Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TUESDAY ~ Book Review : 1

Welcome to the wonderful new world of Bluebell Books .

This first book review features Rika Infinityy , a 20 year old writer who has penned and self-published a 308-paged novel series , titled Tributes Of Sonia - The First Fall . This promising writer is also an amazing artist who is responsible for all illustrations/drawings of the weapons and characters in this story .

This set of 7 stories takes place in a fantasy game-like environment . The protagonist , Salvatrixx , a female warrior who is neither human , goddess nor devil , is on a mission to discover her true self . She crosses many dimensions in search of this unknown , elusive life purpose .
Along the way , she faces various decisions that have a direct bearing on what she will do to continue this "mystery" mission into the future . On numerous occasions , just as she seems to have discovered the "answer" to her search , she is disappointed as each "answer" opens up a whole new world of mysteries .

Here's a little peek at the story , intended to whet your appetite ...
It is 30 000 years ago in the Santuario Diavolo ( The Devil Empire) . We meet the 143 year old , strong-willed king , Risk Valentine . He expresses a growing desire for peace and is willing to sacrifice almost everything , in this quest for peace . Enter his 13th generation wife , Emilia , who disagrees with him . She decides to plot against the humans .
During a battle , Salvatrixx , the highly respected commanding general of the humans , clashes with the king of the Devil Empire . Salvatrixx questions the violence and death that they are engaged in . Is it what the devils really want ? These words resonate with Risk Valentine and lead to him question the possibility of unity between the devils and the humans .

And so begins this "game-within-a-game" , in which the lives of these characters are interwoven against the backdrop of "Light & Darkness" as a co-existing concept . This epic journey revolves around the conflict between humans and devils . It explores the obstacles and difficulties encountered in the search for a place , a common ground , where both can live together in peace and harmony .

Author: RiikaInfinityy
Genre: Action, Game, Mystery, Romance
Self-Published: September 16, 2010 at Lulu
Available: Free download over at Scribd

Posted by Michelle Wallace . You can visit my blog at http://writer-in-transit.co.za


Jingle said...

her art/fiction is fantastic,

what a review....

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Bluebell Readers:

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Great review Mish!


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