Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Children's Book Review in March: Bridgt to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

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Kathrine Paterson has written many books for young adults,  most of her books
are realistic and inspiring, it’s all about friendship, fitting in, and surviving and adventure, …read the detailed quotation below to discover more..

“Bridge to Terabithia is an excellent book .It tells the exiting story of Jesse Aarons and Neslie Burke. Jesse has a younger sister who is six, her name is May Belle, and two older sisters that are always bothering him calling him a wimp, their names are Ellie and Brenda. Before Jesse met Neslie his only friends were Miss Bessie the (families cow), and his music teacher who loves his drawings. Jess hopes to become the fastest kid in the fifth grade. At first Jesse does not want to become Leslies' friend...”         

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Taylor Kong Boomer said...

used to read her books,
great review.