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Tuesday ~ Book Review 34

Good Morning Everyone,

    Hope all is going well. This is Abhishek Boinapalli from Another Author.  Here is a book review of Apocalypse Burning by Mel Odom of the Left-Behind-Series. The book is No. 3 in the military part of the series and is continuation of the Apocalypse Crucible.

    In the Apocalypse Dawn, First sergeant Goose Ganders is struck in a military skirmish between Turkey and Syria. He and his rangers are supporting the cause of Turkey and taking heavy causalities. At the same time, rapture occurred as told in the Bible and all the believers are taken alive into heaven by god. The world is in chaos and Goose Ganders' wife tries to help as many teenagers cope up with reality as possible looking after her Joey (her son and a teenager) and overcoming the grief of loss of Chris (hear 5 year old son)

  In the Crucible, the story becomes a little more intense. War rises to new scale in which the enemy shoots through all the barrels, Ganders' wife is struck in a series of law-suits because she tried to help people. Dirty secrets about how the war started, who is behind the war, who is Anarchist and such start rising their ugly heads up. First Sergent Goose becomes the American hero at same time winning the wrath of not just enemies but also the CIA and his own Captain.

    The burning begins with introduction to Bedouins, flesh trading, looting, kidnapping and other such active underground activities in the war-zone. Amidst all chaos, many a soldiers are finding god in the war-zone, renewing their faith, getting baptized. It looks like the enemy knows every detail about the defenses of city which rangers are holding *think of spies, informants and traders*

    Captain Remington, the commanding officer of 75th Rangers Regiment in the war-zone uses his ways to get information about a fuel dump and sends a team of rangers to destroy the same, to server a blow to the Syrian war-machine. But why does he hide information from the first sergeant? Why does he want the first Sargent get killed? What are his ways of getting information? Why are acquisitions of Rangers kidnapping local people running high?

    Who is Felix? Why on the earth is he in war-zone? How come he enjoys peace and tranquility in war? How come he is connected with Anarchist? How come the Anarchist *read Nicolae Carpathia* is becoming the Secretary General of United Nations though he was unknown to anyone till a few days back? What is the CIA doing with Anarchist? What would the Anarchist do in the Church where Chaplin Harte is preaching? Will he have his revenge? Will the church survive or be burnt to ashes?

    Parallely the trail of Gander's wife begins and starts taking you into a new atmosphere. Where-in she tries to convince the jury that rapture occurred and she has nothing to do with kidnapping of Gerry *a kid who went missing due to rapture*.  To her relief, she is cleared from all charges including dereliction of duty. At the same time, Danielle Vinchenzo, the reporter of OneWorld NewssNet tries finding out the truth behind many many a murky secrets with help of a few computer specialists.  What effect would that have on the world?

    The story is quite intense, war, emotion, mystery, myth and christian stuff are included in the same. Hope you are all having the same fun as I am reading this book.

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


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