Saturday, August 25, 2012

Story of The Week 25: Mindsinger's Windwalker Wins!

 Image Credit: Mindsinger

Jesus! How do you do this evening?

This week, we have another fabulous week of stories and more, many of you have done excellent job, it’s hard to decide who is who and why this one wins, but you are lucky if you are picked, loved all of your presence and talent!

Now Join me in congratulating this week's tribute writer and recipient of the story of the week 25,  for her delightful story, Windwalker! If you have not already done so, please swing by and read her beautiful tale, linked mindsinger  

Congratulations! Mindsinger!


A wind blew from the mountain
On nimble feet
Down the arroyos of time
Swirled in misty billows of silver
And left us lonely.
And on that wind came Wind Walker.
Fleet of foot he was
Silver as a mountain mist
Head thrown high to taste the rain
His hooves struck fire from the shifting sands.
We watched, enthralled
As he came near
and standing just beyond our grasp
he blew softly through wild, flared nostrils.
Like music he moved
Like wildfire flowing across the horizon
Spirit of freedom on four legs
Oh, we tamed him,
Bound him with cords
Placed fetters upon his neck
And tied him to a plow.
We bred him to meet our needs
Until he ranged from huge and slow
To diminutive toy fit only for a house pet
But shape and bind as we would
WindWalker will never be completely bound
Tennessee Walker
Dan Patch
Sea Biscuit
In back lots and modest pastures
The seed of Wind Walker reflects his glory.
The proud tilt of a head
The staccato rhythm of ebony hooves
And where the spirit soars
Windwalker lives.

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Unknown said...

breath taking lines.

well written story in poetic form.