Monday, November 19, 2012

Poetry Monday

Hi all you good readers of fine words.

This is a busy week for us all but once Thursday comes and you have feasted your full, you will need a good read for your turkey and cranberry filled soul to relax with.

Well never fear, you are here!

Todays book is entitled Goodby Flicker  by author

Carmen Giménez Smith is
an assistant professor in the MFA program in creative writing at New Mexico State University. She is the author of two previous collection of poetry—Odalisque in Pieces and The City She Was—and a memoir, Bring Down the Little Birds.

 her latest work, 
Goodbye, Flicker describes the interior life of a girl named Owl, whose prince is a deadbeat dad and whose escape into a fantasy world is also an escape into language, beauty, and the surreal.
here is one of  the poems...

Owl Bits and Bits

The books she covets are labeled
with file folder labels she robs
from her father's desk. Owl builds a
ibrary called voluntad de oro, which literally means,
Golden Desire or Golden Goodwill:
Gold for Wish or Wealth and Goodwill
for Desire or Love.
The books were once her grandmothers
who had also lived in the blue book and the green book
the leaves, the petals, the letters, the skins
in the books slip out
and crumble like ash.
Those books told: her of north of the goose-girl,
of surviving caves and shipwrecks.
The words slip in and out like
the Wolf's tongue in Red's ear.

So enjoy good food in the company of loved ones and then settle in with a good read for a perfect finish to your day!

Till next time, here's wishing the best of things to you one and all,



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love this so much...

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great Job.