Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Review: Introducing You A Special Friend of Mine, A Well Established Author

Good Morning:

Today I am introducing you an author I knew, and here is the story between us:

 I have stayed in Princeton, New Jersey during 1996-1997,  soon after we settled there in Fall, 1996, while my husband was doing research at Institute for Advanced Studies, then, at Einstein Drive,  the laundry room,  I saw a small paper flyer, which was written by a female, seeking “mother’s help”,  I was with my older boy who was three years old then, and he was sent to locale daycare from 9am to 1pm, thus my mornings are empty, I wished to help this mother, so I called her number and she visited me in the evening, (we lived in the same resident area, 5 minutes walk away), well, this is the story, this mother is Megan Turner, she claimed to me that she was a writer for young adults, she needed someone to watch over her infant boy from 10am to 1pm, her older son went to daycare in the area,….

Well, we clicked, I went to her house to babysit her little boy, while she was inside her writing room, I was allowed to speak my native lanugae to her son, and we had lots of fun,
I recall times when her son made loud noises, she would be bothered from her room and took a look at what we do, I usually took her son for a nature walk before he ate his lunch …at around 12:55, we walk together to pick up our boys from daycare, ..

Megan Turner and her husband are loving couple, they paid me tips besides general salary if I had to babysit her son during evenings while they went out for a date as husband and wife…

Here it goes for today: I still remember her fro my corner of mind, decide to check out her books, and to my surprise, I found a few, wow, she has this Big achievement, published several books in recent decades, I feel the urge to share one of her books with you, you may check out her books from public library as well…….

I have no contact with my old friend ever since we left Princeton, but, I feel thrilled to discover her success and share her talent with you…TODAY!

To Megan Turner: hello, how are you? You write outstanding books, I knew one of your work has won national book award, smiles! ..keep it up.  I wish I had spent more time with you, you are such a caring soul, sorry for being unable to go to swimming pool date with you before we departed, I was not a good swimmer and here, I still remember your phone call to me and thanks again for thinking of me…love you, love to see you face from online…. ;) take good care….


Megan Whalen Turner is married to a professor and often relocates when he needs to do research. When they traveled to Greece one summer, she decided to use its landscape as the background of a book, but didn't write The Thief until she was spending a year in California, where the olive trees reminded her of the Greek mainland.

To view one of her books from, visit here:

 Megan Turner, 
She looks exactly the same when I saw her back in 1996..
she is more beautiful than she looks here,
she is a charming white female, who has tastes, talent, and kind spirits...bless her...


Unknown said...

a thought jumps to my mind today, then with some online research, I found my long lost friend, and glad to share Megan Turner with you,

it is very personal experience, I don't feel ashamed about it.

I wish I could achieve what she does, bless her.

bless all of the readers who read bluebell books.

good luck.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

oh, my,

Megan Turner is lovely,

I may check out her books from library soon.


what a beautiful surprise.

Anonymous said...

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