Monday, November 16, 2015

short story slam week 33, Nov. 12 to December 6, 2015

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Please Create a short fiction or a verse inspired by the image provided, have fun!

everyone is welcome!
It Is all about gratitude to your parents, friends, teachers,
colleagues, neighbors, and community leaders..
Happy Thanksgiving!

Something Magical Happens When You Write a Book

Something magical has been happening since I got up the nerve to publish my book, “Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen”.
I present my book at readings. I carry it with me everywhere and expose it at every opportunity. I don’t care if people laugh and are shocked and embarrassed and even a little jealous of my accomplishments.

Magical things have been happening.
Facebook which I used to hate I now love because it brought me and my book to the attention of nieces and nephews and cousins I hadn’t talked to in a long time. When I check Amazon for royalties now, I am so pleased to NOT know who bought my book.

The Pink Lady wants to have lunch with me. She is known in the West Valley for conducting lectures, workshops and classes in her house which is pink inside and out.

My book was raffled off at Maybin Hewes “Still Struttin” show and the winner was the lovely star, Ana Maria Alberghete, who shared a bit of the romance in her life while I autographed her book.
The laughing ladies of San Diego urged me to make a trailer to send to Ellen DeGeneres… Nancee Lewis is working on it. I assembled a wonderful bunch of local laughers and clappers to meet at my house January 15 for coffee, tea, cookies, cakes and me reading my stories while Nancee did her magic behind the camera.

About Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen

This book explores what seems to be the last taboo in movies and TV. sensuality after sixty, The author describes her "coming of old age" adventures in a hilarious book of stories about dates on a clothing optional beach with a retired Royal Grenadier to a movie shoot with an amateur director, to a real romance with a late-in-life true love. She hopes to inspire the older crowd to drop some of their inhibitions and get more enjoyment out of life after sixty and also give younger readers something to look forward to in the future.
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About Lila Lee Silvern 

Lila Lee Silvern is a retired educator who directed a program for immigrant students, created many educational materials, and also appeared in a TV series, "The World Comes to Los Angeles".
After retiring from a long career as a writer of educational materials for children, Lila Lee Silvern created a new image of herself entertaining at a weekly story salon held at a local coffee house.
She was surprised to learn that her young audiences were delighted with her seven minute, ribald stories about seniors still enjoying sex, romance and a good laugh about themselves.
She hoped to inspire the older crowd to drop some of their inhibitions, get more enjoyment out of life after sixty, and give the younger people a more hopeful look at the future. Sensuality after sixty seems to be the last taboo that TV and the movies seem reluctant to explore. This book may embarrass some, but hopefully it will titillate others to drop a few hang ups and grab what’s left of their lives with gusto and giggles.

Lila Lee Silvern is a graduate of the UCLA Theatre Arts Department and received a Masters Degree in Bilingual Education from California State University. Northridge. She has had educational materials published and appeared in a KLCS series called, “The World Comes to Los Angeles.” She is the mother of two sons.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

story of the week 32, we feature two talents today, smiles!

Greetings, How do you do today?
This week, we have many interesting entries, and it is both delightful and sad to see that
Everyone has done admirable job, I believe that each poem or short fiction is written with careful observation and extended wit, many thanks, everyone is the winner!1!!!
And …if I must pick one or two here due to space restriction,  then 

I give the winner(s) to  
 Cinday Gary Murray Tomblin Bullock 


first let's read Kate's haiku, which gives us wings to see the imagery behind our solid footsteps...

under the feet of a horse
the long shadow immigrates north
the wings of a drone

clouds in the sky
one bright sun beams its pride
the world goes hide 

I admire rainbow 
when the rain drops sit 
competing with fresh air

Now, let's go through another poet, Cindy Gary's words to an unexpected theme story write:

when Lindsay enrolls at Softwear Colgate high school,
she did not expect Amelia to sit next to her,
often feeling uneasy about her womanly period,
and often she falls silent about Linsday's favor from a few boys

the end is sad
when Lindsay transfers to Westmore High,
so that Amelia obtains some focused fame,
eventually, both women attend UW college at Washington state.

the ability to open one's mind and shift gears
when it is needed is essential,
thus, when autumn is in the air,
we expect the leaves to fall, and pumpkins to sell

seconds, minutes, hours, days, nights, weeks, months,
years, decades, century, and dynasty,
trees grow year prints called nian lun,
demons wear consumes when it comes to Halloween

the world seem placid, plain, and pirate to small kids,
a quirky mindset won't win prize for being sneaky,
don't call me blogging buddy
unless you enjoy your freedom touching the board of writing whirling, daily.

and check out both poets' blog links here below:

Thursday, October 29, 2015

short story slam week 32: how about stories or experiences unexpected?

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Create a short fiction or a verse inspired by the image provided, have fun!

everyone is welcome!