Tuesday, October 11, 2016

story of the week on sssw54, pure2core and Hillford

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Look at the nature , water or land
Look at birds Breathing fresh air,
Look at each of these animal
Being it’s  confident self ,
Look at the fishes swimming in sea
Elegant ,graceful
Just like dance…
yet eyes wide open alert
Flowing through life
Not being Naive,
Freedom is State of being free
This is the true nature that should be!lgwiz00683the-rainbow-fish-ii-mini-mural-by-marcus-pfister-mini-wall-mural
Relieve yourselves from thoughts
that chain from being free
keep moving…
keep flourishing
Living means having life
Being alive
Freedom allows one to live
Are’nt we part of these nature
and the other beings around?
Free your hearts from noise
fill them with silence
Bring inner beauty and love
Be free be happy
exist in present
Being present in NOW
gets everyone
A Happy living!