Sunday, April 22, 2012

Living by Intuition for a Balanced World in 2012 and Beyond! Book Excerpt

INTUITION INVOLUTION is an inspiration spiritual life guide, instructing us to fully merge our intuition into Creation and worldly actions so as to bring a more harmonious balance into our lives and our world. It shows why bonding fully with intuition is the answer to the chaos of modern daily existence and business challenges. It presents how living by Intuition can best guide against several life issues such as manipulation, suicide and struggles

It’s time to look within us, to begin trusting our natural abilities, and integrate them into our lives. It’s time to remove the barriers that we’ve placed on our life path that are preventing us from trusting our own intuitive guidance.

The problem is that society has brainwashed us into ignoring our own intuition and focusing instead on logic. But the truth is, we were born with an intuition, one we can all develop and rely on. Over time, you’ll find that intuition is always the most efficient and accurate advice you can get on any issue, situation or desire

The book underlines that women are primarily endowed with a stronger intuition than men, and that if they learn to apply intuition conscientiously, it will help them overcome self-doubts and easily find the answers for any situation.

With Intuition Involution, you’ll  easily learn to know when intuition is communicating from within – either from sight, like a deja vu; or through sound – a little voice inside telling you what to do. You’ll begin to trust your intuition, using your inner perception as a pathway to letting your intuition communicate with you and you’ll quickly learn to recognize the difference between intellect and intuition to guide the decisions you make
The book includes several chapters on helping you master your intuition, including simple exercises that can help you connect profoundly with your intuition without having to spend hours meditating.

INTUITION INVOLUTION will captivate you with several individual life experiences and seven life stories on how intuition came to people’s rescues – including that of the author- and how intuition saved a life.

Book Excerpt
Sense of Humor and Intuition

When you consciously live by your intuition daily, you will begin to see another side of your intuitive guidance. On many occasions, I have experienced my intuition giving me a lesson in either learning patience or driving a lesson on humility home to me with humor. 

I remember an episode that made me so upset because of an argument I had with a colleague. I felt that this colleague said something that was really out of line. When I pointed this out to her, she simply shrugged and mumbled something that sounded like “too bad.” As I seldom get angry, on this day, I lost my temper, and after giving her a piece of my mind, I got into my car and drove away. I was so upset that I didn’t pay attention to where I drove.

After driving for about thirty minutes, I pulled up into a narrow lane by a forest path and got out of the car. I decided to take a brisk walk in the woods. As I walked quickly, I began to listen within, so I trotted a little and walked a bit. I alternated walking and trotting without paying much attention to where I headed. Luckily, it was in the summer, and despite it being well after 4 p.m., it was still daylight.

I must have been running and walking for more than twenty minutes when I came to a clearing in the woods. I stopped and looked around to see if there was anywhere I could sit down. Right across from where I stood, a few meters away, was a big, flat rock. I walked to it and sat down. I thought over my previous episode with my colleague and my response. I still told myself that I was justified in giving her a piece of my mind. After all, she was rude. 

When I finally got up to find my car, I realized that I didn’t know where I was. Although I felt that the surroundings were familiar, I didn’t know where I had parked my car and how to find it! Normally, I would have asked for inner guidance, but somehow, I felt silly asking for help now. Instead, I decided to do something I had never done before in such a situation. 

I stopped walking, stood still, and closed my eyes, listening to the stillness around me. I continued feeling the stillness as it completely engulfed me. I don’t remember how long I stood there, but when I finally opened my eyes, right across from me was a deer staring at me. I felt rooted to the spot. The deer also stood still, and I sensed it was best to just stay there and continue to stare at it.

During this time, I kept thinking how strange it was that the deer didn’t run away, but stood there looking at me. Then, suddenly, I felt my feet sinking into something soft and slippery, so I tried to move my feet a little. What happened next was truly hilarious; I slipped a little backward and lost my balance, and then landed right on my back in slippery dung! The stank filled up my nose as I struggled to get back on my feet, but it was so slippery that I kept falling back into it until my shoes and trousers were completely covered in it. When I finally managed to get a grip, I was shocked and then started laughing.

I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen the heap of dung before. Suddenly, I realized the irony of the episode. The joke was on me!

About Olakunbi Korostensky ND

Exemplifying a number of personal and work experiences, Olakunbi Korostensky illustrates in her book, Intuition Involution how intuition has been a constant guide in her own life. She also gives examples of other people who naturally connect to their intuitive guidance with assurance.

The author is a former naturopathic doctor and psychologist with a master’s in energy psychology, who now primarily works as a spiritual and intuition coach with a multifaceted enterprise. She perceives herself as an “Inner Flame Rekindler” and a visionary who avidly supports women in reconnecting with their spirit core.

For over 30 years, she has dedicated her life to spiritual consciousness and its integration into daily activities. Her extensive skills and knowledge comprise of alternative and holistic mind, body and soul disciplines.

She is the proprietor of the residential Awaken Women Retreat Wellness Centre. The Centre provides women with day spa facilities, offers holistic approaches to health, life issues and wellness, and energy balance workshops. The Centre which also offers weekend retreat programs for spiritual awakening and developing the intuition in both the English and German languages is the headquarters of the Awaken Women International Community (AWI™).

In February 2005, after a near-death experience that heralded several changes in her life, the dedicated Naturopathic doctor and Psychologist decided to close down her private practice of over twenty three years and stepped on to a new path.
In October 2006, she organized and called to life the Awaken Women International Conference (AWIC™) in Switzerland. In 2007, she founded Awaken Women International (AWI™), an offline and online membership community for women, promoting feminine excellence for a life of true dignity and sustainable happiness.,

Olakunbi Korostensky ND also runs a coaching website. “Embracing Changes - The Intuition Way”:
Her other activities include being the president of the non-profit Foundation Attitudinal Healing which she founded in Switzerland

To download an audio of the first chapter of the book Intuition Involution and order a copy of the book, go to


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