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Sunday Interview Week 4-Luna, The Gem Poet

Hello, My name is Luna, and I am doing an Interview For The Book Titled, “ Survivor” By Mia Lombardi

It is a book of poetry That I wrote to help others know that whatever they are going through, They can make it through, Because I have. I felt that it could not just have my own poems it it because there are so many people who have gone through so much so I also have poems from other poets.

K.Shawn Edgar,
Paula Tohline Calhoun
Celeste Mixer.
Riki Hutchison
Adriana McCutcheon
And my brother
Atreyu Lombardo.

So now some questions I will answer for you.

Why do you decide to get published?

I really have wanted to help others know that life is really hard, but you can get through it.

What kind of book you have there?

I like to think that this book is an inspirational book that will help, guide, and encourage others that may have lost faith.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, But I never thought to be a writer, I had always wanted to own my own bookstore. Everyone kept telling me I was crazy for that dream, and then after My car accident which left me with mild brain damage and was told I could not work anymore, I gave up my dream and This happened instead.

Do you have previous publishing experiences?

Of a sort if you count I used to design poetry based websites for people in my spare time.

Fifteen years ago I came up with my own trademark, Dreamsagain Designs.

I have never published a book before though.

What is the reason you choose the host of your publishing?

Amazon was pretty easy to follow and upload, and everyone I know buys from them.
So it seemed like the most logical choice. They also let you keep all rights and you can distribute elsewhere such as bookstores and Libraries.

What is the cost of getting everything done?

For me it had cost around $50 dollars, but There are options that can make it go higher.

Which part of the book you believe most charming to readers?

Ooo I am not sure charming would be the right word. I have been told by a few readers that Some have really moved them. Here are a couple that people have mentioned to me so far.
Just because I left

Just because I left
don’t mean I don’t love you
Just because I left
it doesn’t mean i don’t care
Just because I left
don’t mean
I’m not your little girl anymore.

I need my mommy
I need My dad
Just because I left
it don’t mean I’m not sad.

We all have dreams we want to follow
We all have things we want to share
When I wake from bad dreams
I still want you there.

I wanted to stay
I needed to go
What was I supposed to do?
I don’t know.

I left.

But I love you so.
Please don’t get angry
Please don’t be sad

I’m still your little girl
and I need my mom and dad.

I love you both
till the end of time.

The Ballad of the Unread Poet

By Paula Tohline Calhoun

In vain she has searched
Feeling besmirched
By all the un churched

yet unwashed

Who read not her work
But dismiss with a smirk
Like she's some young Turk

and unwashed.)

Now, how on earth did this start?
Oh yes! she was falling apart
In search of readers with heart

though unwashed.

But she's found no one who'll care
To read her abominable fare
With plenty of guts to spare

all unwashed.

But without rhyme or meter
She has neither fan nor reader
Alas! Are there none to heed her

so unwashed?

Do you have any hints on how to get published?

There are many great publishers out there that will publish your book if you are willing to wait up to a year, but that is why I decided to self publish my own. I did not want to wait!

Do you have a favorite author?

I have several depending on the genre, but right now I am reading
Kim Harrison, YasmineGalanorn, Laurell k Hamilton, and Dean Koontz

What are your major inspirations?

Life what happens in it, and the beauty that we see if we care to look.

What’s your writing plan for the future?

The second volume of Survivor, which will deal with; you have survived, now you need to remember to see the beauty that is still out there and continue to dream.

The link for the kindle edition is;

and the link for the print edition is;

and you can also find me on my blog

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