Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello beautiful Bluebell readers!

School is almost out in some parts of the world and as we slip into soon to be summer, maybe you need a good beach read?

Something to let something besides your tan sizzle a bit?

Something to do while the kiddies splash in the wading pool in the backyard?

Well I have something special for you....

This weeks featured poet is Jill Bialosky.

a powerful sequence of poems that probes the subterranean depths of eros. Gerald Stern has called Bialosky "the poet of the secret garden, the place, at once, of grace and sadness," and here she enters that garden again, blending the classical with the contemporary in bold considerations of desire, fertility, virginity, and childbirth. Written against the idealizations of romantic love and motherhood, she tells of the loss of one child and the birth of another, the fierce passions of life before children, the seductions of suicide, and the comforts of art. Throughout, she braids and unbraids the distinct yet often inseparable themes of motherhood, love, and sexuality. "When he comes to me," she writes,

half-filled glass
in his hand, wanting
me to touch him, I hear
you stir in your crib. I know what your body
feels like.
The soft skin of a flower, not bruised, not yet
in torment...

Subterranean is the moving and intimate account of the emergence of a female psyche. Like the figures of Persephone and Demeter, who appear in various forms in these poems, Bialosky finds a strange beauty in grief, and emerges from the realms of temptation with insight and distinction.
This is a great early summer sensual treat. Ethereal and dreamy perfection.  
Her collections of poems are Subterranean, Intruder and The End of Desire. Bialosky is also the author of the novel House Under Snow (2002) and The Life Room (2007) and co-editor, with Helen Schulman, of the anthology Wanting A Child (1998).

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Enjoy your week and see you back here soon!