Monday, September 19, 2011

Tuesday ~ Book Review 19

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 I am Abhishek (aka AllMyPosts) from Another Author and do book reviews for bluebell books. Here is my entry for this week:

Surviving the Fog:

Well, this is my first book in the post-apocalyptic type book.  The book’s overall plot is very very simple but well made. When a group of children went summer camping to learn about sex and its importance, the world around seems to end. The mail doesn’t arrive, the cable TV doesn’t work, the camp elders who went to check out wouldn’t return back all because a mysterious fog, envelopes the world below a certain altitude and the camp is left with only elder who is depressed, not accepting the reality that all others are dead and is trying very very hard to act normal.
Now all that is left is, the kids who got to make their preparations for winter, make laws for themselves, work hard to get each other’s co-operation, become leaders and survive in the adverse conditions without the help of Elders.

Mike, a fourteen year boy (as I remember) becomes the chief of this camp, plans and builds the camp for the winter, gets the necessary arrangements done and everything starts going well when a bunch of Motor-Cycle riding thugs kill a girl and rape another from the camp.
The campers turn into a society and fight their way back. Kill the thugs once or twice. Scout the forest around, help people whenever found. Use the help of an isolated military camp to free similar kids who are held hostage by thugs and repeatedly molested or tortured.

When the fog starts lifting, the world covered in fog till then, is all destroyed. No means of life there. All that we got are isolated camps / societies like these which work all the way from scratch.

The writing was descriptive and engaging with a good mix of tension, fear, hope and optimism. The plot is sensible if you can dream and imagine about fifteen year-old teens making rules about sex, hunting, having elected representatives, forming civilian Govt.,  making army look like a fool, bartering with survivors, showing pity, emotions, rage and what not?

Have you gone through the book? You liked it? You wanna read it now? What is so cool about the book? Do let me know!!

Want to read more from the book? Here are few excerpts form the book 

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Morning said...

lovely review.

things go wrong all around when something tickling is about to happen.

the content is rich and haunting, loved this one very much.

Unknown said...

what thoughtful review.