Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday ~ Book Reivew 35

Good Morning Everyone,

    Hope all is going well. Here is a book review of Apocalypse Unleashed by Mel Odom of the Left-Behind-Series. The book is No. 4 in the military part of the series and is continuation of the Apocalypse Burning.

    In the Apocalypse Dawn, First Sergent Goose Ganders is struck in a military skirmish between Turkey and Syria. He and his rangers are supporting the cause of Turkey and taking heavy causalities. At the same time, rapture occurred as told in the Bible and all the believers are taken alive into heaven by god. The world is in choas and Goose Ganders' wife tries to help as many teenagers cope up with reality as possible looking after her Joey (her son and a teenager) and overcoming the grief of loss of Chris (hear 5 year old son)

    In the Crucible, the story becomes a little more intense. War rises to new scale in which the enemy shoots through all the barrels, Ganders' wife is struck in a series of law-suits because she tried to help people. Dirty secrets about how the war started, who is behind the war, who is Anarchist and such start rising their ugly heads up. First Sergent Goose becomes the American hero at same time winning the wrath of not just enemies but also the CIA and his own Captain.

   In the Apocalypse Burning *Book 3*, a part of world understands and believes that rapture has actually occurred. First Sargent Goose Ganders is exposed to death by his Captain  himself *both of them are best buddies*. Murky secrets about Anarchist keep rising which the Anarchist becomes Secretary General of United Nations. 

    The fourth book, is awesome and brings a honorable yet terrific end to the story. Lots of military action, support to them by their families and lots of Christian stuff.

    Goose Ganders is placed under house arrest when he instead of providing cover for a transport convey leaves it unprotected in his attempt to help people in a village near-by which is set on fire. Though Goose Ganders successfully thwarts the bid to hijack the convey, he looses a few men and hence is placed under house arrest in Rangers Outpost at Harran. Ganders accepts the same, and is talking to Chaplin Miller about christian stuff when the Syrians throw out everything except kitchen sink at the outpost.

    The rangers evacuate from their outpost and start their journey to Sanilufa. The CIA hires assassins to kill Goose. The assassins fire at the chopper carrying Goose. Goose and a few others are thrown out of the chopper due to the blasts and they have to wade through a Jungle keeping both the Syrian Calvary and the assassins at bay. When Captain Remington understand this, his friendship with Goose kicks in and he decides to save Goose irrespective of anything else.

    The families of enlisted men at Fort Benning, put all their weight on the Commanding officers and thereby are given permission to enter the war as support staff. Mrs. Megan (Wife of Goose Ganders) plays very prominent role in convincing the Commanding Officer. When Goose Ganders is in very dangerous a position, when the Ragners are loosing the battle, the Anarchists sends reinforcements in form of UN troops and promotes Captain Remington to rank of Colonel.

    Goose Ganders looses his leg and is highly injured. Yet he finds god, gets a new knee and gains all that he lost. This is the end of the series.

    Hope I didn't spoil the book by giving away too many a details. Enjoy the military fervor and the presence of God which the characters find in the book.

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


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