Tuesday, October 27, 2015

story of the week 31; Marcie Barack Lankford Ramsey Constantin

Hello, How is your Tuesday?
This week, we have lots of impressive writers joining us, and it is nice to see
Everyone has done perfect job, each piece is written with care and wit, thanks…if I must pick one, then
I give the winner to  

 Marcie Barack Lankford Ramsey Constantin

 here is the poem

short story slam week 31, write something or anything that seem spooky, uneasy, or scary.

the restless ocean waves are overwhelming
the way July sun does to earth;
in flood of swamping thoughts,
I see John Kerry surfing,
with San Francisco golden gate bridge submerging,

the nightingale frowns when the seagull deluges,
rylan victoria swallows too much crest mouth washer,
emotions inundate and bury,
the rotation of earth, sun, and moon engulf level of water,
a trillion sound bits collapse under the order of Bill Gates.

if I admit I am feeling overwhelmed...
When I feel overwhelmed,
If I play around for a haunted experience
before Halloween heat hits,
everything will be either left or right...

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Anonymous said...

excellent pick from one of our officials,
glad to share this with you guys.


Happy Halloween!

Al said...

Very nice!

Unknown said...

nice one.

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