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story of the week 35, on Fiza Dawn's entry, Happy New Year!

Where there is love there is life.... 

by Fiza Dawn 

Love is such a complicated word if you look at it because as it has a binding factor in it, it does have the unbinding peace attached to it.
That sentence above itself sounds complicated isn’t it?

Well, I have a story to tell today specially when its a ‘short story slam week’ at BlueBells.

Ruby was a loving personality, basically an independent, free-thinker and full of life. Anyone would love to be her friend, yes when I say anyone it means anyone irrespective of gender, age and even animals would love to be near this person.
Love is contagious, isn’t it? That’s how exactly it was. Ruby’s warm and friendly nature attracted many and many would be her friends too. In such a time she met someone and this friendship turned into love. I am sure with Ruby’s friendly nature and caring lead this person to be in love because this person never received that from anyone, not even the so called close ones, that’s how he told to Ruby always.
Ruby already being in a relationship didn’t even realize that this friendship has caused her to have an extra marital affair. At one point she felt that all she is doing is loving and not killing anyone. These kinds of hypothetical thoughts didn’t made her feel that what she was doing is unfair to the other person with whom she has a relationship whom she loves the same.
I am not sure so far if my readers are with me, if yes then what are you thinking about Ruby?
If you look at from Ruby’s point of view she is only loving and giving a hope and confidence to other person even though the relationship has progressed exactly like the one she has.
Tough one, love indeed is tough and difficult to manage when you think love as food, things, place and money. You can’t share these things and you can only give to one unless this love is motherly love like many wife’s say to their husband also :) and sisterly love or so forth.
Time came when Ruby and her friend’s love came out with their respective partners and it was not appreciated by anyone and I guess by now Ruby and her friend also realized that the love is true and fact is that it has no place here and hence they had to part.
It was love that brought them together and it was love that parted. Ruby went back to her family. Ruby is a loving soul and wanted to give peace and was ready to go far away but even though her loved ones were hurt they all embraced her with the hope to give and get a life for all.
Ruby’s friend, probably he lost everything in love. He just vanished in no time and then couldn’t figure out what happened to him.

Looking at Ruby’s love story, all I feel is love is very powerful and love can make anything happen in this world. Its the love that Ruby gave to her family that they embraced her back as they all love Ruby. 
Even though Ruby lost the friend for the love she shared, her friend saw a new life and new learning which will keep him going for long. 
Love can be soothing, comforting, encouraging, teaching lessons, bring strength and happiness yet love can teach you a lesson which will be with you for life long. 
Try to love instead of anger it changes the perspective of life and living beings.

“Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold” ~ Zelda Fitzgerald

~ Dawn
Hello, hoe is your holiday?
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good luck, Fiza Dawn!
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Thank you Mimi for the honor.
Keep motivating and share the spirit ..

Happy New Year
~ Dawn

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