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Monday's Poetry Paradise Review 12

Hi and welcome to Monday's Poetry Paradise review!

July is sometimes known as vacation month.

A month when families spend time together traveling or just hanging around the backyard with the sprinkler and lots of popsicles.

Either way, the goal is to entertain the kids (and ourselves) and enjoy time with each other.

That's what makes this weeks author and his work perfect to discuss today. His talent sizzles even hotter than a July day and yet, the kids find him justifiably "cool". Sound like a riddle or contradiction?

Well read on and then you decide!

Today's featured poet is Michael Rosen and he hails from "across the pond "

A British, highly animated Mr Rogers with his sweater completely unbuttoned might be one description that comes to mind.

His boundless energy and comprehensive understanding of the workings of a young mind have educated and fascinated children and their elders for decades.
With dozens of books to his credit it was hard to choose just one but in the interest of lighthearted summer fun I decided at last on:

Michael Rosen's Book of Very Silly Poems. Here is a sample from the book:

’Neath the crust of the old apple pie
’Neath the crust of the old apple pie
There is something for you and for I;
It may be a pin that the cook has dropped in,
Or it may be a dear little fly, (dear little fly).
It may be an old rusty nail,
Or a piece of dear puppy dog’s tail,
But whatever it be, it’s for you and for me,
’Neath the crust of the old apple pie.

there are many other gems...poems about guts and goo, animals and food. All the things that fascinate a young mind.

So onto our review of the" Book of Very Silly Poems"


Michael Rosen is an amazing talent with a prolific amount of printed work. I loved the carefree and fun loving flavor of his prose. He has also chosen illustrators that capture his young audience and help to draw them into his words. The total effect is one of whimsy and a magical sense that you are a part of it and could write something similar. This is a wonderful thing to pass on to a young reader, the idea that poetry can be written by them also.
I give him 5 stars for that
One potential drawback for some readers might be the different vocabulary words commonly used in England that will be unfamiliar to the American child. Is this a negative or a chance to expand vocabulary and promote discussions about culture and language? That is an individualized judgement call.

Deduct one star. if that detracts
for you.

I personally am giving this book 4 stars

You can order it here

The authors web site has loads of poems and videos available for the computer inclined child and is very user friendly.

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Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

love silly poems,

a cool treat in July.
his words do fly.

Thanks for the unbeatable review, Indie.

Way to go.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Happy Reading.


Ramesh Sood said...

Thanks for your visit to my page..and inviting me.. I am so happy to be here..

No I haven't as yet indulged in shortstories.. may try sometime.. can't say..

Will keep in touch..constantly..

Indie said...

Thank you Jingle and Ramesh for your comments. I really appreciate the feedback!