Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meet Our Writers Week 14 -on Charles L. Masburn

Thank you very much for choosing to feature me and my blog on your wonderful site!

Charles L Masburn :)

Tell us about yourself:

I'm just an ordinary guy who writes. I write poetry, short stories, novels and Daily Encouragements. My wife, Sherry, and I live in College Station, Texas. We're both native Texans, though I've lived all over the country and grew up in the little town of Buckeye, Arizona. Sherry has lived her entire live in Texas, and unless something very unforeseen comes up, we will remain here. My wandering days are behind me.
I'm sixty-one years of age, and still feel like a kid most of the time, though my body disagrees vehemently sometimes. I spend most of my time writing, but also love to work in the yard and garden. I recently retired from a career in the commercial construction industry, and Sherry continues to work at a job she truly enjoys. I'm a house-husband, I reckon; I try to take care of all the routine stuff, so she can relax when she's at home.

Tell me about your blog(s), name(s), what does it mean to you?

The name of my blog is

and at this point in time it means a lot to me; it's what I do. I publish three to four posts daily--sometimes more--mostly short stories, poems, and always my Daily Encouragement and a feature I call I'm Your Huckleberry. I can't imagine not doing it, but we never know what the future holds.

When have you started blogging?

I actually only started my blog about 7 months ago. The blog was set up for me by the publishers of my book, Be Still, back in January of 2011, but I did not start posting to it until mid-March. I had no idea how to do a blog back then, and I was a little leery of it, to be honest. It was one of those things that once I got started, I couldn't believe I'd put it off. I love it!

What's the theme(s) of your blog(s)? What do you write most? poetry, fiction or novel, or short stories?

The main focus of my blog is the Daily Encouragement--a Bible based feature I've been writing for about three years now. I take a Bible verse, and write a short take on it that I try to make encouraging for those that read it. Before I began blogging, I sent the encouragements by email to a list of approximately 150 people. I don't write the encouragements from the view of a preacher, teacher, or theologian (I'm none of those things) but from the perspective of just another guy that's trying to get by in a sometimes chaotic world.
I also post a short story or article each day; something from my past or something going on in my life today. And, I post two or three poems each week on various poetry sites--including, of course, Bluebell Books. These sites have become a huge part of my blog and I enjoy them tremendously.

What are the inspirations of your writing?

Obviously, God has a huge impact on my writing, and I am also inspired by the desire to entertain. In a nutshell, I'd say what inspires me is the desire to encourage and entertain others.

Does music impact your writing?

Music occasionally shows up in my writing, but I can't say it inspires me. Once in a while, I suppose it does, but it's definitely not something I focus on, or draw from.

You are involved with Bluebell Books Short Story Slam writing challenge? How do you feel about it so far? What are the benefits of it?

I love the Bluebell Books Short Story Slam writing challenge! It is my favorite of all the sites I post my work on, simply because it allows me to display my stories to an audience of other writers; talented writers who offer comments on what I've written. Short stories are my favorite form of writing, especially the real life (sometimes slightly embellished) ones I write for my blog.

Do you have a favorite blogging friend to share? Tell us about his/her blog link and the writing in it!

Oh, I'm not going to do that. I have several favorites, and to try and list them without leaving someone out would be too difficult. I surely can't pick one and say it's without a doubt my favorite.

Do you have a favorite book or author?

This one I can do; I have always been a huge Stephen King fan, but he's not my main man. That honor has to go to a rather obscure author by the name of Robert McCammon, and my favorite novel of his is Gone South. Both of these writers--King and McCammon--blow me away with their talent. I read one of their books, and am inspired to continue to hone my meager talents in the hopes that one day I can write even half as well as they do.

Do you have a favorite quote?
Any tips for those who started blogging and wish to become successful in it.

I can't really offer any tips about blogging, because, obviously, I'm too new at it. I'm still trying to figure it all out, and I seem to learn something new about it every day. One thing I will advise is to not be afraid; just dive in and do it!

What's your writing plans in the near future?

Mainly to keep doing what I'm doing and try to get better at it. My blog readership is growing rapidly, and that excites me. But it also keeps me too busy. I recently wrote a couple of poems, Dearest Wife, and Dearest John: that have novel written all over them, but I'm trying to figure out when I could possibly find time to write a novel. I'm prolific--I've written a dozen novels in the last fifteen years--but with all I have going on right now, I simply don't know where I'd find the time. I'm definitely looking into it though. I've got the itch really bad!


Bluebell Books Twitter Club said...

keep up the excellence, charles.

Glad to read you.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed getting a better insight on Mr. Masburn, I quite enjoy his sotries and poetry. I heartens to know that one of my more powerful influences is one of his favorite authors, though I lean more towards "Swansong"! I look forward to reading more of Mr. Masburn in the future!