Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kafira - Book Spotlight - author John O'Neil

Kafira by John O'Neil 

 John O’Neil is the author of the action/adventure novel, Kafira. Writing Daze caught up with John recently and asked him some questions about his book. Find out he weaves a story of moon landings, bio-chemical warfare and the search for a cure. 

About Kafira
"In 1981, Kim Il Sung, supreme leader of North Korea, announces he has landed rockets on the moon, claiming the moon for North Korea to the exclusion of every other nation on earth. His claim is not without credence, as Il Sung threatens to unleash a deadly virus if his demands are not met. Shin Min Shu is the ingenious North Korean biomedical scientist who has been forced to develop this virus.

Kafira Weiss is an Israeli biomedical scientist whose passionate life purpose is to find cures for deadly diseases. This new development with North Korea has her angry but also afraid for the people she loves, and soon, because of her expertise, she becomes personally involved. The CIA believes the United States is being threatened; however, they need proof. How can they be sure of Il Sung’s claims?

Kafira will be part of a team sent to the space. She will become the first woman to land on the surface of the moon. With trepidation, she agrees to the mission, but wonders, what will she do if Il Jong’s declarations are true? What if Min Shu’s virus is real and able to infect the earth with a deadly disease? Will Kafira be brilliant enough to find a cure in time, or will one man’s greed lead to the end of human life in the universe?"

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Q: What makes your main character impatient or angry? Kafira is not impatient or angry!
She is frustrated and stressed that she cannot find a cure for the Ebola virus, yet it seems as if the North Koreans have. 

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