Sunday, December 25, 2011

Meet Our Writers Week 24 on Dakshi

Tell us about yourself.

I am a dreamer, a romantic wanderer, a person who thinks about everything in a positive light and have hopes, good ones, and loving the life I live.

Tell me about your blog(s), name(s), what does it mean to you? 

 I live to love and it is the most important aspect in anyone’s life. It means everything to  me and the name of my blog represents that. Among all other feelings, love is the best feeling.

When have you started blogging?

I have started in 2010 but didn’t write much but now I’ve become a regular blogger. I write everyday and I’m loving the feeling of being able to create something fantastic.

What's the theme(s) of your blog(s)? What do you write most? poetry, fiction or novel, or  short stories?

Mainly I write about love, the best feeling anyone can have. I mainly write poetry and proud to call myself a poet.

What are the inspirations of your writing?

Love inspires me, as we are aware love makes the world go around isn’t it?

Does music impact your writing?

Very much. Yes. I love music.

You are involved with Bluebell Books Short Story Slam writing challenge? How do you feel about it so far? What's the benefits of it?

Yeah. I am a big supporter of the bluebell books short story slam. I think it is very important that budding poets like us have these sorts of prompts. Help us being discovered. So thank you, Bluebell Books, for the wonderful challenges.

Do you have a favorite blogging friend(s) to share? Tell us about his/her blog link and the writing in it!

I really like abichica’s blog,  always a faithful blogger, visiting and commenting on my poetry. She is, also a romantic poet, just like me,

Morning and Jingle and so many other fellow bloggers who visit me, liked my poetry and comment on them.

Thank you guys, it’s such an awesome feelings to see that you have strong supporters around you.

Do you have a favorite book or author?

I love Shakespeare, jane Austin, Sheldon and sophie kinsella and most of the poets.

Any tips for those who started blogging and wish to become successful in it.

Write whatever you think and read a lot. Read other blogs and always think, we cannot live this life alone, so support others, appreciate them and you will be blessed at the end. What goes around comes around.

What's your writing plans in the near future?

Planning to publish a Poetry book, let’s see.. J