Monday, August 29, 2011

Poetry Paradise Review Week 17

Written by a man of science and of art named Alan Lightman,  "Song of Two Worlds" is a collection of poetry from the physicist, as he blends his two disciplines  magically for a genuinely fascinating insight into the world around us. With fine verse, "Song of Two Worlds" is a top pick.

 A sample piece from his book, “#12”

I knock on the door of the universe, asking:
What makes the light of the stars?
What makes the heat of my flesh?
What makes the tear shape of rain?

Questioned, the world walks on little feet.
Ask and take wing while my body
Stays bound far below-
Body, poor bone
That will wear down
To dust,
Like this ruined villa perched on the sea.

So much that I’ve lost,
I have nothing
Except a fierce hunger,
To fathom this world.
Naked, I knock on the door
Wearing only my questions.

Hope that you enjoy this review…


Unknown said...

I borrowed this book from public library by chance,

love the beautiful poetry blended with science, particularly, physics.

Hope that you enjoy this review.

Indie said...

I did enjoy the review!

I think those are two amazing mindsets in one person. Should make for interesting reading!