Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mondays Poetry Paradise Review

There's a change coming can you feel it?

Its in the air, a crisp caress. The subtle jeweled tracings of gold and purple in the leaves overhead and a myriad of other small hints...

Fall is coming!

The most vibrant and alive time before the earth frosts over and goes to sleep.

To celebrate this wonderful season (my favorite) I wanted to find something fresh, different and exhilarating for your poetry pleasure this week.

Her words are beautiful,
painfully so.
Her voice is mesmerizing and her thoughts are full of powerful intuition

Her name is Marty McConnell .and she is part of a genre of poets known as spoken word poets. Really, can it get any better than hearing poetry read by the same mind that created it?

Her words will blaze their way right into your soul.

My favorite line of all is from a poem titled:
" Instructions for A Body".

It is the very last line:
"do not let this universe regret you."

Made my heart clutch, that line did.

You can hear the magic that is Marty's spoken poetry online:

Even though she is a spoken word poet, she can be found in print

You may want to follow this wonderful artist closely,

go along on her journey, for she is really headed places.

I will leave you with one last tidbit from her poem entitled

"Three of Cups"-

"anything that moves the world toward light
is a blessing. why not take it with both hands,
lift it to your lips like a broth of stars. "

Marty McConnell

And with that I will see all you good folks back soon for another Monday poetry review.

Enjoy the start of fall wherever you are!

all the best,



Unknown said...

love your review, she is a gem,

the title of the book sounds beautiful...

Morning said...


glad to see you share such a gem piece.

Anonymous said...

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