Saturday, December 24, 2011

Long Sentences Like a Good Wine Endure Through Time

Good Wine Endures Through Time
When did long sentences go out of style? Have we have been taught that in order to grab the attention of the reader we must do it in as few sentences as possible, because we know that the reader’s attention span is very miniscule? Today, the reader’s attention has been captured by the electronic age and it has become increasingly harder to get people to read. However, in our rush to capture the reader’s attention have our sentences become less vibrant and less meaningful? Do you strive to become a better writer by writing stronger sentences?

Literary greats have endured the test of time with their sentences that are vibrant and full of meaning. These sentences tantalized our senses like an excellent wine with dinner. Have we become unable to appreciate vibrant verbs, the provocative adjectives, the descriptive adverbs that make a sentence more robust and vibrant? Have our sentences lost their vigor? Carefully choosing each word and how it fits in with the overall meaning is the job of the writer.