her life, “touch”, “smell”, “feel”, these senses would pave her way to her college degree in English, and she was honored by the president of her time in the U. S….

The story of Helen Keller is inspiring, there are a dozen biographies/auto-biographies under her name online, reading Helen Keller would be fruitful for all of those book worms this summer…I have read about her and have fallen in love with her spirits.

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Happy Reading! 

Happy Summer!

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