Monday, October 22, 2012

Hi all you wonderful readers and welcome to another "poetry Monday" here at Bluebell!

Today I wanted to start a new category of reviews for you. It is going to be called "The Best Up & Coming Poets". I will be scouring the internet and online poetry sites as well as brick and mortar book stores (my absolute fav) to find whats trending, the offbeat and most of all the "may have been overlooked" poems for your reading pleasure.

Sound good?

Alrighty then!

Today to kick this off I am bringing you the wonderful work of  Laura Kasischke.

She is the author of thirteen books of poetry and fiction. A Guggenheim Fellow in 2009, she teaches in the MFA program at the University of Michigan. In addition to her wonderful poetry, her novel   Her Life Before Her Eyes was adapted for the screen and starred Uma Thurman.

Today we will be considering her book
 entitiled Space, In Chains

So we found ourselves in an ancient place, the very
air around us bound by chains. There was
stagnant water in which lightning
was reflected, like desperation
in a dying eye. Like science. Like
a dull rock plummeting through space, tossing
off flowers and veils, like a bride. And

Kasischke's writing is unflinchingly honest as she stares right at
the monsters of everyday life, Azheimers, cancer, death of a parent,
nothing is spared. Her words are lyrical and couragous.

A definite must read.

So thats it for now, see you back soon and keep reading!


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awesome job, Indie.