Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Fathers Faith By Paul Mc Cann: Peace For You, Peace For Me, Let's Make Peace Today...


Each week at Sunday mass,
Then afterwards he and I
walked the streets around Belfast.

Taking back the envelopes
from people who couldn’t go,
was something that Dad and I did
in the hail rain or snow .

My Da was a member of
The men’s confraternity,
Helping in his own way
All the parish community.

He was a silent witness and of him I was so proud,
Jesus knew my Father because he stood out in the crowd.

Many respected my Dad
for he lived what he believed
Like the hymn Faith of out fathers
I know I have received.

Dad lifted the collection plate


Anonymous said...

peace is a universal theme,

drive for peace,
vouch for peace today.

macker said...

I wrote ,My father's Faith and was surprised and happy to see my poem on your website ,
My poems are like my little children who I send out into the world . Many of them grow up and return to me to show me the achievements they made . I am so proud of them all .
Thank You
By Paul McCann

Anonymous said...

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