Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Hours of Hope – book spotlight – Michelle Moore

30 Hours of Hope

Michelle Moore is the author of 30 Hours of Hope, a story that deals with death and takes an inspirational look inside the end of life conversations. Writing Daze caught up with Michelle recently to find out how she weaves a story that connects two relative strangers who connect through an unexpected email.  

About 30 Hours of Hope

30 Hours of Hope deals with death through a powerful, candid, raw and inspirational look inside the end of life conversations of two relative strangers who connect through an unexpected email. Their fortuitous journey challenges readers to fully engage in life because it is finite.

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Who or what motivated you to write the book?
Hope motivated me to write this book. We were complete strangers whose lives intersected to give the other what she desperately needed. I’m a healthy, busy mother of two from Ohio. Hope was a mother of two with end-stage Ovarian cancer from a small town of less than 300. She saw me on a TV reality show while she was in the hospital recovering from a painful chemo treatment. As she was watching, she felt I lifted her from her darkness. I “left fingerprints on her heart” as she put it. So, she wrote me a beautiful letter to let me know and, as her dying wish, had her mother track me down through the Internet to send it to me. When her mother found me, it began a 30-hour connection between Hope and I that forever changed my life. During that point in my life, I desperately needed a miracle. I needed confirmation that what I believed was very real. That we even connected and the powerful lessons I learned was that miracle and confirmation. I wrote “30 Hours of Hope” to share this message with people who need to know God is still very much in the miracle business today. 

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