Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunday Interview

Hello, This is Luna and today I have the privilege of interviewing Shoeless.
Hello Shoeless glad you could get up close and personal with me today.
So Shoeless, Why did you decide to get published?

 I have yet to have a book published in my name, yet i have been published in several collection books, such as Beacon Beyond and Chicken soup for the teenage soul, Troubled Times. Though I plan on getting published here in the next year the book title will be Father Vulture's Nursery Rhymes : The decent into madness
Sounds Like an interesting book just from the title.

So what kind of book is it exactly?

  Well an evil nursery rhyme book  :P 

That is original . So Just how long have you been writing?

 I have been writing off and on for years but only since a year and a half ago have I been writing seriously.

Tell me which part of your book do you believe to be the most charming to readers?

  Well there is a good chance not all would like my nursery rhymes I shall post a few poems from the different books I am writing,

Old Mother Hubbard

Old mother Hubbard
Hid kids in her cupboard
To eat for her dinner

She always did insist
No matter who resit
That kids made you thinner

Children between one and two
Always made good chillie and stew
Those between three and five
Were best roasted or baked alive
Unfortunatelysix through eight
You’ll sadly have to moderate
For its just too much food
And no theirs reason to be rude
The meat is better than pigs or hogs
And the bones make good treats for dogs

Old mother Hubbard
Hid kids in her cupboard
To eat for her dinner

She always did insist
No matter who resit
That kids made you thinner

Last Man’s Journal

Year One

Its been a year since I saw a real live person
I have just buried my wife and my last son
I am 32 and alone in the world that died
The earth has been ravaged and flash fried
Society has crumbled away into nothing
I shall continue to live to find myself something
Its time to leave my house and hit the busted road
Carrying all that I can still hold, A light load
Leaving all reminders of the former life I had
So my memories wont drive me into the mad
I know there must be someone else alive out here
So, off into this now ugly world of bitter fear

Year 5

Its been years since I saw a real live person
People I’ve seen, but they are truly worsened
Who had lost all humanity inside there hearts
Lives held together by spare pieces and parts
The starvation of their longing souls ate away
Any reason for them to keep their selfless way
The fire for survival stays barely lit inside
While they continue to find some future to reside
Having given up on hope they look forward with empty eyes
Hollow eyes hide shallow minds full of self enforced lies
They believe these lies to keep a pale reflection of inner peace
For everything that gave them joy, care, hope, and love did cease

Year 10

Its been years since I saw a real live person
So long now I feel that I may be the last one
I wont give into my self pity, there is no reason
I will continue forward through each changing season
My search for humanity is all I can hope to find
Someone who remembers what its like to be kind
Who hasn’t turned back to being a savage
Someone who wont give into their baggage
Just one out of the masses that can understand
How important it is to hope and how it is grand
So I no longer have to hide behind my plain mask
Who is also up to the ever difficult task

Year 20

Its been years since I saw a real live person
Sneaking around or forced to be on the run
I becoming bored with always moving on
Tired of being the right in the wrong
With each step the ruined world shrinks
With each new wasteland my heart sinks
Death is all around, There is no sweet sound
My feet are bare against the barren ground
I have worn through the soles of my shoes
Now I have truly nothing more to lose
My knees have taken on to much stress
Though I will not let myself regress

Year 40

It was years since I saw a real live person
I’ve seen someone today, reminding me of my son
He gave me some food, and asked my name
Then wondered if I could remember a game
I smiled for the first time in forty years
This brought my soul and eyes to tears
This angel I had met asked if I wanted to rest
He knew this was my final day and it was best
Laying down I finish out my journal
Knowing that I was never eternal
The boy mentions a farm and town just out of sight
I will give him this book, the story of my blight
I can now rest in happiness and be at peace
I was not alone, when my heart beat ceased

A True Disease (Poem that I wrote which made me decide to become a writer)

The greatest evil is happiness
For it in itself is an illness
More powerful than any drug addiction
For it causes its own contradiction
People kill just for a feeling
We destroy lives for an inkling
Of bliss that comes from a moment
Then we constantly seek atonement
We all search for its properties
Envious of those with opportunities
Seeking our own salvation
Causing others devastation
Excommunicating our own souls
Living life as heartless trolls
The detox is more than some can bare
Forever gone how is this fair
It clouds our choices
Makes us hear voices
Yet we continue to our own demise
For it is all that we realize
We shake the ground of our morals
Unwilling facing our own quarrels
Pledging ourselves into the corrupt
Forever wanting to interrupt
Dismembering our dearest friends
Creating so many loose ends
We throw our dreams away
Only for a single day
Falling into ignorance
From our own incompetence
Because of this happiness disease
No one will ever live with ease.

You have a great and original writing style.
Do you have a favorite author? And if yes Who?

#9) yes Edgar Allen Poe, yep only his poetry though his stories are average.

Can you tell me what your major inspirations are?

#10) people and their views, nursery rhymes, and hoping to help people open their minds to a new idea or view they didn't have before.

What’s your writing plan for the future?

#11) I plan on printing 4-5 books within 3 years then a book or so every one or 2 years after so, i hopefully create a nice nest egg to retire on  :D

Well you  certainly have a vision Shoeless and I hope that all of your Hopes and Dreams come True.
Thank you for taking the time to Share with me.

If you can’t wait for one of his books to come out, you can find Shoeless at his site,
And I, I am Luna from Luna’s World, and you can find me at

Until next time when I get to interview another great writer here at Bluebell, This is Luna saying Adieu.  


Jingle said...

awesome interview.

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good job with the interview :D anyway hope it gets rave reviews

Indie said...

Great interview Luna. Your questions were just what I wanted to read the answers to.

Off to check out his website now!


Rachel Hoyt said...

Haha. I like the Mother Hubbard nursery rhyme very much. Dark but funny. :)

Anonymous said...

learned a lot