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Barbarian Girl by Noah Murphy

If you're on Twitter then you know that sooner or late you end up following a lot of people you can't for the life of you remember adding, and don't really pay much attention to the tweets of.

Noah Murphy is a self published author whose one attempt at teenage age fiction seems to have gone sadly unnoticed. 'Sadly', because this book is actually quite a nice read. If not for those random followngs, I might never have noticed this book which he was half heartedly promoting through a clever tweetathon that introduced the book's characters to prospective readers.

The story is a sraight forward one of a young girl of fifteen who lives in a world where superheroes and super-villains live in your neighbourhood and the heroes are on the government's payroll. Liza has a miserable time in school thanks to a trio of girls who make it their daily business to tease and taunt her. So when she suddenly finds the Axe of Borin it isn't surprising that her first thought is to get revenge on them.

Unfortunately for her, the governmet had been keeping an eye out for the Axe and as soon as it appeared on her bed they knew about it. In an attempt to stop her from misusing it they corner a frightened Liza and then demand that she go to a new High School for superheroes where she would be trained for her future employment by the government. 

But it wasn't just the loss of her freedom that now scared Liza, it was also the fact that as soon as she touched the Axe, she turned from a short, chubby fifteen year old to a hulking , muscle bound being who could crush cars by sitting on them. What could be more humiliating?

Fortunately her neighbour is a retired Hero who is determined that she get time and proper training before the military forces her to relinquish her childhood entirely to fight what they decided was evil.

And while Liza starts her new school with some trepidition her old enemies meet true evil. A being with no name that takes over their bodies and uses their own worst qualities to turn them into its slaves, Wendigoes.

I think what I loved best about this book was the powers that Liza's two best friends have- a girl wo can kill herself again and again and simply come alive in a different plane of being, and a half snake girl who longs to run away to join her Lamia family in their underground country. There is also a pretty frank look at many teenage issues.

Maybe the book tries to cover too much too fast but that is the only complaint I have against it. 

I would recommend this book to children above 12 because there is one very short sexual scene and several discussions about teenage sexuality.

The book can be purchased at Smashwords and Amazon at $0.99.

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