Saturday, November 19, 2011

Payne Stewart: the Authorized Biography

Title: Payne Stewart: the Authorized Biography

Author: Tracey Stewart, Ken Abraham, Mike Hicks

About the Authors:  Recounted by Tracey Stewart, the wife of the world famous professional golfer, Payne Stewart, along with Mike Hicks, Stewart’s caddie, this biography was penned by Ken Abraham, an author known for his collaborative works with celebrity figures such as Paul Azinger and Lisa Beamer.

In 1999, PGA golfer Payne Stewart won the US Open Championship at Pinehurst, North Carolina. Months later he was dead in a plane crash that took his life and that of several companions—an event that struck the heart of the golfing community: professional golfers and fans alike.

Even if you do not follow golf, you may remember Stewart by his signature knickers and tam. A man known for his practical jokes, his occasional arrogance, a sporadic misspoken or misunderstood press interview, Stewart was also a man whose family and faith were the center of his life.

This well-written biography is a quick read. Those who are not golf aficionados may want to skip over the ample details of some of the tournaments, but throughout the narrative you will discover a character who loved life and lived it fully. Tracey, his wife, does not gloss over his short-comings and strengths which give a balanced picture of a whole human being and the struggles, the joys, the growth and successes he enjoyed.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy sports, in particular golf and to those who look for inspiration in a life that was short but well-lived.

Submitted by Victoria Ceretto-Slotto,


Bluebell Books said...

I actually read this book a few year back.
beautiful share, Victoria.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ji. He was quite a character and talent. Too bad we lost him at such a young age. But he lived his life well.