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Sunday Interview Week 13

Hello, welcome to Sunday Interview, where today we interview Author Angela Nunez and talk about her book: With These Words . . . ~ Heartfelt Poetry. She also tells us about what she is up to now and where we can find her work! So sit back, grab a cup o’ jo and enjoy!

Alright Angela,Why do you decide to get published?

I always wanted to publish my writings, but really did not know how to go about it. When a friend of mine read some of my writings, she suggested that I talk to her friend who self-published his book. I am so happy that I acted upon her suggestion.  He provided me with so much information about self-publishing (with AuthorHouse) that I did just that not much longer after our conversation.

What kind of book have you written?

My book, “With These Words . . . ” ~ Heartfelt Poetry is about love - the love yearned for and the love finally found, the love given and the love not returned, the love secret and the love emblazon, and the love past, the love present and the love yet to come. It is in poetry that love speaks to all of us and reminds us of its power.


Yes love is indeed powerful! So How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since 1989.

Do you have previous publishing experiences?

I do not have any previous publishing experience. This is my first publishing experience.

What is the cost of getting everything done? Was it a lot?  

AuthorHouse offers a variety of self-publishing packages for poetry, ranging from $400 to $2,000.  Since this was my first self-publishing experience, I decided to purchase the better than standard self-publishing package. Total cost was about $1,100.00.

Ok, that is pretty good actually. Please tell us more about your book.
Which part of the book do you believe to be most charming to readers? Do you happen to have 2 or 3 poems in your book that you could share with us?
I would like to share with you three poems from “With These Words . . .” ~ Heartfelt Poetry.

You Tell Me

You tell me that I mean the world to you,
But I don’t believe you
You tell me that I am your first thought upon awakening
And the last before asleep,
But I don’t believe you
You tell me that you cannot see your world with out me,
But I don’t believe you
You tell me that I am with you when I am not with you,
But I don’t believe you
You tell me that I have a special place in your heart,
But I don’t believe you
You tell me that you need me,
But I don’t believe you
You tell me that you want me,
But I don’t believe you
You tell me that you love me,
But I don’t believe you
You tell me, but make me believe that you truly do

Finding You

Seconds have ticked away
Minutes have gone by unnoticed
Hours have slipped away
And I have not found you

Days have come and gone
Months have passed
Years have escaped me
And I have not found you

Snow has fallen and melted
Flowers have blossomed and died
Sun has risen and rested
And I have not found you

Roads have been traveled
Places have been visited
Footprints have been left behind
And I have not found you

Today, my search is over
For you have always been here
You were right before my eyes
And I have found you

How Do I Tell You . . . . ?

How Do I Tell You . . . . ?
That You Are A Special Person
That You Are Honest And Kind
That You Are A Compassionate Listener
That You Are Witty
That You Are One Of A Kind, A Rare Find
That I Am Lucky To Have You In My Life

How Do I Tell You . . . . ?
That The Sound Of Your Voice Excites Me
That When You Look Into My Eyes I Am Completely Drawn To You Like A Magnet
That When You Walk Towards Me I Feel The Blood Rush Within My Veins
That When You Get Ever So Close To Me I Want To Hold You And Never Let Go
That You Have Ignited A Fire of Passion Within Me That Cannot Be Extinguished

How Do I Tell You . . . . ?
That My Fantasies About Being With You Become Reality In My Dreams
That I Desire You Day And Night
That I Lie Awake At Night Wishing I Could Feel Your Touch

How Do I Tell You . . . . ?
That I Have Fallen In Love With You
I Guess I Just Did!

Do you have any hints on how to get published?

If one does not have the luxury of having a friend that has self-published his/her book and/or has a friend who knows someone who has self-published his/her book, then I would say ~ Do Your Homework and Research, Research, Research. There are many self-publishing companies in the industry competing for writers.  Be certain that the self-publishing company you chose to work with to get your writings published can offer you, the author, a wide assortment of tools and services to allow you to make your own choices throughout the publishing process. You as the author should be in control throughout the publishing process whereby you retain all rights, maintain editorial control and choose the exact selection of services that best suits your publishing goals and ultimately your publishing destiny.

What about a favorite author? Do you have one?

The writer who evokes an emotional response, especially one that speaks of the heart.

Nice! What are your major inspirations?

The experiences of the heart.

What’s your writing plan for the future? Do you have any?

I, along with John LaPlaca, co-author, writer and friend, have written, “Poems From
The After Hours Café”, a selection of poetry and prose that awakens emotions of life and loss, and love and heartbreak, which is currently with AuthourHouse. I anticipate this book will be available to the public by mid-summer of this year.

Also, would like to take this opportunity to share with you that I have just completed the making of a poetry blog, “The Poet Sanctuary” ( “The Poet Sanctuary” blog is designed for anyone who has a passion for the written word,  whether it be writing it or reading it. Here one can share his or her poetry of any experience and form, as well as enjoy reading the poetry of other writers.

Thank you for giving me this interview opportunity.
Regards, Angela

Thank you Angela for taking the time to interview with me.

 Attn: special update! Angela’s newest book just released to kindle YESTERDAY! “Poems From The After Hours Café” You can find it by going HERE :    


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