Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello to the best poetry readers on the internet!

 Are you enjoying watching the earth move into a more slower pace? Are you following its cues and slowing your own pace?

Maybe taking a little bit more time for yourself, to read, to inspire that poet that lives deep within?

I am continuing in my search for the off beat and little known because as we all know, be it good food or great poetry....its the lesser known "off the beaten path" ones that contain treasures. It is in that spirit that I bring you today, Kim Rosen.

Here are a couple of gems from her

For many years, I was afraid of poetry. I felt as though it was a secret language that belonged to an elitist club, which I had not been invited to join.


 How do you find a poem that speaks the language of your soul?

If you are reading these words, it is possible that you and I are similar, and the poems I love will also speak to you I am sure that it will. She is lyrical and imaginative. Read her and then dive deep into your own personal well of words waiting to be said.

Till we meet again,

Indie .

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