Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday interview

Hello This is Luna and today we have a wonderful interview with the author of , 'The Tree becomes a soul' , Dom Colucci
So lets get started!
Why did you decide to get published?

I was creating my poems from my blogsite in October 2009 as this was the month when I created the blogsite. When I was ready for retirement from the US Government in December 2009 a friend of mine told me to take a good look at what I was writing and create a book from it and get it published. In the course of publishing I had stumbled across a few agencies that were not so honest with their advertisements. So I turned to Namaste Publishing, same publisher that published Eckhardt Tolles book about the Now and was introduced by the Editor in charge there by the name of David Ord by phone calls. He told me to send me my book on what I write and he would see if I had material good enough for editing. He then wrote back to me in my email and said I had talent and to get this book published and self publishing is the way to go but he also gave me a publisher he goes through as well. But through some work with my daughter she found and the process was so easy I went with them. I went through the motions but realized I needed a copyright number from US Copyright office in DC and had to wait 9 months to have all finalized there because of the backlog process. But awaited for publishing to happen and did.

What kind of book do you have there?

My book entails ZEN, Awareness, Consciousness and a tree with a Soul. It is about creation, suffering and Enlightenment I see in poetic form taken from 67 random poems in the beginning of January 2010.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since August 2008 and started with the Now debunked

Do you have previous publishing experiences?

No, I do not as this is the first.

What is the reason you choose the host of your publishing?

The easiness of it and the price was enticing and how well it was reviewed online as one of the best marketing ones around and my daughter's help.`

What is the cost of getting everything done?

The cost came to $35.00 USD for copyright and the publishing package which costed $1500.00 but had a coupon from for 25% off brought the amount down to $1071.00 USD. Total I would say $1106.00 as the package I bought was I believe Masterpiece or the middle package.
Which part of the book you believe most charming to readers?

I would say the beginning part with one poem there and the ending and maybe one more of Awareness. And here they are:

Still Moving

Darkness abides.
Light and awareness make it erode.
Big Bang pops.
Molecules spew out and drop.
Gravity pulls it all together.
This is the force that is here forever.
Many objects are in the fold.
Laws of attraction which make them hold.
For what is not going...Is still moving.

The Tree

Seeds are planted from blowing in the wind
Landing safely to the ground, time and time again
Wiggling and pushing to hide away and grow
I will be tall someday or don't you know
The stem will show you, nice and green
But in a few years I will have branches, I know I have seen
The beauty for you, and my life as I see
Full of bark, limbs and leaves, I am a strong vibrant tree...

I am so in love

This feeling that is in my heart is the love I seek
For many years my doors were closed only to take a peek
But riding down that dark tunnel I feared
Nothing made it for me but becoming crystal clear
But I know where I stand and where I go
It is the love in me, my Soul. My being that I know

Do you have any hints on how to get published?

Go to and check out their tutorial and then go the US Copyright's Office website and here it is:
Do you have a favorite author?

Yes. I would have to say Alan Watts.
What are your major inspirations?

Mountains and waterways. I have climbed 25 of them since October 2010 and seen waterways on the way of such mountains with waterfalls as well.
What’s your writing plan for the future?

I have another book in copyright Now as it is a book of poems about a journey of Love and another one in editing to make book number three as it will be about Love as well with a male female dialog conversing in poetry form.

Thank you for this interview,
Thank you Dom. and congratulations on your wonderful book!
I am sure you will do very well.
This is Luna until next time
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Jingle said...

what a beautiful and creative interview.

his poetry is superb.

the book seems packed with wit and sunshine.

Mia said...

It does doesn't it? I can not wait to read it! :)

ZENDOM said...

Thanks Jingle...I just wish I had enough time in the day to come over and comment everyone on their blogs as they do on mine..I went back to work full time and my mountain climbing ventures I am so addicted to getting in oneness with nature and between SKYPING people and phone calls I wonder where the day has gone by..please forgive me that I am not that active even been holding back on Trisha's site as well...btw she is mentioned in my book in the intro..she helped me set up my blog and inspired me with my poetry....I am so appreciative of what you have done for me always...enjoy as well..Happy Sunday to ya(+)

ZENDOM said...

thanks as well my Dearest Mia...I am happy and honoured to be interviewed by you also....enjoy and you will Love the shows a message back in your Awareness...enjoy as well(+)

JamieDedes said...

Well done, Luna and Dom.


ZENDOM said...

Thank you my Dearest Jamie...enjoy as well(+)