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Tuesday ~ Book Review : 11

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 This is Abhishek Boinapalli (aka AllMyPosts) from Another Author. I will be posting book reviews, plots or excerpts from books once every two weeks. So here is my first post on Bluebell Books.

For today's post, let me introduce Percy Jackson & the Lightening Thief.

       Percy Jackson & The Olympians is a fantasy and adventure book series by Rick Riordan. The series revolves around demi-gods (aka half bloods, half humans, half gods,..) whose one parent is a god and whose other parent is human. The series introduces to you the Greek Mythology, th
e Twelve Olympians, the legendary heroes, the Titans and a lot more. Imagine your surprise when you get to know, that the legends and gods are all alive, living in our contemporary world with the 600th floor of Empire State Building in New York as their holy Head Quarters viz Olympus well hidden from human eye due to MIST.

    The series is based on a prophecy that the child of the "Big Three" (Zeus, Poseidon & Hades) would decide the fate of Olympus and the gods when this demigod reaches the age of 16. Though the Big Three took oath not to have any more children, Percy Jackson is born and Poseidon acknowledges Percy Jackson as his son. Zeus acknowledges Thalia Grace as his daughter. Hades' children Bianca and Nico di Angelo are soon to attain the age of 16 after not aging for more than 70 years in the Lotus Casino.

   Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief,  is the first book in the series.  The book introduces to Percy Jackson, the fact that he is a demi-god, when his father, the sea god Poseidon and the king of gods, Zeus are fighting against each other. The book does really well, in convincing that a 12 year old, with
ADHD and dyslexia   who was expelled from seven schools emerges as a hero, finds and nails the culprit who stole the Master Bolt, the primary weapon of Zeus.

  The plot has twists and turns and many a surprises. Summary => Percy Jackson finds his way to camp Half Blood, with help of a nervous satyr Grover , his mom Sally Jackson fighting against time and Minotaur. His mom dissolves into a golden shower of light in the process. When Clarisse, a daughter of Ares bullies him at camp, water comes to his aid.  During capture the flag event, Percy unites with a lake and defends himself from Clarisse. Poseidon acknowledges Percy as his son. Percy is trained by Chiron during the little time in which Percy puts stay at the camp.

   Percy had to go on a quest along with Annabetha and Grover to find out Zeus's master bolt, which Chiron believes is stolen by Hades.  Percy has to find out the bolt in ten days, to prevent a all out war between Poseidon and Zeus. Percy comes to know that there are far more powerful forces behind this folly. Percy comes to know about pit of Tartarus, he visits the under world to find out that Hades's helm of darkness is also stolen the same day on which Zeus's Master Bolt is stolen.

     Percy understands the plot of forces inside Tartarus. Fights and defeats God Ares Nails the culprits and returns the helm and bolt to their rightful owners. Prevents war. Gets his mom back.

   There are lot of sub plots to amuse you all the way. In case, you have finished reading Harry Potter for the tenth time and watch all the eight movies in the series and are waiting for the next big Fantasy book, The Lightning Thief  in Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the right book for you!!

     Want to read a few excerpts from the Percy Jackson Series? Try them out here

   Are you done with Percy Jackson series? Liked it? Liked the narration from heroes point of view? Would it be better if it was told by someone else? What is your opinion on the book? Watched the movie? Which is better? Movie or book?  Do let me know!! Don't forget to visit me on Another Author

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Aaron said...

I loved this entire series, and I'm looking forward to the next installment in the sequel series. The book was so much better than the movie. I found myself devouring each of these books. As soon as I finished one I had to run out to the store to pick up the next one. Made me glad I didn't start reading them until all five had been published.

Jingle said...

what a thoughtful book review, you know the current trend well,

Thanks for sharing..
excellence job.

Poetic Soul said...

Never heard of this writer but after such a thorough review all I can think of is let me close this window and get me them books

Abhishek said...

@Aaron, @Jingle & @Poetic Soul,

Thanks a million for your kind words!!

with warm regards
Another Author

trojanwalls said...

I agree with Aaron. The movie had been too altered to have any of the charm or the complex plot-lines of the first book.
I'm starting the next series in the line by Rick Riordan now. The Olympians. Maybe you could review that next time? :)

MISH said...

Hey Abhishek
This is a great review . The book seems to be relevant to this modern day and age - well done !

Abhishek said...

@Paroma & @Aaron!!

I dunno about the movie!! I don't watch them!! Ha Ha!! I just know that books are awesome!!!

@Paroma, yeah!! I will read the series!! I got to know about the Olympians series from you, Just now *Ha ha*!! Thanks!!!

with warm regards
Another Author

GL Tomas said...

loved this book, but i actually love his other series because the focus on Egyptian culture was amazing. everyone focuses on greek mythology so it gets boring. But the Percy Jackson series is still amazing

New follower from Book blogs.Hope to see you back at one of my blogs =D Keep on bloggin'