Thursday, August 2, 2012

Short Story Slam Week 20: Love In Creativity Project, All Is Welcome!

Good Morning, Stellar Writers at Bluebell Books Short Story Slam:

In the past nine (9) months, you have been a strong supporter to our biweekly short story slams, we appreciate your courage in attempting to write a story or a poem based on the images we provide, it has been marvelous experience to us- both the hosts and the story of the week officials.

Today, we are doing a special offer, we challenge you to write a short story or a poem in exactly 55 words, you have about 4 weeks to work out your entry, the submission is from today to February 29, 2012, which means you have enough time to make your effort, this helps you improve your creative writing skills by restricting your word counts in 55 words, samples are provided from below, G-Man is the host of Flash Friday 55.

The offer is open to the public, One entry Per blog link please, you are encouraged to fine tune your entry and meet the word counting requirement before submitting, by the end of the project, our officials (2 to 3)  will format your work into a book form, we expect about 100-300 entries, we will publish your talent as a book, it is self-publishing, and we won’t charge you but won’t pay you either, since we do it as a non-profit project, the finished book selling link will be provided to you by end of March, 2012, have fun, good luck!

Instruction to your submission (no theme, you choose whatever topic to write!)

Make sure to:

#1: read all of the samples from below to get an idea of how to write a 55 story,

#2: click on the word counting tool link below, type your story or poem in the box provided, calculate your entry to make sure your story is exactly 55 words,

#3: once you have a fitting entry, copy and paste it to your blog post, post it, then submit to our special offer prompt,

#4: upon your submission, make a comment under the post, saying:

Hello, bluebell books short story slam officials, I agree to have your work self published in your Love In Creativity Project, along with

Title of your entry,
Name in which you wish to appear in the book,
Blog link,
A story in 55 words (copy and paste it to the comment as well),

#5: read and comment for other entries to get inspired, no obligations on this one!

Sample Flash Fiction in 55 Words can be found in our collection, so many of you have made it, wow!


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Missy Storm said...

Dr. Tao Li: A Talented Scholar at Boston College
Missy Storm!/2012/03/dr-tao-li-talented-scholar-at-boston.html

Associate Professor at Boston College,
Ph.D. of California Institute of Technology,
Dr. Tao Li is a talented scholar,
He was Jingle's first math instructor
at Oklahoma State University,
Dr. Li gives very clear
explanations of Linear Algebra,
and usually, he would draw some graphs
to showcase his topology skills
as an off topic treat.

Missy Storm said...

Emma Watson: The Unreachable Princess to Harry Potter
Missy Storm!/2012/03/emma-watson-unreachable-princess-to.html

Jingle watched all of the Harry Potter
movies, love character acted by Emma Watson,
Latest time watching it, she seems falling
in love with Harry Potter, yet her emotions
for Harry's friend always block her
from moving on, so although she has spent
lots of time alone with Harry, they never
actually develop a relationship.

Lisa Mills said...

Ruby Lin: She Shows Her Beauty In Sadness
Lisa Mills!/2012/03/ruby-lin-she-shows-her-beauty-in.html

Ruby Lin co-starred the same movie
with Vicki Zhao, both of them
are princesses, she's her own beauty,
the relationship she develops
with her lover are totally
different, and she is a character
with tragedy and pain, she has carried
out her role beautifully, for example,
being blind and feeling helpless,
she's a talented actress.

Lisa Mills said...

Ruby Lin: She Shows Her Beauty In Sadness
Lisa Mills!/2012/03/ruby-lin-she-shows-her-beauty-in.html

Ruby Lin co-starred the same movie
with Vicki Zhao, both of them
are princesses, she's her own beauty,
the relationship she develops
with her lover are totally
different, and she is a character
with tragedy and pain, she has carried
out her role beautifully, for example,
being blind and feeling helpless,
she's a talented actress.

Anonymous said...

Hello, bluebell books short story slam officials, I agree to have your work self published in your Love In Creativity Project, along with

Last View of the Towers
Bat-Ami Gordin

On Dec 24, 1999 I was at the easternmost edge of Jersey City. Stars shined over Manhattan and I realized that in all my years, there was never a clearer New York City sky. Crisp, cold and magical, how was I to know it would be the last time I’d see the World Trade Center?

Famous Poetrywear At Little Rock said...

Bejing University: The Best University in P. R. China
Famous Poetrywear at Little Rock!/2012/03/beking-university-best-university-in-p.html

Peking University is number one in China,
Students are active in political issues there,
which differentiates it from Qinghua University,
I visited the campus many times,
Justin and I loved walking along the nameless lake,
or visiting The Summer Palace nearby,
They have five cafeterias,
Loved the foods there...
Visited in 2007 again, had fun!

Jamie Brown said...

Beijing Wuzi University: I Love My Time There ;) !!
Jamie Brown!/2012/03/beijing-wuzi-university-i-miss-it-there.html

I do love my undergraduate time at
Beijing Wuzi University, (1986-1990)
Not only I learned engineering stuff,
but also I was equipped with knowledge
of computer science, economics and finance
awareness, Students were very active,
Dancing, pop singing, speech competitions,
and military training...everything prepares
students for challenges globally.
A big thanks to professors there.

Lexi Wu said...

Stillwater High School Orchestra Booster Club: The Soaring Rocketship!
Lexi Wu!/2012/03/stillwater-high-school-orchestra.html

Stillwater High School Orchestra Booster Club
is an organization that provides services,
and offers orchestra students incentives such
as summer camp scholarships so that students
improve their music skills, people skills etc.,
Mr. Scott Jackson, along with
parental volunteers have been very creative
in promoting and supporting, Sheng and Tom are
encouraged in this program.

Lexi Wu said...

Born In Water Benny Pen: A Well Known Elementary School Teacher
Lexi Wu!/2012/03/born-in-water-benny-pen-well-known.html

One thing special about Dad Benny
is that he takes Jingle to movies,
Dad teaches at elementary school,
knows how to make wooden tables and chairs,
and how to build houses, repair bicycles
tires, and more...
He was the principal of the school
after years of teaching,
and is well known as Teacher Pen today.

dakshi said...

oh i accidently published another poem.Have already done that few weeks ago. sorry..

Ruby Broyles said...

The Kungfu Panda Movie: The Sweet Kiss to Chinese Culture from Hollywood Movie
Ruby Broyles!/2012/03/kungfu-panda-movie-sweet-kiss-to.html

Hollywood cartoon movie
"The Kungfu Panda" is fabulous,
Jack Black, Jakie Chan, and
Angelina Jolie, ...they form
a powerful force in acting,
the theme of it is surprising,
after Po finally get the secret scroll,
he learns that: the trick to success
is to be oneself, and carry faith...
Love the related music and iphone...

Ruby Broyles said...

Temple University: The Wise Owl
Ruby Broyles!/2012/03/temple-university-wise-owl.html

Professors and students at Temple University
are super diligent and dedicated, a glance
at their programs, one instantly is tickled
by the diverse populations, dynamic associations,
far-sighted versions, and thoughtful programs...
Glad that both Mr. Obama and Deng Xiaoping
are honored there, library science is important,
sports are backbone to academics,
TU is wise owl.

Ruby Broyles said...

Burns Hargis: The Best Blue Bird
Ruby Broyles!/2012/03/burns-hargis-best-bluebird-55-in-direct.html

Burns Hargis was named the 18th
President of OSU.
Hargis oversees one of the nation’s
most comprehensive systems
with more than 35,000 students,
7,400 employees, and locations in
Stillwater, Tulsa, Oklahoma City
and Okmulgee. Hargis received the
state’s highest honor
when he's inducted into
the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2009.

Ruby Broyles said...

Shenyang City: The Best Place To Be Besides Home
Ruby Broyles!/2012/03/shenyang-city-best-place-to-be-beside.html

Shenyang is the capital city
of Liaoling Province in North East
China, Jingle's internship was done
there in March, 1990...
Residents usually are more
open minded than that in rest of China,
in addition to that, Shenyang city
is famous for its steel production...
Jingle enjoyed the homely
Shenyang dishes by
Wuzi (materials) management companies.

Jeannette, said...

Hello, bluebell books short story slam officials, I agree to have my work self published in your Love In Creativity Project..

The Challenge
by Jeannette D. Asuncion

The volcano in man erupts
even in the spring time
of one's life.
No matter how angelic
my being yearns to be,
monstrously unfair
breathing creatures
lambaste and stab.
My back arched in pain.
What then is righteous anger
if the core seethes in frustration?
Vengeance is a challenge
like Rabbi who made a whip.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I would like publish my poem(55 words) along with following information,

It's love
By Jigme Tenzin

Tell, its love,

A tale, to co-exist,

A tale to mend and be dove,

A tale, never having to resist,

The war of crimes and ideology,

Fight for life, and our rights,

It’s time to go, no eulogy,

Love to come, no fights,

No finger to point, otherwise,

All at peace! Yeah “its love!”

Jeannette, said...

Hello, bluebell books short story slam officials, I agree to have my work self published in your Love In Creativity Project

The Challenge
by Jeannette D. Asuncion

A story in 55 words:

The volcano in man erupts
even in the spring time
of one's life.
No matter how angelic
my being yearns to be,
monstrously unfair
breathing creatures
lambaste and stab.
My back arched in pain.
What then is righteous anger
if the core seethes in frustration?
Vengeance is a challenge
like Rabbi who made a whip.

Maria Young said...

yes, add mine ;)

Oklahoma Strings: The Vibrating Wings!
Maria Young

After sheng started playing Cello,
Jingle realizes that string instrument
maintenance is important, Oklahoma
Strings is a perfect for string
musicians, they serve used or new
instruments, at least two times,
Sheng and Jingle drive long distances
there for immediate and instant
repair of bow, glue,
they’ve resolved problems within
fifteen minutes...the vibrating wings

Robin Passmore said...

Oklahoma State University Department of Music: The Notable Dove!
Robin Passmore

Music is special balm to human souls,
Babies listening to Bach, Mozart
mostly act more agile...Musicians
create music by composition, mostly,
by playing music instruments...Oklahoma
State University department of music
is charming in adding grace to
local residents, Dr. Laura Talbolt,
Ms. Meredith Blecha, and Dr. Douglas Droste,..
They form the notable dove.

Beth Turner said...

Beking Wangfujing Bookstore: One of the Best Tour!
Beth Turner

Wangfujing Bookstore is of the best tour,
Jingle used to buy holiday greetings cards
and reference books while she was an undergraduate
student in Beking, Sheng, Tom, and Justin all enjoyed sight-seeing there,
It is amazing that they have foeign music CDs,
which made Sheng stand staring and admiring without
feeling the location of China.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

East Lake and Wuhan: The Irresistible Attraction
Jacobean William

Near the famous Wuhan University is
a lake called East Lake (Donghu),
this hits the biggest scenery
attraction for its multiple functions,
Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province
in central China, it sits next to
the entrance between The Long River
and the Han river, Wuhan Changjiang Bridge
connects Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang-
three counterparts.

Pamela Ken Drummond Chuck Robbins said...

yes, publish mine:

The Daily Northwestern: The Delicate Humming Bird
Beltsky Burke!/2012/03/daily-northwestern-delicate-humming.html

The Daily Northwestern was brought home
by Sheng last June, along with his used
folders, notebooks, and stuff.
Jingle took hold of the newspaper,
she was instantly impressed by
the content, the headlines...
what's more fulfilling is that:
students from different background
such as Nicole Hong, Sherry Jiao
are encouraged to write.
May 19, 2011.

Pamela Ken Drummond Chuck Robbins said...

Jingle’s Birthplace: The Nine-headed Phoenix Bird
Beltsky Burke!/2012/03/jingles-birthplace-ninie-headed-phoenix.html

Hubei province of China is nicknamed
Nine-Headed Phoenix Bird, because
talents are rich in this region,
Tang dynasty had famous poets such as
Wright Li, Wu Dough, and Restless Qu...
The Long River is the longest river in China,
with The Han River as its major branch,
Jingle's birthplace is next to the Han River.

Dave Holloway said...

Yes, sure. Here’s mine. Thanks.

An Aerial View
by Dave Holloway

Notice how the aerial view
make cities look cool and new.

Yet on the streets far below.
The same old thing wherever you go.

Whiffs of indifference, melting tar.
Sirens screaming near and far.

Vain promises in shiny shoes.
Sidewalk beggars crying the blues.

Outstretched palms, anything will do.
All invisible from an aerial view.

Anonymous said...

Oprah Winfrey: The Most Powerful Media
Crystal Hu!/2012/03/oprah-winfrey-most-powerful-media.html

The Oprah talk show and The Oprah magazine
are the most inspiring and powerful
media in American history, Mr. Barack Obama,
Mrs. Michelle Obama, Mrs. Hillary Clinton,
and many other world famous figures, including
ordinary folks with extraordinary
contributions, have been featured
by Oprah Winfrey, after a break,
the show is back in the air!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Wisdom: The First Teacher Encouraging Tom To Write (Poetry and Stories)
Crystal Hu!/2012/03/ms-wisdom-first-teacher-encouraging-tom.html

In 2005, Ms. Wisdom loaded a job
at Sangre Ridge Elementary School,
Teaching second grade class...
She encouraged students
to write stories, including poetry,
to her amazement, students responded
with outstanding ability in making up
stories and poems that are full of love,
wit, and humor. Jingle volunteered
in the morning for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Stillwater Parks and Recreation Inc.: The Best Boomer Blast!
Crystal Hu!/2012/03/stillwater-parks-and-recreation-inc.html

Residents living in Stillwater
shall be aware of events / celebrations
by Stillwater Parks and Recreation Inc.,
Besides baseball, basketball, flag football,
soccer, softball, tennis, and swimming lessons,
they also offer newly renovated playgrounds,
friends at farm day, art festival, blue music
festival, and boomer blast firework displaying
on July 4th, (reschedule if there is rain).

Anonymous said...

yes, one more to be added in, ;)

FaceBook: The Invaluable Tool in Fostering Long Distance Communications
Crystal Hu!/2012/03/facebook-invaluable-tool-in-fostering.html

Facebook is popular,
Jingle likes it because it fits
students such as Tom, Julie Zhu...
It's surprising that Mr. Obama has
banned his daughters from Facebook,
and Facebook bans posting
breastfeeding images, it's a matter
of individual choice I guess,
You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Google,
and Wordpress, these are valuable
in fostering long distance communications.

Unknown said...

hi, here is mine to get on:

Arkansas State University: The Remarkable Sparrow
Emily Tan!/2012/03/arkansas-state-university-remarkable.html

Arkansas State University is known to Jingle
initially via its exceptional summer music program,
Sheng attended seven summers in a row,
Always been ranked as cello principle chair,
They honored Tom the same last year,
I googled their programs today,
knowing this red wolf also offers
then music inspirations, football, dancing,
student government, and more.

Unknown said...

The University of Chicago (Magazine): The Unbeatable Oriole
Emily Tan!/2012/03/university-of-chicago-magazine.html

The Wu family made Hyde Park,
and University of Chicago
their first home in America, 1992-1996,
weather is cold,
But they enjoyed Lake Michigan,
and museums located nearby or
at Downtown Chicago, Chinatown made life
there more close to home, After Justin's graduation,
The University of Chicago Magazine has kept in touch with the family,

Vicki Lin Chan said...

Tianmen (Thomas) High School: The Outstanding Phoenix at Hubei Province!
Vicki Lin Chan

Tianmen (Thomas) High School is #1
at Hubei province, Jingle participated
Regional chemistry contest in 1984-1985,
Won The First Prize, mentioned by
Radio station, awarded by Tianmen County,
Zhanggang School, maybe that’s the
reason Sheng's majoring in chemical engineering
at McCormick School of Engineering,
Evanston, Illinois. It's A Thrill Chuanxian
(Shawn) Peng made it there.

Vicki Lin Chan said...

Zach Wise: The Magical Pigeon connecting The New York Times and Northwestern University
Vicki Lin Chan

According to Sherry Jiao,
Award-winning multimedia producer Zach Wise from
The New York Times is joining the
Medill School of Journalism faculty in Fall, 2012,
as an associate professor, co-teaching
both undergraduate and graduate students...
Associate dean Mary Nesbitt has confirmed the news.
Previously, Zach was the visiting professor for
the school of Visual Communication.

Vicki Lin Chan said...

Simei (Sammy) Yan: The Fantastic Fairy Weaving Maiden
Vicki Lin Chan

Simei (Sammy) Yan (Jingle's Mother) grew up
with Dad as a fishing man,
Sammy married Benny Pen when she was twenty,
She learned how to upgrade cotton flowers
and make cotton clothes
using a wooden weaving machine
operated by hand, Sammy also knew
how to turn soy beans into soft
tofu within two days period.

Vicki Lin Chan said...

Kunming University of Science and Technology: Thanks for the lifting to Shawn Peng
Vicki Lin Chan

Chuanxian (Shawn) Peng, Jingle's brother
made it to Kunming University of Science
and Technology, Yunnan Province, the college
is equivalent to University of Southern California,
where Sheng was accepted but he chose
Northwestern University instead.
..Jingle has at least four classmates
living in Kunming, Mingyin He is one of
them, blessings. Thanks for the support!

Lotie Bollag Mosher Kloppenburg Romney said...

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum: A Charming Place To Unwind!
Michelle Peng!/2012/03/lbj-library-museum-charming-place-to.html

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library & Museum
(LBJ Library) is a fantastic attraction
at University of Texas at Austin,
they have history properly represented,
free of charge. The environment outside
is charming, sheng and Tom have taken lots
of photos around there, love the waterfall,
and the walk way in front of the building.
LBJ was amazing.

Lotie Bollag Mosher Kloppenburg Romney said...

Hello, please add mine to be published.

ShawnHigh TanJi University: A Dream Place To Be!
Michelle Peng!/2012/03/shawnhigh-tanji-dream-university-to-be.html

Well, ShawnHigh TanJi (ShangHai TongJi) University
is one of those place Jingle has dreamed to be,
yet not being able to visit to satisfy, sadly,
Jingle used to have a high school classmate
attending college in ShawnHigh, ecominic situation
during college blocked the opportunity
to see TongJi, as you see,
TongJi is creative, and lovely.

Lotie Bollag Mosher Kloppenburg Romney said...

ShawnTao High School: A Home That Honors Jingle’s Extended Family!
Michelle Peng!/2012/03/shawntao-celestial-peach-high-school.html

ShawnTao High School at ShawnTao County
is where Jingle graduated,
Where cousins Forever Jade Green (Yongcui) Yan,
and husband Far-sighted (ZiYuan) Young
were high school math teachers,
Jingle got encouragements from both of them,
Young would give Jingle extra math problems to solve,
Yan would cook for Jingle's father and grandmother
when they came visiting!

Lotie Bollag Mosher Kloppenburg Romney said...

Science Museum of Oklahoma: The Mind Blowing Red-Crowned Crane
Michelle Peng!/2012/03/science-museum-of-oklahoma-mind-blowing.html

When Sheng and Tom were young,
Justin and I took them to
science museums on weekly basis,
Kids become happier when they're outdoors,
or engaged in stimulating activities.
Science Museum of Oklahoma,
home to Kirkpatrick Planetarium,
is a fantastic treat, hands-on activities,
Robert show, Chemical reaction show,
they are eye opening to Sheng and Tom.

Anonymous said...

Bluebonnet at Texas: A Symbol of Love, Sunshine, and Beauty!
Christine Yan!/2012/03/texas-bluebonnet-symbol-of-love.html

Bluebonnet is Texas state flower,
the purple, blue, and green
make spring days in Texas very colorful
and beautiful, who would reject taking
some photo shots in front of Bluebonnet,
some do wedding photos there,
It is simply a symbol of love,
sunshine, and beauty....
when you visit Texas, make sure
being friend to bluebonnet.

Anonymous said...

yes, publish mine:

ShengChan City: The Admirable Quail That Honors Deng and Italy
Christine Yan!/2012/03/shengchan-city-admirable-quail-honoring.html

It's proven that Xiaoping Deng's move
is smart, today, as the first special
developmental city in economy,
Shengchan remains active, productive,
and girls find jobs
at factories, city folks, including Jingle's
power management company, they do
business or trade with investors from
American, Australia,...
Glad to see Shengchan honor
Eiffel Tower from Italy.

Christine Yan said...

OSSM: The Flying Spaceship Transforming Mathematical Skills

In 2000, Justin and I heard about
Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
through a Chinese friend,
whose daughter was there,
Sheng was fascinated on music
and he did not apply,
We knew that we respect Sheng's decision,
It's a beautiful school for students
who can self discipline, and make genuine devotion
in mathematical science.

Christine Yan said...

Westwood Elementary School: A Place That Embrace and Showcase Grace!
Christine Yan!/2012/03/westwood-elementary-school-place-that.html

Westwood is a school of diversity,
Sheng skipped second grade at
Westwood Elementary,
and graduated in 2003,
Justin was invited
to give a career talk along with
mathematical activities in 2001,
Jingle worked as a substitute
while she was employed
by Stillwater Public Schools,
loved the kids, they carry curiosity
that make any teachers think.

Christine Yan said...

You Tube: The Fundamental Creation for All!
Christine Yan!/2012/03/you-tube-fundamental-creation-for-all.html

Jingle watched Chinese YueJun Opera
on You Tube after JD Henneberry and
Sheng uploaded their cello-guitar
performances, You Tube is a beautiful
outlet for everyone
who wishes to broadcast themselves,
share and have fun, the advantage is
its visual and dynamic images,
one feels like watching a MTV,
yet done by amateur...
what fundamental creation ...

Iremonger Lindsay JacoBus Quinlan Pickens said...

yes, publish my 55 word story.

Walt Disney World: A Dreamland To Make Oklahoma Grand
Jolie Pickens!/2012/03/walt-disney-world-dreamland-to-make.html

Walt Disney World appears a dreamland to many,
Who would frown if we add one in Oklahoma,
The space near intersection of highway 35 and
sixth street sits, waiting for wise hands to
touch and bring in life...
Visitors, employees, artists,
and other business will chime in
and make the place rich, beautiful, and grand.

Iremonger Lindsay JacoBus Quinlan Pickens said...

TianJin (TomJingle) Industrial University: The Gem In Spinning and Weaving Industry
Jolie Pickens!/2012/03/tianjin-tomjingle-industrial-university.html

A high school classmate attending TianJin
(TomJingle) Industrial University invited
Jingle and two other Friends over, what an
experience! Tianjin is second to Beijing,
Seafood is famously fresh
because it is close to sea,
TianJin Industrial University origins
from spinning and weaving industrial,
world famous models and fashion designers
are from there...Visit Tianjin Today!!!

Iremonger Lindsay JacoBus Quinlan Pickens said...

Santa Fe (ShengTom Federle): A Marvel For Winter Adventure!
Jolie Pickens!/2012/03/shengtom-federle-santa-fe-marvel-for.html

ShengTom Federle (Santa Fe)
is an interesting place to be,
especially when the time is winter,
and snow is all over the place,
families, friends, travelers,
they drive through icy roads for
adventurous experiences at ski area,
Justin, Tom, and Sheng had been on
their skiing trip there in 2010,
they had lots of fun.

Iremonger Lindsay JacoBus Quinlan Pickens said...

ShawnDough University: An Elegant Phrase To Be With
Jolie Pickens!/2012/03/shawndough-university-elegant-phrase-to.html

Jingle had a college classmate from QinDao
while studying in Beijing, in addition,
one of her middle school classmates
attended ShawnDough University, thus,
ShawnDough province and
QinDao city had been a flickering wish
in mind over the years, it is also an elegant
phrase, ShawnDough University has majors
and intelligence that appear
comprehensive, and enchanting...

Jolie Pickens said...

To Hell and Back: Let History Live in Our Humble Belief!
Jolie Pickens!/2012/03/to-hell-and-back-by-audie-murphy-let.html

Tom Brokaw had given a striking
introduction to Audie Murphy's classical memoir
of World War II, named "To Hell and Back",
during 1941-1944, Italy...
the imagery is visual and personal,
A soldier's dreams, a soldier’s struggle
to face the hardship, loneliness,
and fantasy, everything is vividly portrayed...
Florence offers a glance of modern Italy, enjoy!

Malia Jones said...

To Yongshun and Yongtao Yan: Best Wishes for Your Future Efforts!
Malia Jones!/2012/03/to-yongshun-and-yongtao-yan-best-wishes.html

Cousins showing support to Jingle are:
ForeverLucky (Yongshun Yan), from Jiangshu
Industrial University, and got a Job at Shashi city,
ForeverPeach (Yongtao Yan) made it to
Wuhan University, which is best university in Hubei,
got a Job at YiChang city,
Jingle has no communications with either cousins
besides face to face hello when they met.

Malia Jones said...

MingRong Rao: Hope All Is Well!
Malia Jones!/2012/03/mingrong-rao-hope-all-is-well.html

Rao and Jingle got to know each other when
they were in 7th grade, many girls got
bad luck and were forced to quit schooling,
Rao had clear head and caring nature, she
became Jingle's new favorite and trusted
friend, Rao attended a college at Wuhan in 1988,
then they lost contact...Blessings to Rao!

Malia Jones said...

BeiJing JiaoTong University: Thanks for Taking Shawn Peng Flying!
Malia Jones!/2012/03/beijing-traffic-and-transportation.html

After his graduation from Kunming University
of Science and Technology, Shawn attended
Beijing JiaTong (Traffic and Transportation)
University for his Master's degree,
The campus is located at Downtown Beijing,
Jingle visited the university
in 1988 as a friend to a student
who's from hometown,
Shawn would visit Sister Suzy
who lives in the same city.

Malia Jones said... Way To Go!
Malia Jones!/2012/03/lulucom-way-to-go.html

Jingle dared not to try self-publishing
until she read an article from blog,
it says clearly: free upload, only pays for
distributions if one chooses to...
Thus, Jingle tried it, is very impressive...
publishing at is best way to
showcase of one's work in instant manner.
way to go!

Anonymous said...

yes, get my work published.


Blueberry Muffins: Best Treat for Mom from Sheng
Sherri Jiang!/2012/03/blueberry-muffins-best-treat-for-mom.html

Beginning 9th grade,
Sheng becomes interested in cooking,
He would look at receipt online,
print out a copy, buy ingredients, and cook,
The first treat is a large pepperoni pizza,
Later, Sheng bakes blueberry muffins,
chocolate-chip cookies, during recent
three visits home from university,
on the day before he leaves, Sheng
has baked blueberry muffins.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin (Waystationone Peter Constantin): The State of Union!
Sherri Jiang!/2012/03/wisconsin-waystationone-peter.html

Wisconsin (Waystationone-Peter Constantin)
is a state in North America that sits
north to Illinois,
east to Minnesota,
south to country Canada,
and west to Lake Michigan,
Justin's best friend Feng from
Beijing University attended
university at Cincinnati,
Wisconsin cheese is well known,
love the lighthouse by the bay,
reminding me of soap opera Guiding Light.

Anonymous said...

Washington (D. C.) [Wu-Sheng-Tom David Clinton]: Fantastic Facts to Know!
Sherri Jiang!/2012/03/washington-d-c-woo-sheng-tom-david.html

Did you know?
Washington=Wu-Sheng-Tom, or Woo(d)-Sherr-Thomas,
and Washington D. C.=Woo-Sheng-Tom-David-Clinton,
referring to District of Columbia;
The first president of the U. S. Gorge Washington
was the only president who never lived in the white house;
and Washington D. C. is NOT located at
Washington State, where Seattle is its capital city;

Anonymous said...

Wuhan TongJi (Wu-Hillary TomJi) University: Keep Up The Excellence!
Sherri Jiang!/2012/03/wuhan-tongji-wu-hilliary-tomji.html

Recall that ShawnHigh TongJi University
was mentioned the other day, today, we
shed highlight on TongJi (TomJi) University
located at Wuhan, including TonhJi Medical
college, the university has long time
traditions in academic excellence, research,
and projects...medical college prepares
students with modern tech and equipments,
in advancing healthy care and medicines...
keep it up!

Iris Christopher Murphy said...

Branson, Missouri: The Brand New Mansion to A Traveler’s Satisfaction
Iris Christopher Murphy

Branson, Missouri is one of those
attractions that's comprehensive,
and remarkable,. artists gathered
to make the place shine like a star,
Believe it or not museum is
what Sheng and Tom enjoyed visiting,
magic show, water park,
Chinese acrostics are fantastic too,
if you are on spring break for the week,
visit Branson, Missouri today.

Iris Christopher Murphy said...

Stillwater Academic Highlight: Winning Is The Beginning of Working
Iris Christopher Murphy

Through Stillwater National Bank,
Stillwater News Press
has shed highlight on Stillwater
High School graduates on
its cover page (see Sheng on the left first),
and The Oklahoma newspaper has given its unique
edition to Academic All State Winning Banquet,
Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence was featured,
along with lists of graduates from
Meridian Technology Center.

Mary Barbara Zhang said...

San Diego: The Precious Place for Panda Sandy and mother Ego
Mary Barbara Zhang!/2012/03/san-diego-precious-place-for-panda.html

Visits to San Diego at California,
especially time spent at San Diego zoo,
is very rewarding, with a zoo
membership about $60 each year
paid for the entire family of four,
free to join the crowd any time,
one has to wait in line to get to the
panda house to see the cute pandas.

Helen Shang Obama said...

Red Sorghum: The Beautiful Ethereal Child of Gong Li and Mo Yan
Helen Shang Obama

While working in Beijing,
Jingle watched Gong Li
and Mo Yan's cooperative
movie Red GaoLiang, the movie
was displayed all over China,
the female character by Gong Li
is consequence of arranged marriage,
with her husband super sickly,
she slept with a guy
who molds husked Sorghum into red wine,
Gong Li became famous then...

Meredith Kemp said...

Sparkling Branson Vacation Fun: Go for IT Now!!
Meredith Kemp

A trip to Branson, Missouri
is challenging and fun,
Look at what we have done:
Ride the ducks,
Go roller-coaster rides with bumper cars,
Enjoy the incredible new shanghai acrostics,
Watch the most amazing magic show...
Meet new friends Gus from Oklahoma,
Michael from Virginia,
Bob Jackson from Honolulu,
and Anna from New York City.

Joanny Pristker said...

A Ph. D for Ji on Mathematical Topology: OSU’s First Step Toward Humanity!
Joanny Pristker

Hohoho, life could not be better for Ji,
Because magical things happen suddenly,
To Jingle Yanqui's great amazement,
Oklahoma State University has recognized
her incredible achievement,
Totally unexpectedly,
Jingle received her Ph. D
in mathematical topology,
The mail comes so beautifully,
Jingle feels as happy as she can be:
OSU's first step walks toward humanity.

Yao Ruby He said...

Northwestern University: The Notable Northern Star In Vast Sky
Yao Ruby He!/2012/03/northwestern-university-notable.html

A northern star in vast sky,
Northwestern appears the best western university
by offering Sheng incentives
in talent and skills building:
The only player at Chamber Orchestra not majoring in music,
member of rice-huller project,
Dancer-Fundraiser, staff to living wage campaign,
secretary of Shepard Residential College Executive Board,
and Photographer to the Daily Northwestern paper.

Kate Ibarra said...

The War on Iraq (Italy+Barack): Gorge W. Bush’s Eagle Roar on Patriotism
Kate Ibarra!/2012/03/war-on-iraq-italybarack-gorge-w-bushs.html

On September 11, 2001, Tuesday morning,
19 terrorists from the Islamist militant
group Al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets,
five hijackers crashed American Airlines
Flight 11 into the World Trade Center's North Tower,
another five hijackers crashed United Airlines
Flight 175 into the South Tower (Wikipedia),
Former president Gorge W. Bush declared the war on Iraq!

Andy Gin said...

Jiaying He from Yuokou City: A Soulful Swan Charming Jingle’s Primary School
Andy Gin!/2012/03/jiaying-he-from-yuokou-city-soulful.html

Jiaying He, from Yuokou city teaching Jingle
music during 1976-1977,
with hubby fighting a war for China,
stands out for her charming look,
unique version, and multiple talent...
"Chuanhui (Jingle) always carries
a natural smile on her face,
I'm glad to have her in my class."
Ms. He's words linger
in Jingle's heart until today.

Debi Booker said...

Jun Tu and Zixiong Hu: The Beautiful Mandarin Ducks Who Honor Jingle
Debi Booker!/2012/03/jun-tu-and-zixiong-hu-beautiful.html

Jun Tu is the sixth sister as
Jingle's roommate at Beijing Wuzi University,
A Jiujiang, Jiangxi native, Tu has close relation
with Jingle, her boyfriend Zixiong Hu
(8621 class), has gifted Jingle a bottle
of Pantene shampoo he won from
university Track and Field Event,
Tu and Hu got married in Putian,
Fujian after graduation.

Rebecca Haase said...

Fortune Magazine: The Far-sighted Mission That Stimulates Everyone’s Imagination!
Rebecca Haase!/2012/03/fortune-magazine-far-sighted-mission.html

FORTUNE magazine has sent Jingle and Sheng
their recent copies, The magazine
is creative on cover design,
content plots, subtitles such as what's next
in technology, energy, banking, medicine,
offices, education, plus Mitt Romney on economy,
the education of Florida Governor Rick Scott...
name a few, their words and thoughts
are masterful, brilliant, and true...

Ginny Ronald said...

Sheng and Tom: Inseparable from Beijing to Chicago
Ginny Ronald

Before and After Sheng was born,
Officials at Jingle's working company
offered her a one bedroom home,
plus separated kitchen,
free gas cooking stove, and etc.
Besides the lady with Jingle on top,
Head and engineers Mingzhou Wang,
Dongkui Zhang provided Jingle
free car (owned by the company) rides
to get her visa or passport.

Sandy Swanger said...

Dave Pelz and Dustin Johnson: The Most Experienced Golf Players
Sandy Swanger

On vacation (March, 2012),
Jingle noticed Golf magazine at
Best Western Hotel lobby,
It's amazing to see Dustin Johnson scores
secondary to Tiger Woods,
Love tips such as "Hit it far
(then knock it close)," "Sink It, Power up,"
"Big Leaguers' Secret for hitting the long ball,"
...Mike Piazza and Dave Pelz,
Way to go!

Wendy Steele said...

Believe It or Not: VI (6) is Half of XI (11) (Math is Fun)
Wendy Steele

Everyone knows the fact that
V is half of X,
then using the same logic,
cutting the Rome number in half,
we get VI (6) is half of XI (11),
VII (7) is half of XII (12)
VIII (8) is half of XIII (13),
Believe IT or NOT,
This argument is true,
Got Believe IT!

Jess Ferguson said...

For Tom (Flag Football) and Sheng (Baseball)
Jess Ferguson

Sheng enjoyed playing baseball for three years,
Tom enjoyed playing flag football before
baseball season, Flag Football is a football game
when tags are flags attached to players,
kids were encouraged to run as fast as he can
for a touch down without being tagged,
Sheng and Tom enjoyed Christmas lights
at Oklahoma Nature Garden.

Marilyn Deines said...

David and Shida Henneberry: Please Keep Studying Aboard Program Rolling at OSU
Marilyn Deines

Stillwater News Press reported that OSU
Freshman enjoyed studying aboard by living
at Chengdu Southwest JiaoTong University
residents' home, Oklahoma State University
paper The Daily O'Collegian stated that
Mr. David Henneberry and Ms. Shida Henneberry
have profound experiences in promoting
studying exchange programs globally,
Ms. Shida Henneberry visited China a few times,
with her students!

Mia Evans said...

Dr. Kathryn Castle: An Authentic Educator Who Excel at Early Childhood Curriculum
Mia Evans

Glad to see Dr. Kathryn Castle featured
at The Daily O'Collegian at OSU college paper,
She is a professor at The School of
Teaching and Curriculum Leadership,
College of Education, Jingle has taken
one of Dr. Castle's classes, Dr. Castle
has taken good care of Jingle
by her detailed guidance, patient explanations,
and creative materials...

Brianty Finkle said...

Dr. James Cogdell: Keep Speaking Mathematics to Entertain Your Colleagues!
Brianty Finkle

Dr. James Cogdell was one of the first mathematicians at math department introduced to Jingle Yanqui by Jiahong Wu and admired by both of them at personal level..
It was a thrill to see Dr. Cogdell featured at OSU paper, he moved after his attempt to become department head but lost to professor Alan Adolphson.

Tuzo M. Mwarumba said...

Sasha and Malia Obama: Promsing Girls with Promising Parents…
Tuzo M. Mwarumba

Being part of the first family,
Sasha and Malia are at everyone's attention with parents being active,in many levels, by doing nature walks, making international trips to Africa,or in state journeys to Ohio, Basketball games,
Soccer games...Have fun at Golf court today, Mr. Obama and Mr. Clinton, Mr. Daley and Mr. Band!

Dora Rowling said...

Yoyo Ma: The Gem Cellist Honoring Juilliard School and Leonard Rose
Dora Rowling

Honorable Doctorate at American University of Beirut,
energetic, cheerful Yo-Yo Ma has been incredible,
with mother and father being musicians,
he started the cello lessons at four,
began to study music in New York City
with renowned cellist Leonard Rose
at famous Juilliard School.
He began his concert career
in Carnegie Hall at age nine.

May Wright said...

Shell Gas Station: A Moment of Fresh Air 4 Drivers
May Wright

In America, a resident without a car is similar to a person without legs,Gas is what make everyone's life dynamic,...
Gas stations are of many,
Shell gas station stands out
for its unique name, charming color, attractive convenience stores...
Stopping by shell has become a dream, a pleasure, and a moment of fresh air.

Irene Jackson said...

Chili’s: A Perfect Place for Family Gathering Besides CiCi’s Pizza or Apple Bee’s
Irene Jackson

We all enjoy dining outside home
for a change or for special occasions,
Besides some fast food chains such as CiCi's Pizza,
or standard food chain Apple Bee's,
Chili's restaurant stands out for its
freshness on items, varieties on main menus,
and thoughtfulness (Salsa) before formal
dishes...Jingle enjoys family time at
Chili's a lot.

Blake Wisdom said...

Australia (Austin+Trisha+Amelia): The Beautiful Island To BEE…
Blake Wisdom

Australia is the sixth largest country
in the world. It is a beautiful island
surrounded by water as the smallest continent.
Australia's Capital city is Canberra, and
major cities include Brisbane, Sydney, Perth,
Melbourne, and Adelaide. Jiahong enjoyed
his visit to Australia years ago, Amanda (now),
and Dr. Anthony Kable (previously) have been
Australia residents.

Val Burns said...

Stillwater Junior High School: The Open Space That Allows Birds To Fly!
Val Burns

It's been a great incentive when Stillwater Junior High
directed Tom into 8th grade Boy's Track program,
Sheng's loved the school more than anything,
It is cool to see continued support shown to Tom
by school principal, school teachers, and supporting
professionals, including sports instructors.
Your encouragement means a lot to Tom,
Way to go!

Olivia Johnson said...

American Baby Magazine: Free and Fantastic for Future Parents…
Olivia Johnson

Every mother cares about baby issues,
Jingle is NO exception...She was awarded
American Baby magazine by a friend at Princeton
as soon as she was pregnant, and enjoyed reading tips
from both experts and parents who had experiences.
Jingle submitted a hint to the magazine, it was used
in May, 1997, paid for $30.

Ada Pelz said...

Albert Einstein (1879-1955): Success = Work + Play Outdoors + Silent Meditations
Ada Pelz

Being a student at Oklahoma State University
means that you go to football games,
Enjoy orange peel, and read the Daily O'Collegian,
Opinion page of the paper usually centers
collective ideas and thoughts, editors are students
who encourage orange spirits, highlight faculty
research achievements, and yeah, their cartoon rocks.
Success = Work + Play Outdoors + Silent Meditations.

Cindy Bank said...

Scotland (Scott Jackson + England): The Amazing Homeland!
Cindy Bank

Scotland is famous for its castles,
and its loyal princes and princesses,
Scotland is homeland of a former blogging
friend of Jingle, his name is Billy
William Manson, who used to live in America
and now resides at England...what a fabulous
connection to see Scott Jackson + England
being honored in name of Scotland...Smiles!

Eve Willis said...

Rejections means one needs a new direction!
Eve Willis

From 2001 to 2003, Jingle had
worked tirelessly on her novel
while pursuing Master of Science
in Education, she completed one with stories
being told based on her observations
at her hometown village, and she sent out
her manuscripts and received
a number of rejections.
Via failures, she learned
the art of writing and marketing.

Florence Simpson said...

The Sheng Shawn-Hillary Acrobats Remains One of Jingle’s Favorite Shows!
Florence Simpson

Besides refreshing morning show
The "B" BRETT family show at Branson,
and the Jubilee show that blows everyone's
mind, The New Shanghai Acrobats of China
remains one of Jingle's favorites,
loved the tumblers, benders, and twisters,
customs such as lions, dragons, and jugglers
give spectacular extravaganza of elegant dance,
mysterious magic and music appear perfect.

Gina Constantin said...

Chinese YueJu and BeiJing Opera are Jingle’s Favorites…Enjoy!
Gina Constantin

Born in China, growing up reading,
listening to, and watching Chinese
folktales, fairy tales, or famous
poetry and stories via media sources,
Jingle loves Chinese cultures, especially
Chinese Operas: Chinese YueJu and Beijing
Opera stand out for its well known traditions,
dazzling customs, and inspiring themes...
Today, Jingle shares three links
via You Tube, enjoy!

Hillary Bona said... Microsoft’s Portal That Offers Grand Online Services!
Hillary Bona

As MicroSoft's portal, is a collection
of Internet sites and services offering
news, sports, money, games, videos,
entertainments, weather reports, hot mail services,
or celebrity gossips. The Microsoft Network
debuted as a service provider
on August 24, 1995, to coincide with the
release of the Windows 95 operating system.
Jingle enjoys it favorably.

Jenna Woods said...

Brazil=Brad Henry (America) + Lesile Moon (China)
Jenna Woods

While Jingle, Justin, and Sheng
lived in Princeton, New Jersey
A family from Brazil raising four children
hosted a party before everyone moved
elsewhere, it was an eye opening experience
because folks from America, China, German,
England, and France came together, getting to
know each other better. Brazil is famous
for its best football team...

Kitty Jolie said...

Kitty Jolie

Jingle Poetry Community had several
outstanding officials from India,
a country that stands next to China and
appears as the most competitive country in Asia
to stand out and outshine China, Kavita Rao,
Leo, Someone Is Special, Olivia, and Shashi
have exceptional talent in poetry and representations,
Trisha is special for her friendship to Jingle.

Sasha Jenna Spears said...

California=Jia(hong) State=Justin State
Sasha Jenna Spears

California is similar to Kunming of China in
its evergreen alike weather, it's spring all year long,
Jingle wishes that Sheng go for graduate studies
there, Hollywood, Chinatown and gold rush are famous,
40% of Asian populations live there.
Amy Tan, Iris Chang, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt,
they all believe in and love California.

Mier Raun said...

Malasia=Yoyo Ma+Dali Lama+Cynthia Francisco
Mier Raun

While Jingle was working for Patricia Young
in Chicago, she babysat a few times for
a divorced Malasia lady, Jingle
Poetry community has at least three
outstanding Malasia supporters,
They are Ibok, Fiveloaf, and Riika,
Malasia citizens speak Chinese Mandarin,
Cities there are sparkly clean
because serious punishments are forced
if one spits in public.

Ali Reid said...

North Korea=North America+ South Korea
Ali Reid

Does China have to worry about North Korea?
It's time for North America and South Korea
replacing China's role, communism has changed into
partial communism + partial capitalism in China,
So China does not own North Korea to protect
their "their way is the only way" philosophy,
North Korea must open up to change for better.

Maria Chelsea Peng said...

Tom Who and Tom Wu: Thanks for Being A Neighborly You!
Maria Chelsea Peng

A resident named Tom, with his wife
teaching at Sangre Ridge Elementary school,
daughter attending Oklahoma State University,
and son, at least five years older than Tom Wu,
but plays with Tom as if he were his half brother...
A big thanks goes to this neighborly
friend at 2001 S. August Street,
Stillwater, Oklahoma, 74074.

Holly Adams said...

Chile=China + Italy
Holly Adams

Volleyball team in Cuba and
Football team in Brazil are
famous to Jingle while
she was growing up, Chile, a country
at the same continent of
South America, stands out uniquely
for its connection to Chinese wisdom
and Italian fantasy, people at Chile
are eager to showcase their pride
under support from China and Italy.

Jubilee Clancy said...

Maryland (Morning Land): Unstoppable Oriole Making Mornings Grand.
Jubilee Clancy!/2012/03/maryland-unstoppable-orile-making.html

Maryland is a lovely land
that reminds one of Morning,
with rising sun and refreshed spirits,
The place soars high and illustrates
its charming beauty in unstoppable grace.
Food and Wine Festivals, Alpha Phi,
Dancing, Swimming, and biking fill
citizens of Maryland with enthusiasms
and hope, Baltimore, University of Maryland,
Please keep flying like Orioles!

Mimi Manson said...

Long Live, Innocent Friendships for Jingle (Chuanhui Peng)
Mimi Manson!/2012/03/long-live-innocent-friendships-for.html

At second grade, three girls gathered
to be Jingle's best friends,
their names are Yonghui (Forever Wisdom) Dai,
Wenhui (Literature Wisdom) Wu,
Taohui (Peach Wisdom) Zhu,
Jingle's name was Chuanhui (Passing Wisdom) Peng,
four of them spent time watching the same movies,
attending new year's parties...They separated
before jingle entered seventh grade.
Missing them!!!

Pat Upshaw said...

New Zealand=Sheng + Roger Zierau + Maryland
Pat Upshaw!/2012/03/new-zealandsheng-roger-zierau-maryland.html

South to neighbor Australia, an island
in Pacific ocean, New Zealand is a lovely
country, besides profound
soccer (American) or football (Asian)
teams, New Zealand offers
lush greenery and epic backdrops
fascinating people all over the world,
University of Auckland is the largest
among influential universities,
Kiwi fruits is a must taste if you're there.

Talon Sharp said...

Taiwan=Tom Wu + Jiabao Wen
Talon Sharp!/2012/03/taiwantom-wu-jiabao-wen.html

Citizens in Taiwan feel like
that they were more advanced
because they are practicing Chinese Style
Democracy, at the meantime,
Taiwan professionals feel inferior
to Mainland China, especially
after China become modernized
and obtained respect from America
and from many other countries...
Thus Taiwan becomes conjunction of
mainland China and America,
it's not independent literally.

Andrea Kelly said...

Hong Kong=Jiahong Wu + Jintao Hu (Cantonese) + (Shawn Peng) Mandarin
Andrea Kelly!/2012/03/hong-kongjiahong-wu-jintao-hu-cantonese.html

Hong Kong offers scientists
better benefits than that America does,
Jiahong has mathematical
colleagues working at Hong Kong (previously
at The New York University),
Still, many Asian immigrants refuse to
consider Hong Kong as their permanent home,
A Chinese facility is definitely very
different from American facility, folks
trust white Americans more from their experiences...

Briahna Rao said...

Indonesia = Indiana + Doug + Nevada + Cynthia
Briahna Rao!/2012/03/indonesia-indiana-state-doug-nevada.html

Close to Malaysia, Indonesia is a place
for diversities and adventures,
The country has fourth largest populations,
while China has the largest one,
Earthquakes hit Indonesia and make people
suffer, but with faith, persistence,
and support from America, or other countries,
Indonesia can advance its technology,
leadership capacity, and natural disasters
forecasts and prevention better!

Amy Doug Wright said...

China=Chinese Banana=Chinese Panda
Amy Doug Wright!/2012/03/chinachinese-bananachinese-panda.html

The shape of Mainland China resembles a rooster,
reminding Jingle of Sheng born in Beijing,
a rooster, China has the largest population,
it includes twenty-two provinces,
Shengjiang, Gansu, Sichuan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Jilin,
Helongjiang, and Nanjing are
famous for its unique locale cultures,
Chinese Banana is a metaphor, referring to
China-born individuals who has western heart.

Monica Brett said...

Georgia in Russia = Georgia in America =Gorge W. Bush + Malia Obama
Monica Brett!/2012/03/georgia-in-russia-georgia-in-u-s-gorge.html

When Russia decided to experiment capitalism
fully years ago, it didn't anticipate
the breakdown among those who disagree,
Georgia declared independence, a war
between Russian and Georgia goes on until today,
time to stop the fight for truce and peace.
Jingle Learned Russian in college,
love the culture and people there,
Please take good care.

Tina Xie said...

Virginia=Girls Who Marry Virgins + Columbia
Tina Xie!/2012/03/virginiaa-robin-that-honors-girls-with.html

While Columbia movies are famous,
Virginia is well known for its representation
of word Virgin, in addition tom that, the state
of Virginia is an inviting place to be,
Virginia beach, Virginia forest reserves,
University of Virginia, Virginia birds,
plus city Richmond's sharp version in promoting
poetry, poetry reading and communication,
Please visit Virginia today.

Yan Liang said...

Louisiana = Louise + Angelina Jolie
Yan Liang!/2012/03/louisiana.html

South to Arkansas, West to Mississippi,
East to Texas, North to Atlantic Ocean,
Louisiana state of America gives one
instant calmness for its lovely character.
Former president and war hero Thomas Jefferson
was born in Louisiana, Baton Rouge
is its state capital, summer camps include
beach swimming, forests haunting, fishing,
and horseback riding...and more.

Quinn Dong said...

Xiangqi + Chess + Weiqi =Fantastic folk Mind Games for JI!
Quinn Dong!/2012/03/mind-games-truly-entertain-and-inspire.html

Mind games truly entertain and inspire,
Jingle enjoys Chinese Xiangqi,
lately, she plays Chess (American style)
which is different from Xiangqi, but fun,
Weiqi is another mind game that tickles
Chinese people, in China, teams are formed
to participate in competitions, meanwhile,
the games are favorably played at parks,
or homes of remote countryside villages.

Gina Woods said...

Japan =Jackie Chan + Pandi
Gina Woods!/2012/03/japan-jackie-chan-pandi-blue-jay-tom-wu.html

Back in China, Japan is known for
its involvement with World War II,
civil war, relation to Beijing,
after coming to America,
Japan is known for its popular cartoons
Pokmon (cards), Jingle and her family have faith
in quality of Japanese cars, they owned Mazda,
later Honda, Ford, yet Toyota is what Jingle
loves best.

Suzy Cui said...

Michigan = Mish + Kenn Gann
Suzy Cui

Michigan is a state that was introduced
to Jingle by a faculty at math department,
later, a Chinese couple from Stillwater
moved there, saying that the tuition costs
are almost five times higher than that
in Stillwater, Jingle has never been in
Michigan state, but lake Michigan
connecting Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana,
and Michigan is great.

August Watson said...

Mississippi= Missy + Sina + Brad Pitt
August Watson

Mississippi river is well known,
City Jackson is the capital
of state Mississippi, which is
an interesting name to remember,
Jingle and her family used to drive
to Tennessee state, passing
Mississippi state and Mississippi
river, cars loaded on ships are
shipped from Mississippi to Hawaii,
civil war was fought there
a hundred years ago.

Magher Wilson said...

Poland = Po (The Kungfu Panda) + Maryland
Magher Wilson

Poland is a country many of our poets rally
participants (The Chamber of Stories,
by Magdalena or Magher1) reside,
it's honorable for Thursday Poets Rally to have
persistent, talented, and enchanting poetess
Magher1 in, she has been a gem and almost
is the first to link in to poets rally after
Jess Mithell stopped coming...

Megan Jefferson said...

Ohio = Audie Murphy + Hillary Clinton + Oprah Winfrey
Megan Jefferson

Amanda who is the same age as Sheng
lives in Ohio, Jingle noticed the
favors Ohio gives to Hillary Clinton
during her election time back in 2008,
best wishes to economy there,
Ohio State University shares the same
initials as Oklahoma State University,
Don't get confused if you're directed to
Ohio when type in OSU.

Lola King said...

Alabama = Abraham Lincoln + Lola + Barack Obama
Lola King

Alabama is historical state of U. S. A.,
world famous figures such as Martin Luther King,
Abraham Lincoln were involved with the place,
in fighting for human rights, gender equality,
women's voting rights, and slavery...
A GO to city Montgomery, and locale fine
figures Scott Beason, Becky Quinn, Mary Scott,
Jasmine Robinson, and Rick Santorum...

Amanda Yang said...

Oklahoma = Owl=OSU + OU+ Laura Bush + Hounian Peng + Amanda
Amanda Yang

Oklahoma is a powerful bird that possess special
portraits and incredible growing ability, Oklahoma
Public Schools are all outstanding at multiple levels due to its populations from renowned universities such as
Oklahoma University (Norman),
and Oklahoma State University (Stillwater). Major Cities Tulsa and OKC stand elegantly
with its fully developed wings in tech and talent.

Nicole Tan said...

Carolina (North + South) = Curt Sharp + Rosemary + Li (Lee) + Caiola
Nicole Tan!/2012/03/carolina-north-south-curt-sharp.html

North Carolina and South Caroline sit next to each other,
gracing far east of North America along the shore
of Atlantic ocean, republican candidate Gingrich
wins the state, Caroline lily flowers, Cruz hot girls,
golf championships, and chickadee birds make the place
spicy, heartwarming, and entertaining. Universities
at both north and south Caroline are comprehensive.

Alexa White said...

Dakota (North+South)=David Schmidly + Nicole Hong+ Tara Miller
Alexa White

"Snowy winters, soaring planes,
and a law and medical school too?
The University of North Dakota
offers abundant opportunities..." By Facebook

"South Dakota State University's
Nate Wolters added another honor
to his resume. The junior from
St. Cloud, Minn., was named to
the 25-player Lou Henson All-American team.
additional honors for Wolters..."
by Chicago Tribune

Sherry Clinton said...

Montana = Monkey Man + Terri + Helena +Hannah Montana
Sherry Clinton

Hannah is the most
talented singer from Montana.
love Grinnell Lake.
Montana has the largest migratory elk herd.
The state boasts the largest breeding
population of trumpeter swans,
At the Rocky Mountain Front Eagle
Migration Area west of Great Falls
more golden eagles are seen
in a single day than anywhere else
in the country.

Britta Weiberger said...

Arizona=Amelia+Sherry Jiao+Zoe+Jerry Bona
Britta Weinberger!/2012/03/arizonaameliasheery-jiaozoejerry-bona.html

When Jingle and family decided to take
a trip to San Diego, California years ago,
they traveled by driving their family car,
starting from Stillwater, Oklahoma,
going cross New Mexico (Sheng Mexige),
Arizona, all the way to board of
California and Mexico, Tombstone,
Canyon, rocky Mountain Valley are of
the most impressive views in Arizona.

Zach Caiola said...

YMCA Sports: Essential Alternate to City Sports
Zach Caiola

YMCA provides lots of indoor and outdoor activities for both kids and adults,indoor swimming pool is something special in winter when Stillwater Public pool is closed.
Tom enjoys indoor soccer games as well as indoor basketball games, swimming, in summer,
Tom participates Stillwater Parks and Recreation baseball games, with Sheng playing Cello at OSU.

Janalynn He said...

Finland= Gayla Foster+Ina+Pink Links+JP Landscape (Italy+Hong Kong)+Bluebell Landscape (California)
Janalynn He

Among Jingle's blogging friends in 2009
and 2010, Pink Links from Turku, Finland
is unforgettable, her blog theme is pink,
a few remarkable comments exchange with
blogger Pink Links two years ago impress Jingle,
She has lovely style, her way of presentation,
and her disciplines in providing quality
posts to her readers...Keep it up.

Gabriela Browdie said...

Thailand=Tom Wu+Poets Rally Landscape (Chicago+New York City+London)
Gabriela Browdie

Benny Evans used to host parties
yearly at his private home, also,
Whenever the department interviews a candidate
for potential faculty positions,
The Head, will ask faculty to dine
with the candidate before one of
the faculty in the hiring committee
hosts a party, according to Jiahong,
they dine at Thai Cafe all the time.

Stacia Freishtat said...

Delaware=Dell+Dale Alspach+Blaga+Meredith
Stacia Freishtat

"The First State"; on December 7, 1787,
it became the first of the 13 original
states to ratify the U.S. Constitution.
"The Diamond State": Thomas Jefferson
gave it to Delaware;
"Blue Hen State": This was given after
the fight on Blue Hen Cocks.
"Small Wonder" honors its size and contributions.
Information by Delaware Government.

Nani Gonzalez said... J. K. Rowling+Kate Middleton+Yao Ming
Nani Gonzalez

Wyoming was the first state to
give women the right to vote.
Yellowstone is official National Park (1872)
The largest coal mine is Black Thunder near Wright.
Wyoming leads in coal production
in 1994 with 3 million tons/week
The JCPenney stores were started in Kemmerer.
Wyoming has the lowest population
in the United States.

Jeanette Pous said...

Texas = Tech/Testing Satisfactory=Sheng Wu=Victory=Tom Wu+Vicki Zhao+Victoria
Jeanette Pous

Texas is where Tom Wu was born, El Paso
offered Jiahong a faculty position before
OSU. Chinese Language School is awesome at Austin,
Jack In The Box and H. E. B. are Texas specialty,
University of Texas at Austin has
great benefits for faculty and spouses,
Immigrants from Mexico occupy
one third of the population.

Besty Western said...

Utah=Jewel Yan+Tom Wu+Noha+Amy Tan+Mo Yan
Besty Western!/2012/03/utah-jewel-yantom-wunohaamy-tanmo-yan.html

Jiahong was invited to give a talk at Utah,
the family drove their way through,
passing Colorado mountain valleys,
Lots of blind tunnels and twists and turns
in the middle, Jingle took Sheng and Tom
to Holge Zoo in Salt Lake city
while Jiahong attended mathematical
conference at a resort hanging on
a mountain cliff.

Terri Driessen said...

Germany=G-man+Jenenifer Aniston+Emma Watson+David Schemidly
Terri Driessen!/2012/03/germany-g-man-jennifer-aniston-emma.html

According to Asya I. P., Germans walk naked
at public pool...Audie Murphy hates Germans…
Math Department at Oklahoma State University
has about three individuals from Germany known
to Ji, Professor Hermann Burchard has been
her instructor for 3 classes, she learned
a lot from him on linear and non-linear programming.
Good Luck, Jeremy Lin.

Aliza Hanson said...

Florida=Christopher Francisco+Lori+Brad Henry+Linda+Panda(s)
Aliza Hanson!/2012/03/floridachristopher-franciscoloribrad.html

Florida Disney World, Temple University,
These are cool...When it comes to
Elections, Florida is key to win, Ji still remember
the time when Gorge W. Bush and All Gore compete
in Florida to win the 2000 election, it is sad that
only one candidate wins, America shall practice
Co-Presidency, that way, leadership is stronger.

Iris Christopher Murphy said...

Way to Go: KJ 103 102.7 FM Radio Station
Iris Christopher Murphy

Listening to radio while driving
has become a hobby to Jingle,
KJ 103 radio follows her everywhere,
pop music is cool,
Morning humor is impressive,
even Tom considers KJ 103 102.7 FM
is hot, a great big thanks to
TJ, Janet, and Jrod, for their
time and love to community
and for their inspirations.

Anonymous said...

Indiana=Inlinkz+Indie+InkSplodge+Jannie Funster+Diana+Bristo Palin
Emma he Clinton

Indiana state sits next to Ohio, Kentucky,
Illinois, and Michigan, it is a special
state, To Jingleyanqui,
Indiana represents charm of an official
working at Bluebell Books Twitter Club
for almost a year, she always posts on time
and never complains, I add other artists
or organizations including,
InkSplodge, Jannie Funster, and Diana...

Emma He Clinton said...

Arkansas (Petit Jean)=Art+Amy+Beth+Cottage girl+Hope+Pamela+The Beaty+David King+Sheila+Moe
Emma He Clinton

Petit Jean Mountain honors the
legend of Petit Jean, A French girl
who disguised as a boy,
accompanying her lover, to the
mountain of Arkansas. Jingle, Justin,
and Tom walked on trails that goes both
deep and high, with waterfalls
nearby, Tom carried his Mom's heavy bag
when she got exhausted by the long walk.

Sarah Hong Bush said...

Dr. Clinton: The Most Admired Man and President
Sarah Hong Bush

What does family mean?
Everyone is created equal by constitution,
But gender differences still exist,
in America, not all women are as lucky as
Hillary Clinton, as a woman trying to
equalizing human rights with my husband,
I fall silent, sad, and confused...
Ms. Clinton, please fight for those
who are less fortunate than you!

Sarah Hong Bush said...

Nebraska=The New York Times+Bradley Peraino+Britney Spears+A. B. Thomas+Kavita+A. Kable
Sarah Hong Bush

The state of Nebraska is mainstream for its
connection to The New York Times, Britney Spears,
A. B. Thomas, and more, this place is both
wild and stunningly beautiful, girls think for
themselves and have self respect, laughing
Kookaburra is one fascinating creature from God
that graces the place with its talent, humor,
and embrace...

Grace Shawn Henry said...

Illinois (Chicago)=Igor+Liz Willow+Julie+Lily+Lisa+Noell+Iris+Joyislife+Lilltepieces2009
Grace Shawn Henry

Jingle is an independent woman,
she made it to university herself,
landed on a full time job, Justin
requested her to come to Chicago for family
Reunion, she's chosen silence, tolerance,
and embrace when economic situation was bad,
she was forced to lower her rank to babysit.
Is her sacrifice understood?
She deserves better positions.

Grace Shawn Henry said...

Norway = Northwestern University+ Peter Sher Wood+ Peter Willow+ Shoorayner+ Kristy Woodford
Grace Shawn Henry

Shaped like a droplet of spring water,
Norway sits on upper right (Northeast)
of the planet earth in Europe, forming
an arc with Finland on right hand side,
Norway has mind blowing mountain valleys
and large open space, the sound of Norway
reminds Jingle of "NO WAY", we women must
say NO to unfair treatments.

Deborah David Schmidly said...

To A Sixth Grade English Teacher: Your Encouragement Is Valued.
Deborah David Schmidly

Growing up, Jingle never heard
of language different than
Chinese Mandarin, then one day,
Someone mentioned Tangshan Earthquake,
she learned that the world was larger than what she saw, and there were things beyond human sixth grade,
English language class was open,
she was excited to know the existence of America and England....

Mish Foster said...

Tennessee=Seabell+Talon+Teenagepoet+Sunnyseattle+Dennis+Kim Nelson+Pseu+Megzone+The Lonely Recluse+ Teresa+ Ash Bee Zone+ I Listened, Momma
Mish Foster

All Gore comes from Tennessee,
he has outstanding contribution
to green earth, well deserved Noble Prize Winner.
Jingle wishes to recognize those poets who have been exceptionally supportive to Thursday
Poets Rally, Jingle Poetry, Jingle Poetry @ Olive Garden, Bluebell Books Twitter Club, and The Purple Tree House at the New York
TimeS(quare)...Bless ALL!

Viola Cohen said...

PennsyLvania=Peng (Shawn)+Lu Ann+Leo+Bonita+Ms. Peaches+Cheryl+NYX+Chrissy+Silver Tongue+ Excellence in Bad
Viola Cohen

While Jingle lived in Princeton, New Jersey,
she traveled to Pennsylvania to visit "Please Touch Museum", for Sheng,
it was a fun trip, the bookstore is
inspiring in town too, to Ji's great
discovery, ten remarkable poets from
Jingle Poetry community are associated
with Pennstate, what a treasury connection.
Please continue your love to JP.

Amy Blecha said...

Minnesota=Cjbeanmish+Hermio+Thingy+Amity+Tasithoughts+Amerita+Rhyme Me A Smile+Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch+ Story In A Poem
Amy Blecha

JD Henneberry's brother Michael Henneberry
attended college in Minnesota, Folks
love drinking wine escaping boredom in winter.
Sheng actually applied the same
school there, of course, he was doing it to test
his chances of winning, and he was accepted
and rejected to attend Northwestern University,
Nine poets are discovered to be connected to

Nicole Jiao Wu said...

New Jersey=Sea Sweetie+Jessica Japes+Gemma+Nelly+Chris G.+Imagination
Nicole Jiao Wu

Many outstanding professors of mathematics
graduated from top ranked university of New Jersey:
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey at
Camden, Newark, or New Brunswick...New Jersey
is well known for the close location to New York City,
plus Institute for Advanced Studies, including
Princeton University, the environment is both
competitive and open minded.

Hui Liao said...

Hui Liao

Back in Beijing, China,
Everyone's mouth gets watering
whenever someone mentions of Kentucky
Fried Chicken, it's great that Jiahong's
university hosted a party to honor
the marriage between Jiahong Wu and Ji Yan,
The department head had everyone at Beijing
Kentucky Chicken restaurant, Jingle dressed up,
joined the crowd, tasted Kentucky Chicken,
Smiled a lot.

Sasha Jenna Spears said...

Alaska=Amy+Pink Lady+Cha+Becca Givens +Ali+Layla+Nanka
Sasha Jenna Spears

Jingle was very impressed when
Sarah Palin was chosen to run for
vice presidency in 2008, it's honorable
that her daughter Bristo Palin supports
Jingle and her life philosophy, Alaska
state sits on upper (Northwest) of America,
the weather is icy cold, but the landscape
is mild and inviting...Seven poets are
connected to Alaska.

Bristo Zach Kong said...

Idaho=Iris+Hounian Peng+Dan+Hindway+Debi+Dancing Freak+Daniel+Deapoet88+Poetry of Asian
Bristo Zch Kong

While Jingle enrolled at College of Education
of OSU, she took advanced children's literature with
Dr. Parsons, the professor made the class
read dozens of books, plus art work, group
presentations, individual power point presentations,
and potluck dinner party at her house...
One of the books at IDAHO had made Jingle feel
sad and inspired.

Aya Wilson said...

Iowa=Ibok+Alice Walker+Wanjiku+MIM+Soul Intention+Viola+The Fair God Sister+Alice’s Wonderland
Aya Wilson

IOWA state is famous for its Standard Testing
programs cross the nation, Jiahong's best friend
XiaoFeng Xie loaded a job at Iowa after
graduating from the university at Cincinnati,
Wisconsin...Des Moines is its capital, Jingle
has never been there, but will be looking
forward to a visit soon. Eight poets
connected to Iowa state.

Susan Walker said...

Oregon=Jonklassay+Olivia+Pat Cegan+River+Reggie+The Reason You Come
Susan Walker

State Oregon is located at
far west of America, next to Pacific Ocean,
with Washington state on top, California
and Nevada on bottom, and Idaho on right,
Salem is the capital city,
Six talented and supportive poets have
close ties with Oregon, They are
Jonklassay, Olivia, Pat Cegan, River,
Reggie, and The Reason You Come.

Amity Yan said...

Colorado=Kolembo+Carl+Fiveloaf+Beyond My Window+Thoughts Not Lost+Clocked Monk+Scott B+Torquethis+Dudo+Shadow+Tracy+Bill Cook+Paulo+Exploring Life
Amity Yan

Colorado is a state with wild horse roaming
at mountain valleys, and the road in it
goes zig zag, lots of dark tunnels to
travel on if you try to drive through
to visit Utah, the weather is dry and
the trees are tall and beautiful,
incredible talents are nestled at this
mountain-dew alike place.

Barbara Holman said...

Positive VS Punishment: I Choose Not To Punish Kids for Their Faults.
Barbara Holman!/2012/03/positive-vs-punishment-i-choose-not-to.html

Tom attended OSU child development lab
after spending one year at Stillwater
Christian church daycare, the lab
has good curriculum for kids to explore,
and learn, lovely playground in the back.
One thing Jingle learned is that:
Punishment is not the way to educate kids,
the shift of attention
makes the case easier to handle.

Judith Cosgrove said...

The Simpson’s and Diversity: We Must Celebrate Our Differences!
Judith Cosgrove!/2012/03/simpsons-and-diversity-we-must.html

How many people understand the concept of diversity and implement it? Diversity does not mean that you give up your space and human rights to minority groups, diversity means that if one sees
differences in others (they could be the same
race or different), you respect their individuality, instead of attacking, belittling, or disapproving them.

Yu Lin said...

Stillwater Elementary Schools: Thanks for the Heads Up!
Yu Lin!/2012/03/stillwater-elementary-schools-thanks.html

Tom attended Richmond Elementary School
pre-kindergarten class with Mrs. Andrew while Jingle
worked part time at the same school, then he
switched to Westwood until first grade, eventually,
he settled at Sangre Ridge Elementary School, with
Mrs. Wisdom as his second grade teacher who truly
inspires and encourages, things blossom beautifully.
Love Sangre Ridge system.

Joy Stein said...

Rhode Island=Rose+Emma Watson+Bristo+JD+Sheng Wu+Tom Wu+Harry Potter
Joy Stein!/2012/03/rhode-island-rose-emma-watsonbristojd.html

Brown University is a private, Ivy League
university located in Providence,
Rhode Island, United States.
Founded in 1764 prior to American independence,
Brown is the third oldest institution
of higher education in New England
and seventh oldest in the United States,
Former President Gorge W. Bush, JD Henneberry,
and Emma Watson have chosen Brown University…

Ashley Taylor said...

Asheley Taylor

We know mathematician Dr. Tao Li works
at Boston College, Massachusetts state,
It appears that Massachusetts is a state
that is both beautiful in view and
absolutely professional in academics
and community leaderships...Despite the
cold weather in winter, this place
is full of energy and enthusiasm
–Howard University spirits
in constructing a successful enterprise.

Sandra Castle said...

Hawaii = Burns B Hargis
Sandra Castle!/2012/04/hawaii-burns-b-hargisharriswaystationon.html

The state of Hawaii consists of
eight main islands, Hawaii is
the most isolated island.
Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee.
More than one-third of the world's
commercial supply of pineapples
comes from Hawaii. Hawaii is the widest
state in the United States.
Islands are the projecting tops of
the biggest mountain range.

Shakira Washington said...

Stillwater Middle School: The Laughing Kookaburra
Shakira Washington!/2012/04/remarkable-stillwater-middle-school-at.html

Stillwater Middle School has special
grouping, encouraging and learning
programs, they divide more than 400
grade kids into three teams,
each team has about more than 140
students and monitored
by assigned teachers, Both Tom Wu
and Sheng Wu have benefited from them
by winning Very Important Person of
the Week in the team award.

Ming Yan said...

Chairman Zedong Mao (12/26/1893-9/9/1976): The Remarkable War Hero,
Thinker, and Poet
Ming Yan!/2012/04/chairman-zedong-mao12261893-991976.html

Jingle saw many hearts sink
when Mao died in Beijing, 1976,
Chairman Mao wrote romantic poetry
that are shared at elementary schools,
He swam in the Yangtz (Long) River
at 76, The most impressive part is
his war intelligence, He led Chinese
Red Army to the Long March, losing his
wife Kaihui Yang and son...

Barbara Jackson said...

University of Texas at Austin Child Development Center: The Bluebonnet Jay!
Barbara Jackson!/2012/04/university-of-texas-at-austin-child.html

University of Texas at Austin
Child Development Center provide
abundant opportunities for kids
to explore and grow...
Sheng was there before going to
Bryker Wood Elementary School,
From legos and wood blocks, Sheng
simply set his mind into it and
played with those random piece
magically. Hands on activities
help with eyes and hands cooperation.

Shelan Watson said...

Crossroads Nursery School at Princeton: The Motherly Cradle!
Shelan Watson!/2012/04/crossroads-nursery-school-at-princeton.html

During 1996-1997, the Wu family
stayed at Princeton, with Jiahong
doing research at Institute for
Advanced Studies, Sheng attended
Crossroads Nursery School (three
months old to five years old)
located inside the institute domain,
Rabbits hop around at dusk, The woods
and pond nearby are perfect to walk around
and the welcome party.

Ebnee Potter said...

New York State: The Sheng Shawn-Hillary’s Admirable Blue Jay That Does Soulful Twits
Ebnee Potter

New York City is a dream place for many,
Jingle's family went there
to renew Chinese passport eventually,
and visited the statue of liberty,
Jiahong went to give a talk another time
at New York City University,
with Sheng and Ji explored
the neighborhood playground,
They had dinner at Chinatown, eating
famous Beijing Roasted Duck.

Angie Cao said...

Maine (ME) State=Mozilla+Internet Ex.+Chrome+Mark+Mao+Margret+Inn+Inc.+Linn+McCain+Thorne+Mary+Chimnese+August+Tablot
Angie Cao

Maine (=ME) State Facts:
Animal: Moose
Berry: Wild Blueberry
Bird: Chickadee
Cat: Maine Coon Cat
Flower: White Pine Cone
Fossil: Pertica Quadrifaria
Gemstone: Tourmaline
Herb: Wintergreen
Insect: Honeybee
Motto: Dirigo (I Lead)
Nickname: The Pine Tree State
Song: "State of Maine Song" by Roger Vinton Snow
Tree: White Pine
Vessel: The arctic exploration schooner "Bowdoin"

Helena Hou said...

Sasame Place: The Big Bird That Flies and Adds Grace!
Helena Hou!/2012/04/sasame-place-big-bird-that-flies-and.html

Jingle told Jiahong that
She was pregnant after he came home
from Tennessee, in April, 1997,
and she was determined to have
this child, because life is precious,
They agreed, and continued their support
to Sheng, they had fun at Sasame Place,
Please Touch Museum, After Tom was Born,
Sheng stopped wetting bed, A Miracle.

Trisha Miller said...

A-Z April Challenge: B is for Bank of China
Trisha Miller

After Jiahong came to America in 1992, Jingle was promised to get support before and after their baby was born, and
Jiahong sent Ji checks 3 or 4 times within a year
simply to make her feel cared for, Bank of China at Beijing helped turning checks into American Dollars, or Chinese Renmin Bi/ Yuan.

Elmo Mao said...

Kansas=Kathryn+Kay Baker+Sasha Obama+shashi+Sandra+Anma
+Someone Is Special+ZQ+Kong+Cathy Lin
Elmo Mao!/2012/04/kansas-kathrynkay-bakersasha.html

The Wu family had vacations to
Kansas zoo, Kansas science museum
at least twice, Jingle loved Kansas
better, a unique trip is made to
Kansas University, located at Lawrence,
Kansas city, due to Sheng's summer
music camp there, this one was different,
But Sheng got truly inspired, motivated,
and encouraged...Outstanding chore music, and orchestras..

London Pan said...

Jian Tan: A Good Friend from Beijing (Chemical Technology University)
London Pan!/2012/04/jian-tan-good-friend-at-beijing.html

From Hunan Province, shared the same bed
at High School with Jingle for an entire year,
Jian Tan made it to Beijing Chemical Technology
University, Jian and Ji stayed connected in college,
Ji stopped responding to Jian after
she became pregnant in 1992...Jian Tan
is a good friend, Ji visited her campus many times.

Tina Pitt said...

Blogging for A-Z April Challenge: C is for Consumer Reports
Tina Pitt

Sheng bought his camera worthy at least $1000
based on information provided by Consumer Report
magazine, which is a consistent friend to Jiahong
as well, Consumer Report provides rational and fair
evaluations on products such as Vehicles,
Market Needs, Laundry Detergent, Vacuums, Cameras,
frozen dinners, including hospitals around and in
big Apple New York City.

Jaymie Brownie said...

Donghua Li (Yanjing Beer): The Dreamy Chickadee to Be Around!
Jaymie Browine

Donghua Li (First Sister) is one of Jingle's roommates
at Beijing Wuzi University, her father worked as
the Head of Beijing Yanjing Beer Cooperation,
Jingle is close to Li, they discussed homework
solutions and did nature walks together,
Li's parents invited Jingle and other roommates
over, treated them fancy dinners
before their graduation in 1990.

Kate Johnson said...

Connecticut=Cohen+Curt+Tu Jun+Patrcia Young+Marie Hesser+Rober Myers+Zixiong Hu+Facebook+Nani Passmore+Tally Rao
Kate Johnson!/2012/04/connecticut-hartfort-cohen-curt-tu.html

In Hartford, you may not cross the street
walking on your hands! Connecticut is home
to the oldest U.S. newspaper, Connecticut is home to
the first hamburger (1895), Polaroid camera (1934),
helicopter (1939), and color television (1948).
In 1937, Connecticut became the first state to
issue permanent license plates for cars.
Connecticut is remarkable.

Rain Cooper said...

Wedding and Divorcing: Wedding Promises Nothing, Marriages Need Work!
Rain Cooper

Did you watch TV named
Divorcing Court?
As long as there are divorces,
There were marriages made previously,
So, everyone gets married, dreaming
of a happy life, made promises to
cherish each other rest of one's life,
But many end up hating each other,
A wedding is not the gate to happiness,
Marriages need WORK.

Tally Poppe said...

Nevada (Tall Ted’s Turtles): News+News Week+Time+Reva+Dakshi+Carl+Donghua Li+Ada+Eva+Honda+Mazda+Nelly+Shida+NaPoWriMo+Neha
Tally Poppe

Tall Ted Thompson parked his traveling
turtle tank on Tenth Street in front of
Tonawanda Town Hall. Tall Ted's traveling
Turtle Aquarium was a big attraction.
Timmie Torlish and his twin sister Trish
ran to push their noses against the tanks
windows to look at the turtles as Tall
Ted walked, talking to the mayor.

Jonette Stewart said...

West Virginia=Wes+Best Western+Jeremy Lin+Wendy+Wordwand+Charles+Tom Wu+HongJian Gao+Patricia Jordan+William+Jianying xu+Watson+Wisdom(Hui)+Jian Tan+Inlinkz
Jonette Stewart

West Virginia is more specific
on its location perhaps,
it's the birth place
of Professor William Bus Jaco,
a true blessing at a profound state.
The name itself trigs
lots of fond memories of significant
individuals or organization: Best Western,
Jeremy Lin, Tom Wu, Patricia Jordan,
Wes, Inlinkz, Wordwand, Charles,
Hongjian Gao, Watson, and etc.

Minn Pybus said...

Blogging A-Z April Challenge: D is for Disney Dvds
Minn Pybus

Disney DVDs are creatively fun,
in the past decades, we have
watched Bill Nye the science guy,
and many other educational videos,
These productions offer fact-paced
approach mixing humor, real life
snapshots, and scientific results
via hands-on demonstrations...
Kids learn and develop a sense of humor
while being "brain-washed".
Both Sheng and Tom love them.

Cindy McClurg said...

New Mexico=Sheng+Tom+Federle+Michael Jordan+Yingcong Tan+Ziying(Ruby) Lin+Ziyi Zhang+Zach Wise
Cindy McClurg

A few years ago, When Oklahoma
State University newspaper announced
that: President David Schmidly has
resigned and will move to New Mexico,
Jingle somewhat felt shocked, she knew
lots of issues must have led to the
president's decisions. Stillwater City
Transit System with OSU bus running
all over the town will remember
his remarkable contributions.

Catie Wise said...

Canada=Clinton+Cindy+Car Dealers+Heaven+A. B. Thomas+Eric+Talon+
Dallas City+Jiahong+Angelina+Tina+Belinda+Tom+Dora+Florida
Catie Wise

Parents as pure farmers in Hubei, China,
Justin studies hard at ZhangGang High School,
he made it to Beijing University, ranked #2,
directly promoted to graduate program
majoring in computational mathematics,
worked as an instructor at Beijing
University Branch...
Coming to University of Chicago for Ph. D...
his experiences show that
diligence plus intelligence =success.

Jiahui Baradzine said...

Stillwater High School: The Magnificent Swan for All Talents To Shine!
Jiahui Baradzine

Stillwater High School is advantaged
to provide students lots of incentives
and inspirations, Sheng's schedule was full,
by involving with Oklahoma Summer Arts
Institute Orchestra, The Oklahoma Youth Orchestra,
Oklahoma Music Educators Association
All-State Orchestra, Club co-president
and Oklahoma Vice presiding Judge
for Youth and Government, Students Council
representative, and member of the Robotics Club...

Fay Jordan said...

Dallas Public Library: Keep Promoting Diversity and Making History
Fay Jordan

Lee Zhang was Jiahong's Bejing University
roommate, and eventually, Zhang married
his high school sweetheart, Zhang came to
the U. S. for his Ph. D. in 1991,
According to Jiahong, Zhang and his wife
are living in Dallas, Texas, the wife works
at Dallas Public Library,
Jingle loved books and
valued work from all Liberians!

Megan Robertson said...

E is for Easter Bunny, F is for Fathers, Family, and Funny
Megan Robertson

Families are special,
A vital term that's essential,
May I please? thank You,
Inseparable and independent too.
Living at homes that are filled with fun,
I treasure loving families, divine.
Excellent places to grow responsibilities,
Salute those who value families.

Gayle Parsons said...

Bouts-Rime, Poetry Form in 55 Words
Gayle Parsons

Wooed by anxious spring breeze,
The giant, kind, and reliable elephant
from the Africa wild starts to sneeze,
and under cherry blossom tree to pant,
lives are transforming, look at the ant,
Golden delicious peanuts are crunchy to please,
A time to enjoy love in bliss;
Take them all, including a mouse and his cheese.

Aya Wilson said...

Vermont=Vicky Lewis hill+Morning Peng+Denise McClurg+Deborah+Tonya Jones+Tossing It Out+My Walking Path+Timoteo+Joel Stein+Chris Raun+Internet+Blog Hosts
Aya Wilson

Mrs. Jones feeds him breakfast
when the Milkman comes to deliver milk.
Then they make love upstairs,
before he leaves, she gives him $5,
"Why?" He is entirely surprised,
"Well, yesterday I told my husband
that it was your birthday today,
and he said: 'So what, fuck that milkman,
and give him 5 bucks.' "

April Tu said...

G is for Gratefulness for Great Children’s Books
April Tu

While Tom's growing up, visiting Stillwater Public Library is one of Jingle's pleasures, She reads to Tom before he goes to bed until
he's 5, Clifford Books by Norman Bridwell, Arthur Books by Marc Brown, and The Berenstain Bears book series by Stan and Janice Berenstain are our all time favorites. Family life is core.

July Hesser said...

New Hampshire = Sheng Wu+North Texas Haiku+Simei Yan+Adam Dustus+Constantin+Aihua Xie+Parth Joshi+Theresa Burke+Hargis+Gong Li+Mrs. Hays
July Hesser

The New Hampshire State Bird is
The Purple Finch which isn't purple,
but a deep red color on the head...
The Purple Finch is about the same size as a sparrow, females have no red color. The head of a female
Purple Finch is brown, and the body
of the bird has dark brown streaks.

J. K. Williams said...

H is For HuiJu Zhou
J. K. Williams

At Beijing Wuzi University,
HuiJu Zhou was Jingle's 2nd sister,
Origin from Chengdu (=Chandoug), Sichuan province,
nicked named Spicy sister, HuiJu loved
to sing at concerts, she dated a Beijing
fellow first, then someone attending
SiJiaZhuang Military College, Hebei province...
Her older brother holds a job at Beijing,
She found work at Chandoug after graduation.

Madeleine Dunphy said...

Dr. Patricia Jordan: The Western Meadowlark That Adds Energy to Secondary Mathematical Education
Madeleine Dunphy!/2012/04/dr-patricia-jordan-western-meadowlark.html

Encouraged by hubby Jiahong Wu,
with help from HongJian Gao, Beijing,
Jingle got her undergraduate transcripts
translated and mailed to Graduate College,
only to realize that:
Education views were very different from what
she assumed, Dr. Patricia Jordan has China
experiences, she stood out to be Jingle's
adviser, which was a profound experience to have.

Tammy Leonard said...

Rosa Parks: The Powerful black Current That Balance Equality Between White and Black Citizens of America
Tammy Leonard

In spring, 2003, Jingle learned about
Rosa Parks' stories via her education class,
Rose Parks refused to give up her seat to
a white male while riding on a bus
at Montgomery, Alabama, and was sent to
jail for violating the law, which is unfair
between white and black citizens of the U. S. A..

Ann Yee said...

Tonya Jones: an Italian Mockingbird That Sings Encouraging Friendship Songs
Ann Yee

Tonya Jones must be Italian,
she made instant connection to Jingle
at advanced children's literature class,
Jingle loved Tonya's enthusiasm for
being a friendly interpreter,
later Tonya shared at least two more
classes at college of education, while
working at Student Union.
She offered helping when they met
at Stillwater Public Library five years later.

Josie Braybrooks said...

Beijing (Shudu Sifan) Normal University: An Inspirational mission to Be!
Josie Braybrooks!/2012/04/beijing-normal-shudu-sifan-university.html

Educational curriculum in teaching,
learning, and leadership are vital
to a country's future,
Chinese education system is both strict and flexible,
Jingle enjoyed her time at Chinese primary school,
middle school, high school, and college,
since the evaluations and recruiting processes were
fair and truly professional.
Jiahong will be visiting
Beijing Normal University this summer.

Nicola dePaola said...

Iran=Iris Chang+Albert Einstein+Mary Ann+Michael Henneberry+Sheng Wu+JD
Henneberry+Tom Wu
Nicola dePaola

Sheng and JD would remain close friends
for good, and the mother of JD
Henneberry comes from Iran, which is
a country that worries the U. S. for
its nuclear weapon development practice,
It's hard to tell how many countries are
doing it to protect themselves or do
self defense, peace is what everyone loves.

Tomie Bridwell said...

Oregon State University: The Third OSU That Orchestras Enthusiasm To Those Who Need!
Tomie Bridwell

According to Oregon State University news:
“First Lady Michelle Obama,
a national champion of promoting
healthier communities and better
childhood nutrition, will provide
the commencement address at
Oregon State University on Sunday, June 17.
OSU President Ed Ray extended the
invitation to the First Lady to participate
in Oregon State’s 143rd annual commencement ceremony.”

Norman Brown said...

Russia=Ruby Lin+Simei Yan+Sarah Palin+Asia
Norman Brown

Sarah Palin can see Russia from her Alaska
office window, as boarder to China,
and many Chinese business men go to Russia
for trading, Russian dolls are of most famous,
Moscow, Stanlin, Max, and their revolutionary
theory used to be in Chinese textbooks at
elementary schools, Russia is cold,
but the architectures are very beautiful.

Marc Smee said...

South Korea =Seattle (Washington WuShengTom State)+ South Carolina+North Korea+Oregon
Marc Smee

How sad to see Korea being divided
by differences of political system,
politics is controversial,
there is NO right system from wrong system,
communism and capitalism co-exist,
the way democrats and republicans do-
complementing each other...
China and the U. S. a. must show respect
and build a relation with flexible space.
Bless South Korea.

Frederick Berenstain said...

Jamaica=Jiahong+Ji+Maimi+Becca Givens
Frederick Berenstain

Jamaica, the third largest island
in the Caribbean, has interesting features.
Overviews include pictures of Lovers Leap,
Bloomfield Great House,
structure of the government,
Mandeville, Flowers and Palm Trees.
Men on bikes behind fruit stand
with slash/burn farming in background.
Capital city of Jamaica is Kingston.
It's a dreamy place to do summer vacations.

Liz Tidale said...

K=King of My Heart=Jiahong Wu with Ji in Jia=Home=Sweet Wonders in Between
Liz Tidale

Marriage time was spent on kids,
and education, it's amazing to see
that how ignorance could mislead,
He believed that there might be better
woman out there, I didn't quit,
he didn't leave, but things revolved
with both of us involved, despite that,
Home is where I enjoy to be as part of a family.

Jan Seidel said...

Israel=Italy+El Paso in Texas (Sheng, Tom, Vicki, Victoria)+Iris Murphy+Rae
Jan Seidel

There is nothing like the beauty of a country
with people inspiring, and no place
is more striking than a piece of island
no bigger than New Jersey.
Only in Israel can one go from Jerusalem,
where it is snowing, to the desert,
where one can go hiking, in December
and come across different terrains.

May Szybist said...

L is for Library: Austin Yarborough Branch..
May Szybist

Ji(ngle)Yan(qui) has at least a dozen contacts
with Texas public libraries,
Among those, Austin public libraries
are of most visited ones.
Besides the one Ji visited seeing Laura Bush
in 1998, or the one on downtown Austin,
Ji loved Yarborough Branch the most,
to visit, check it out below:
2200 Hancock Dr. Austin Texas 78756.

Joyee Ashbery said...

Xiaohua (ShawnSuzy) Lu: A Tough Mind When It Comes to Concepts! B
Joyee Ashbery

Xiahua Lu was Jingle's Third sister
from Beijing Wuzi University,
Her older brother graduated from there,
went back to Fuzhou City, FuJian province,
then Xiaohua did the same,
Xiaohua was slim, wearing glasses, and
tough when it came to concepts.
She was close to Donghua Li and HuiJu Zhou...
Her boyfriend were from Aihui province.

T. M. said...

M is for Mathematics at Madison, Wisconsin
T. M.

Mathematics is fun if you are a fan,
mathematics is tough
if you don't work hard enough,
Mathematicians are very serious
and could go super wild meanwhile,
Mathematics Department at
University of Wisconsin, Madison
invites Jiahong Wu (Jiyan's Husband)
for a talk and possible research
collaborations during April 15-19, 2012,
Way 2 Go, Alexander Kiselev...

Angela Blanchfield said...

Min Wang: A Hummingbird to Chuanxian Peng and Wu Family
Angela Blanchfield!/2012/04/min-wang-hummingbird-to-chuanxian-peng.html

Min Wang graduated from Kunming University of Science and Technology, along with boy friend Chuanxian Peng,
she went to get her Master's Degree at Yunnan University,
Jingle met Min Wang at Beijing, when Jiahong, Sheng, Tom, and Jingle went back to visit in summer of 2007, Min and Shawn got married in January 27, 2012...

Frizzle Bassett said...

Mexico=Megan Turner+Texico+Lexi Wu+Conoco+Taco Bell+Jaco+Meng Ying
Frizzle Bassett!/2012/04/mexicomegan-turnertexicolexi-wu.html

Mexico resembles a catfish,
Mexico is a country
that sits on South of the United
States of America, and many Mexicans
don't mind risking their lives
attempting to pass the board to
immigrate to America, Texas has many
populations from Mexico, Jingle
loves Tacos, and many other Mexican food,
Mexican dances are simply mind blowing.

Anma Myers said...

Cuba=Cuckooclock+Coocuburra+Obama+baba (Fathers)
Anma Myers!/2012/04/cubacuckooclockcoocuburraobamababa.html

Jingle heard Cuba when she's young,
It's known for the best Tennis team at Olympics,
Cuba has no plants or animals
that are lethal to humans
(this includes poisonous snakes!)
The mountain ranges
include Sierra Maestra to the East,
Cordillera de los Organos to the West,
and the Sierra del Escambray in the central region.

Micky Evans said...

N and O Means NO More Mistakes…
Micky Evans

When the day is a fog of illusions,
It's easy to make wrong conclusions,
Mistakes are sweet at the beginning,
Consequences make someone heartbreaking.
I have made mistakes,
Pain and regrets are what it takes,
It's bittersweet to look back,
It's enlightening to stop repeating that,
I think more sharply now,
No more mistakes, meow!

Mary Glenpool said...

Becoming Independent will Be Jingle’s Life Time Dream!
Mary Glenpool

Quantity changes lead to quality changes,
Small errors cause big mistakes,
Jingle's stubbornness does cost and
the pain becomes unbearable, so on April 13,
Jingle decides to leave her twenty-one year old
marriage, making a living herself elsewhere,
She got helps from Glenpool, Welch, Copan,
and Nowata of Oklahoma,
Now temporarily home for her boys.

Lily Gao said...

Italy=Iris Murphy+Audie murphy+Tally+Taylor Boomer+Kimberly Henry
Lily Gao!/2012/04/italy-iris-murphy-audie-murphy-tally.html

In America, Italian pizza is well known,
At China, Italian world cup team on soccer
is famous... Sheng has said that two years ago,
"I want to visit Italy." "why?"
"I just like it."...
Great big thanks go to
Stephan and Kathleen Wilson for dinners
and warmth to Sheng's (including Jingle)
senior high school year.

Zora Xu said...

SiLin Yan: The Lyre That Sings Homely Songs at Ji’s Primary School
Zora Xu

At primary school, SiLin Yan
was Jingle's (or Chuanhui Peng's)
language arts teacher, SiLin is
a handsome guy who shares
the same origin with grandmother
Juer (Jewel) Yan and
mother Simei (Sammy) Yan,
which is a village next to the Han river,
called YuFan Village,
most of the vilagers are fisherman,
women grow rice mainly....

Tom Lee Wu said...

To Mom and Dad: Your Love for Sheng and Me Is Valued Greatly!
Tom Lee Wu

When I was younger,
Mom and Dad took me and my brother Sheng
to places on weekly basis,
We buy family memberships at science
museums and zoos, then we visit these
around the United States for free as
a family of four, I loved science museum
at Wichita, and the Sedgwick County Zoo
is remarkable.

Tom Lee Wu said...

Greece =Grace= Greatness Displayed in Human Race!
Tom Lee Wu

Greece is a country
where adviser of father Jiahong Wu
from Beijing University used to enjoy living, the culture and arts are impressive in many ways,
Megan Turner and Mark Turner,
visited Greece for a year, Dad had a visit last year, Greece rhymes with
Grace, hope to see beauty and love shown in Greece.

Tom Lee Wu said...

Pandi: The Inseparable Soul Mate To Me (Tommy)…Weeeee!
Tom Lee Wu

I have at least a dozen stuffed pandas at home, I cried worrying about my huge panda doll Sandy on my way home from San Diego zoo, hearing that there was
a huge fire in Oklahoma, believing that my panda was hurt. At 2nd grade, Ms. Wisdom had me inventing panda characters, including Trenton's Dad...

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