Thursday, August 18, 2016

short story slam week 51: touch the sky dreams, 8/18/2016---9/4/2016


Touch the sky dreams, image credit by  Gennova

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

short story slam 51 weeks celebration, in addition to 5/2/2011---8/22/2016, five years, 3 months, 3 weeks long blogging, which means 1835 days of story brewing...thanks

short story slam 51 weeks celebration, in addition to 5/2/2011---8/22/2016,
five years, 3 months, 3 weeks long blogging, which means

1835 plus 17 sun-moon days of story brewing

our inspirational blogging prompts

Microfiction Mondays by Susan PetitJean

one of entries is below:

a baby dragon is born
the long horse kingdom is filled with rosy mood

a diving king
a swimming swan

things sing
if he smiles at shen

thins loose
if he giggles at ella mother goose

things lighten up
if he winks at googler juliet stevenfannies

things cool down
when he speaks of the name of henryetta francisco brown

That’s a Wrap 


Blue Monday - Smiling Sally's Gift

Happy News!  

Sheer Poetry

Sheer Poetry


We are looking for bloggers/writers who can work as officials, conducting bookreviews written by bloggers on the following categories:

Mondays, The Poetry Paradise, (positions filled)
Tuesdays, Novels/Short Stories Shine (positions filled)
Wednesdays, The Children's playground, (positions filled)
Thursdays, surprise to be announced
Fridays, Cool Cooking (positions filled)
Saturdays, Biography/Autography Books (positions filled)
Sundays, News/New Releases(positions filled)

Please leave a comment with your blog link if you  are interested in working as an  official, email for payment for officials, this is a non-profit orgnaization that intends to serve a community of bloggers who write, inspire, and share....

This is a site promoting books, we list books published for free!

Our first post is May 2, 2011...

Indie said...
This sounds like interesting work. I am a prolific reader. It is my favorite thing to do actually! My blog is here:

My email

okoatokewa - the poet said...
I would like to express my interest for this position, especially for the Monday - poetry paradise, but am open to others as well as creative writing and critical reading are some of my many hobbies.

My link is
Paulami said...
This sounds really great. would love to work for the Tuesday section.

my blog link
Bluebell Books said...
Indie, Okoat, Paulam,

please email as well...

the result will come out within a week...
flaubert said...
I am interested. I just saw the post on my blog. Do I need to email you?
Thanks for the heads up!

Dom* said...
Thanks Blue Bell...I will do the best I can to contribute what I can....and yes do we need to email you in doing so?.....enjoy as well(+)
Bluebell Books said...
flaubert, Dom*, please send email to and

let us know which position you are mostly interested in.


Wellspring Of The Soul said...
Thanks very kindly Bluebell!! Absolutely I would love a hopes and dreams would be to read more poetry!! I am at and I surely can't wait. Thanks kindly and be looking for my email. Peace to all poets/poetesses! Best Wishes.
MISH said...
Hey Bluebell ~~ I would love to assist ~~ preferably on Mondays , Tuesdays or Wednesdays .
My blog is

Wellspring Of The Soul said...
Hello Bluebell,
Just a short note to thank you; would simply love Mondays & Saturdays.. Love to read and love to research and write!!!

Have a happy day of Creativity!!

Cynthia M said...
I am interested in book reviews. My blogs are


I will e-mail you also.

Jingle Poetry said...
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Jack Edwards Poetry said...
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Jack Edwards Poetry said...
I would be interested in taking part in the Monday Poetry position.

My blog is :
Bluebell Books said...
I am here and ready to partipate and I am excited to see all of the above comments!

Chim's World of Literature said...
This is something i'd like to take part in..becos i do all my book reviews on my blog..

here is my blog url:
Heather Grace Stewart said...
What a great thing you're doing. The blog has a relaxing bookstore feel to it - well done! Thanks for asking me to share my book information with you. I'll happily send you links with blurbs and purchase information to my three books currently for sale, also, you can check out Heather's Books at my site. Thanks so much.
Jennifer Gladen said...
I'd love to help in anyway I can.
Emmanuel Ibok said...
This is a great and interesting project. May the sun shine on it. I'd compile my book info as requested and send across. Thanks for inviting me.

Arlee Bird said...
Good luck with the project. I'll check in to see how things are going.
I'm pretty covered up with things these days, but who knows about the future?

Tossing It Out
AllMyPosts said...
sounds cool!!

I am game!!!

I am blogger at "" !!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

story of the week on shortstoryslamweek50: a poem by poetry road

poetry road via sheryl page 

a poem is written via creative imagery and unexpected sentences,
it is like fishing at Happiness Ditch,
read it,
and smile!
Thanks for sharing

Hiding from Spirits Oct31 by PoetryRoad

Anxiety stretched across a painted sky
Emotions run from screams
Shadows dance upon the graves
Behind the stones I hide
From the ancestors left behind
Mindless thoughts turned inside out
Regret fills my soul
Words never spoken cry
Pages of a book never turned
Lessons too late learned
The stone grows cold
Against my back
Darkened like the sky
Time was not the reason
Nor was the change of season
Just life in a young girl
Selfish whims and vanity
Questions chase the shadows
Regret fills the empty hole
Forgiveness seals the broken soul
The arm of death stretches
Wrapping itself around so close
The sky brings mornings light
The tears dry and I am alone
Reminded of a place called Home

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Short Story Slam Week 50, 8/4/---8/21, 2016, on hope, education, memory, invention, and satisfaction


Footnotes on Boats, Harbors, and Lighthouses

image credit, David Balyeat, Denver, Chicago, and  Lower Manhattan
greetings, we loved your active inputs last week,
we feel absolutely positive about this week 50 prompt,
it is about  
hope, education, memory, invention, and satisfaction

  Image result for footnotes magazine from northwestern university