Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy (Belated) Birthdays To Individuals Born in June, July, and August!

Happy Birthday, Enjoy Your Family and Friends at Large! Cheers!

June 8, George H. W. Bush,

June 18, A Poem A Day at Adkwriter15…

June 22, Bing (PinkLady): or

June 21st, Nanka:

June 23rd, the lonely recluse:

June 26, Wordwand at: wordwand

June 27 , Lu Ann:

July 10, Suzi at:suzicate

July 1, Harshika,

July 1, Magdalena: (The Chamber of Stories):

July 2, Layla James:

July 6, George Walker Bush,

July 10, Charles Brad Henry

July 13, Morton Owen Schapiro,

July 18th, Wordy woman:

July 21, 2010…. Amy at amy

July 22, Ewan Walker:

July 24, Annie:

July 24, José Ruy Pimentel de Castro:

July 25,  Sumit Sarkar:

August 1, Ishabelle:  

August 3, Heartspell at heartspell

August 4, Barack Obama

August 8,  Megzone at Megzone

August 10,  Doni,

August 18, Leo :

August 19, Bill Clinton

August 11, Olivia:

August 26,  Lisa:

August 31, Nelly:

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