Sunday, August 7, 2011

Poetry Paradise Review Week 14

Hello all!

Its another day in paradise here at Bluebell Books, Monday Poetry Paradise.

My name is Indie and I have a great book to share with you for today's review.

Meet Michael Ondaatje

Although best known for his novel "The English Patient"

most critics are in agreement that while he is a great

novelist, it is his poetry that is his true calling and

where he, to put it simply, just shines as a writer.

With topics as diverse as sensual love poems to

tenderly crafted poems about fatherhood to the bizarre

world of alien monsters he takes you right to the heart of the matter.

The book we are reviewing today is

"The Cinnamon Peeler"

Here you can listen to Ondaatje

read the flagship poem of his book

another poem from the book

and my personal favorite is entitled

"To A Sad Daughter"

here is a little sample of that poem:

One afternoon I stepped
into your room. You were sitting
at the desk where I now write this.
Forsythia outside the window
and sun spilled over you
like a thick yellow miracle
as if another planet
was coaxing you out of the house
--all those possible worlds!--
and you, meanwhile, busy with mathematics.

I cannot look at forsythia now
without loss, or joy for you.
You step delicately
into the wild world
and your real prize will be
the frantic search.
Want everything. If you break
break going out not in.
How you live your life I don't care
but I'll sell my arms for you,
hold your secrets forever.

Just so moving isn't it?

so on to my review of this book - and I think you can tell where this is heading!


I just simply couldn't recommend this book any more highly than what you have read and heard above. This mans talent is beyond my feeble description of him.

If you agree you can purchase his book here

That ends today's review and be sure to drop by next Monday for another Poetry review from our very own Cynthia.

Have a great week and keep reading!



Unknown said...

amazing poetry.

well don, Indie.

Cynthia said...

A delicate beauty.

Please stop by and list one or two books to be
included in the book club.
The theme of the book club for
this year is the human condition,

Thank you!

Cynthia said...

...all those possible worlds!"
love & need that line.

book club is X'd, changed to
poetry club.

Cynthia M said...

Indie, thankyou for sharing beautiful and as you said so diverse. I have read a couple of his books but thanks to your post I see him in a new way now x

Indie said...

Thank you SO much Cynthia!

Your comment made me feel really good about reviewing this writer. Im so glad you liked it.

Do you have a link to the poetry club you mentioned above?