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TUESDAY ~ Book Review : 5

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a self-confessed "writeaholic" who goes by the pen name , Aheila . This bubbly , talented Canadian writer/blogger possesses an unmistakeable joie de vivre and writes stories in English , her second language .

Somewhere in Quebec City, Aheïla works as a game designer by day and writes by night. Known for her blue hair, undying energy and tasty cooking (quails, anyone?), she’s convinced “prose is the new crack”, a belief she embodies daily on The Writeaholic’s Blog. 
Who’s Aheïla?
Picture of Aheila
My review is on her serialized novel Killing Time OST which is written and presented in manageable bite-sized bits of fiction and published on her blog 3 times a week .
SHORT BLURB (written by Aheila) 

Killing Time OST

Rich heiress by day and assassin by night, Lorelei finds balance and strength in her crazy double life. She deals with crazier stuff on a daily basis, including her nightmares about nanotechnology and its perversion of the world. The only implant she tolerates is the chip playing music in her brain. Armed with a vintage Desert Eagle, assisted by a presumed-dead hacker and fuelled by daredevilry, Lorelei follows the beat to waltz with Death up to the overprotected nanotech bosses’ door .

From the outset , the reader is drawn into the story by the complex femme fatale , Lorelei . She is multi-faceted - an enigmatic woman of "many faces" who balances a double life so as not to draw unnecessary attention to herself ; smart-mouthed , sassy , self-assured , charming , deceptive and lethal - all wrapped up in one package !
Driven by entrancing , hypnotic rhythms generated by a music chip implant , she carries out her assignments with the assistance of the mysterious and tech-savvy Vexx , her "illegal guest" and right-hand man . 
We first make her acquaintance while she is hanging upside down , suspended above the ground ... and from that moment onward , you know that you are in for one helluva ride ...
This adrenaline-pumping , techno-thriller has as many twists and turns as a steep and winding mountain road . Add to this a distinct writing style with loads of metaphors and analogies , and you have an exciting action story that will keep you entertained every step of the way !

Here is an excerpt from the first instalment of her serialized novel :

There's something thrilling about hanging upside down , five stories up . I faced the void in front of me and smiled . I could fall . I was human after all. Nanotechnology hadn’t preyed on me, ‘enhancing’ me into a thing barely human that supposedly never failed.

I grinned. Label me monkey wrench.
Three beats passed and the light was gone for a few seconds. I promptly lowered my feet and pushed with my arms to do half a back flip that landed me on the roof. I rushed to the side of the greenhouse planted in the middle of the space.

Crazy rich men.
The follow spots did another sweep. I ran to reach the opposite ledge and stood there for yet another swipe.
The choreography flowed precisely as planned, timed to the beat playing in my head. While the light was away, I unfolded my collapsible bow and set its string. I lowered it next to my side waiting for the light to wash the space a few inches before and behind me . Once it was gone , I'd have eight beats to aim and shoot .
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Aheila has also written an amazing collection of funny , whimsical and quirky stories which she calls Absurd Fables . Read some of her exciting fables at 

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Jingle said...

thoughtful review.


Jingle said...

thoughtful review.


Life Moto said...

she really has a beautiful blue hair!

Life Moto - Happy Monday!

Aheila said...

Hello there!
Michelle, thanks for this fantastic review. I'm glad you enjoy this crazy ride at least as much as I do. You should see me these days, writing my way up to the finale: I can't stop chuckling and wondering what you guys will think!
Thanks for including the Absurd Fables as well. I should really find time to write more of these.

Life Moto, thanks for the compliment! I've worn that color for about seven years now and I'm not changing it any time soon. ;)

MISH said...

Thanks Jingle & Life Moto ...
Happy Writing Aheila ~ looking forward to reading the end of the story !

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awesome review

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What a great review (and shes got some awesome hair!)