Monday, September 26, 2011

Poetry Paradise Book Review Week 21 on Charles Simic

Laureate Charles Simic is a fabulous poet; pick a random book of Simic's poetry, and you'll instantly feel blessed because you believe that you are holding a wonder; you might even be holding a masterpiece.  A Fly in the Soup  as a  mediocre book, it turns Simic from a gifted poet into one of the planet's best.

A collection of essays previously published recollected and made into a memoir, A Fly in the Soup  presents some truly harrowing pictures; Charles Simic  had not  lived an easy life. Those who cringe at the present spate of "poor, poor pitiful me" memoirs will probably find this one a breath of fresh air, his style is unique, sharp, and personally universal.

The book is suffused with some wryness, and while events are not depicted through rose-colored lenses, they're not seen through the gunmetal grey of many recent memoirs, either; there's much in it you can relate, smile, and enjoy.

Many of his poetry books are available at public libraries, he is an award winning poet who has won praises from main stream American media such as The New York Times Book Review, Seamus Heaney, and People..,

Get a copy of his book and have yourself inspired instantly!

You can also check out his book from below…

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Anonymous said...

Charles Simic's poetry is outstanding.

Don't miss getting a copy from your locale public library

or purchase a copy from online.

Happy Reading.