Thursday, July 21, 2016

short story slam week 49, July 21---August 7, 2016, Silver Swan poetic stories of romance and mystery

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Maryann Paturenskiajotab the swan fairy

Hello, story tellers and poetic talents:
Today we post two poems, and encouraging you to write poems, and share stories
on swan theme, romance, haiku, lyrics, short memo, flash fiction 160, 55, or 100 words,
anything apply here, good luck!

featured poem number one:

From the Gypsies Metamorphos'd

by Ben Jonson

the faiery became upon you,
the starres to glister on you,
A Moon of light,
In the Noone of night,
Till the Fire-Drake hath o're-gone you.

The Wheele of fortune guide you,
The Boy with the Bow beside you,
Runne aye in the way,
Till the Bird of day,
And the Lucklyer lot betide you.

featured poem number two:

The Way

by Edwin Muir

friend, i have lost the way,
the way leads on,
is there another way
the way is one.
i must retracee the track,
it's lost and gone.
back, i must travel back,
none goes there, none.
then i'll make here my place,
(the road leads on)
stand still and set my face
(the road leads on)
stay here, for every stay,
none stays here, none
I can not find the way,
the way leads on
Oh, please I have passed
that journey's done
and what will come at last?
the road leads on!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

story of the week 48, nathan oglala sioux on daniel pawhuska

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posted under nathan oglala sioux    lovely entry,

museums and attractions
Chris Dixon and Daniel Pawhuska

we list lots of things
we let people grow thousand mile versions

woolaroc Ranch, Museum and Wildlife Preserve
Webbers Falls Historical museum

Three Valley Exhibits
Tahlonteeskee Cherokee Courthouse Museum

Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center
Southern Plains Museum

Seminole Nation Museum
Osage Tribal Museum

Kiowa Tribe
Kanza museum

Jacobson House Native Art Center
John Hair Museum

Gilcrease Museum
Gardner Mission and Museum

Fort Sill Historic Landmark and museum
Fred Jones Museum art

Five Civilized Tribes Museum
Coo-Y-Yah museum

my eyes grow dizzy
my figures become numb

the red eye opens wide
the green sheen remains active in pride

Thursday, July 7, 2016

short story slam week 48, indians are good folks! July 7-----july 24, 2016

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Urmila Matondkar, Fort Peck Tribes,

Identity is important to all of us, but, it shall NOT block anyone
from achieving and winning anything, we may not identify ourselves,
we do seek common ground and try to think cleverly, aptly, and foolishly
at times, it is a way to unfold your stories.

Happy Writing!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

story of the week 47: I Am The Exile Then

  a story form  helen faust
I am an exile then, some other land
beneath another sun must have been mine.
I speak a new language and clasp your hand,
I taste the grapes from your vine,
They are sour, bitter to my mouth,
I don't enjoy such,
missing home, both north and south!
I prefer my own kind of fruit,
peaches or oranges are sweet and good,
I dwell on words that's soft
with friends and eyes,
gentle and aloft.