Monday, October 8, 2012

Story of the Week on Week 28 Prompt

Good Day,

everyone has a dream or two, either innocent or mature,  upon this week's prompt, we have wealthy collection of poems or stories, everyone has done beautiful job. 

I wish to feature a special one, his entry is reflective, and honest,  his dream is everyone's dream too, read it, happy writing.

how dreams change? by Jj Roa Rodriguez  

at five,
what do i dream of?
being a doctor?
or a lawyer?
or a teacher?
i do not even remember.
but i know i dream of something.
anyways, that is what
parents and elders
would always ask little children.
but after the worst incident happen,
my father died when i was ten.
something that a little boy or a child
does not dream of.
a lot of things have changed.
i simply dream of surviving
without him.
conquering the fear of living without him.
the what if's and but's
of living just with your mother
and seven other siblings...
then, come in high school at thirteen.
i learned that i can do it by myself.
yes! i am young but i learned it.
work after school 
to have the wants that my mother cannot afford
to give me,
having eight children.
so the dream changed to
i want to be rich.
what do i have to do to be rich.
school, work and dream.
after high school came college,
sudden change of dream.
success does not mean money anymore.
i just want to be known for whatever.
joined glee club in school
dancing which became a passion.
you bet! not any single occasion
that i will not be on stage performing.

and dreams changed from one thing
to another...
on and on and on...
and now,
at forty-two.
on the other side of the planet
where i am originally from...
i have one simple dream
the dream of everyone,
of being with someone
who would love me
with no if's and but's.
eat good food not necessarily expensive.
have a humble comfy home,
not necessarily huge and grand.
and have fun every single minute
with my family and myself.
dreams! oh dreams!
a thing that keep me going...


Unknown said...

keep it up.

Anonymous said...

very good!

Elizena said...

Truly an honest and lovely write. I really enjoyed it and while I did not lose my parents at a young age, I still felt like a child when I lost them. I've learned to survive and in surviving I've learned to dream again and to allow my inner child to run free on occasion.
Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. Have a blessed day.