Friday, October 21, 2011

Saturday Biography: Doorways to Significance by Pat Holland Conner

Title: Doorways to Significance: Finding Peace, Power and Passion

Author: Pat Holland Conner

About the Author:  A licensed family therapist and substance abuse counselor, Pat Holland Conner is a resident of Reno Nevada. She is owner of Peaceful Path Consulting and  through her educational and counseling activities, seeks to help her fellow journeyers achieve self esteem and wholeness.

Story Summary: This memoir is the story of Pat’s emergence from a sense of non-belonging into one of well-being. Born in the South in the 1940’s, Pat is an African American with light skin. She was not accepted by her own community and was rejected by those whose appearance she shared. Her story is one of survival and courage. After a difficult divorce, Pat, well into middle age, too a leap of faith and volunteered with the U.S. Peace Corps. Her travels took her to Thailand, throughout Asia and the Middle East, but her most important journey was within. In her memoir, Pat invites the reader to share a glimpse into her life.

Recommendation: Pat’s memoir is a source of inspiration for one’s own personal growth. Her easy writing style enables you to fly through the pages. I finished it in two evening sessions.


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MORNING said...

thoughtful job, Victoria.

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Nicely done, Victoria.

Congratulations and good luck to Pat.

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