Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Running a little behind this week on my Monday poetry review! I hope you find this little treasure well worth the wait!

It is back to school time around here as well (I'm sure) where you hail from.  

This weeks featured poet is Kalli Dakos.  

Kalli is a Canadian born poet and teacher. I love this quote of hers:

A poem can change a child, and a child can change the world.
Kalli Dakos

In Kallies own words...

Back to school can be a very stressful time for children. You can help
your students by sharing poems about the school world. A short poem can
give children the “words” for feelings they may not be able to express, help
them realize they are not alone with their thoughts and fears, and give teachers
a starting point to discuss the return to school.
I have written over 2,000 poems about life in school, here is  favorite for BACK TO SCHOOL,

Cleaning House in My Brain

I’m cleaning house
In my brain,
Time again.
Shine windows,
Paint doors,
Vacuum rugs,
Polish floors.
Brush away
TV shows,
Picnics, beaches,
Free time goes.
Bring my memory
Back in gear,
Sweep the channels,
Crystal clear.
My brain is
An amazing tool,
And it’s all ready for
Poem by Kalli Dakos from current manuscript

In reading at her website, I especially loved this one!

"One of our children’s greatest fears is “failure,” yet learning to fail” is probably
the most important lesson they can learn. This short poem says a great deal
about “failure” for parents, teachers and the children themselves."

Don’t Tell Me

Don't tell me
I won't fail
For it might not

Be true.
Just tell me
You'll still                               
Love me
Even if I do

Here is her website if you would like to read more.


Have a great time back at school everyone! Till next time!


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the poems are powerful in simple ways.