Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Spicing of Birds by Emily Dickson: What A Fresh Pointview for All!

Emily Dickson is one of the poets who is admired by me, glad to find a selections of her books via online sources, Emily is a brave woman who writes without being forced or disturbed,  her work is well known and her talent in covering various topics and subjects is amazing.. 

Today you are introduced to A Spicing of Birds, which is an interesting one to learn about her work…

Here is a quote of the book;

“A Spicing of Birds is a unique and beautifully illustrated anthology, pairing poems from one of America's most revered poets with evocative classic ornithological art. Emily Dickinson had a great love of birds--in her collected poems, birds are mentioned 222 times, sometimes as the core inspiration of the poem. However, in existing anthologies of Dickinson's work, little acknowledgment is made of her close connection to birds. This book contains thirty-seven of Dickinson's poems featuring birds common to New England. Many lesser-known poems are brought to light, renewing our appreciation for Dickinson's work.”

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