Saturday, September 22, 2012

Story of The Week 27; on Life of A Poem

Hello, today we represent story of the week on week 27 entries, wow, someone truly spend time on it, hoe neat to have many of you contribute and pass talent or inspirations around our supporters..

we give the honor to life in a poem today, to see how the poet writes the story in poetic form with metaphors and realistic words...thanks...check out the entry here: life in a poem 

My story
The cycle of life in a hurry
In this round of fire
But don’t worry
I’m working on fixing it
I’ll take in as much as you’ll let me
Help it fit in my profile pantry
Tips from a turtle
Watch your back
Blood don’t bleed purple
Nothing is just a piece of pie
It runs in a whole damn circle
My shell, a shield of honor
The dents are grooves when I took cover
An act of valor, I stood up to the offer
My warriors intact
Dead weight on paper
Served as ice cream topping
Shredded into confetti
From the machete used as a sweet tooth
Sold to the slave of humanity
Souls under attack
Losing body count
But growing greener then debit
A victim of the hijack stackers
Pancakes slapped on higher
So they say benefit, our country’s fighters
Fancy giving a hand if you’re able
Too late, caught up to miserable
Save the dance for someone more capable
I’ll stick with the positive rubble
Hospitable counts, bitter rolls comfortable
Happiness held hostage
Dogs rather salvage garbage
Cheers to life left to tarnish
Where forests are left to grow
And poker brains stake to fold
Harness simplicity
Let the sun rise in Switzerland
As it sets in los angels
It’s all got a purpose
Nothin missin, snakes hiss
And the kids pissin’ you off
Don’t punish puberty or stunt growth
Just roll with the dough and where money goes
As it flows or if it don’t, break bread
Show faith even if the milks cold
I’ve got big dream, plan to scheme
Do and die
All for the purpose of livin’
Save seven for the day of the week
Pay respects the nourishing knowledge of peace
Seek smell in mood, count finger food
A hand full of candy won’t wait for me
The plastic wrapping never fails to please
Don’t sweat it on a sugar high
I’d advise better judgment
Sustenance sings when it’s happy
Cry’s when empty, cease opportunity
Suppress any desire to bargain
Take it all
And tell those who stop you, to pop a few
My story
The cycle of life in a hurry
In this round of fire
But don’t worry
I’m working on fixing it


Anonymous said...

a smooth word flow.

Unknown said...

cute choice.