Tuesday, February 16, 2016

story of the week 38; Dreams Beyond A Rainbow - A Short Story by kaykuala


                                                                         Attribution: Wing-Chi Poon
Image: It shows the point
where the rainbow rises (here)

'What do you see in a rainbow? Tell me!'

He was taken aback! He was pleasantly surprised. Just taking
a morning walk a few minutes ago, he stopped at the sidewalk
The al Fresco shaded by the big umbrellas was inviting.He seated
himself at an empty table. Not in the mood to talk to anyone so
he thought. Then just as suddenly a pretty lady walked past his
table. She hesitated. Turned around and joined him.

She smiled, he smiled back. Nothing special in him, he thought.
But she smiled! What got into her? And what a way to start a 

'A rainbow? I see colors, lots of colors!' he said
'Yes, seven in all' she added, 'do you know them?'
'I cannot possibly recall' he said pointedly embarrassed
'Just remember, Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain'
Oh yes, that's the mnemonic, I remember now!
'Yes, and it goes in that order, red, orange, yellow, green, blue
indigo and violet. And that's not all! she quipped.
'Why, are there other new colors to add?'
'Not really, but yes! Not really colors but they are there!' she appeared
triumphant with a wisp of a smile
He was beginning to get uncomfortable. He was now into some
serious conversation and she had only been seated a few minutes.
And they were not even properly introduced and she was making
him look stupid

'There's infrared after red, and ultra-violet beyond violet, she continued.
.And they influenced certain situations.......'
'Ok, he interjected. ' I would rather see rainbow in a different light!'
'Yes', he said, cutting her off midway 'I see dreams beyond rainbow,' 
he said with an intellectual grin. What one feels in oneself, 
the inner self so to speak!'
'I had designs of such a feeling too, but I cannot place them' she confessed
'I'm an artist and a poet and I see them in a totally different context. It
floats in wavy psychedelic colors and invites.......'
'And kaleidoscopic too, perhaps....' she implored.
'Yes, perhaps too!' 

'Hey, we've not even ordered coffee and this is going
to take all day!' he suddenly blurted out.
Yes, but I think I'll better be going now' she said rather abruptly
He was stunned for a moment. He had mentally prepared 
himself to have her to stay longer. Some refreshments would 
be in order. But she apparently took it as a hint to 
chill out from there. 

Just as she had appeared on the scene earlier she left in a jiffy. 
She had the courtesy to give him a parting smile though and 
off she went, without coffee.

He laid back on the chair with a tinge of regret and watched her go silently!
(450 words)

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dreams beyond rainbow sky

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