Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Fiction Review Week 15-Holes

Holes by Louis Sachar (Paperback)

Holes by Louis Sachar is a required book on the reading list when I was a graduate student taking advanced children’s literature class with professor Susan, it is a story about a teen boy named Stanley Yelnats who was sent to Texas camp to dig holes due to his “misconducts”, of course, he was innocent and all was a mistake, it is an adventure story about survival and friendships, he made friends and learned invaluable lessons before he was sent back home, proven guilt free.
Mystery and actions are filled in pages of this award winning book, imagery such as rattle snakes, lizards, and eloping lovers make this book both haunting and interesting....
one message from this book is: hope is unkillable, life could be hush at times, but just/truth always stands out, faith, intelligence, and kindness are essential elements for one to survive!

FUN FACT: did you notice that? Stanley Yelnats is a name that spells exactly the same when you go backwards, interesting, oh?
Have fun doing your summer reading today!

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Unknown said...

loved reading it many times,

great summer book choice.