Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Short Story Slam

Every two weeks a new photo will be posted for Thursday's Short Story Slam. There is still time left for a short story if anyone wants to participate in last weeks. Just click on the Tab at the top and the link to the Slam is there.

I've got a great one for this Next Thursday. Don your cowboy hats and boots and start thinking buckaroos, wagons ho!

*Note* There is a badge for Thursday Short Story Slam on my blog. Please help yourself to it. Right click and (save as) then load it to your blog as a picture and incorporate the Short Story Slam addy into it. 

To get a direct link to the Short Story Area, click on the tab with Short Story Slam copy the address at the top and add it to the picture as a link.

Your host for the Short Story Slam
Missy aka (Melissa R. Bickel)
Poetic Ponderings


Bluebell Books said...

what a neat shout out,

will be looking forward to next one on Thursday.

stay cool, Missy.

Anonymous said...

awesome idea! I shall try to make time to read everyone's work! :) Thanks for the visit BB.

LeahJ.Lynn said...

stopping by to say hello and thank you. I'm interest in your Short story slam.

Missy said...

The next one will be up this coming Thursday, stop by and join in, we welcome all who want to take part :)

Ellie said...

Fabulous idea! A western, hey? I think I might have something for this already.

Ellie Garratt