Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Music To Ears, Stories To Mars: Happy Writing of 2015, Welcome 2016 New Year!


as 2015, the year of sheep comes to an end,
2016 the year of monkey or unicorn come near,
We wish you music to your ear,
and stories to mars from your dear!
Santa clause delivers love,
Story tellers share experience,
Book traders demonstrate authors,
Bluebell Bell Books Twitter Club promote gem fairy tales.
We value all of those who contribute to our short story slams,
Including leading book promoters, such as Malvin Mays, Eric Loper,
Larry Alexandra Page, Bob Young, Jeffry Bezos, Amelia Wilson, Owen Yan,
not to exclude Jim Wu, Abbey Wood, Tom Lee, and Sheryl Kara Sandberg...
Let the bell jingle,
Let the stroy lines flow,
today we choose joy, love, and wonder,
tomorrow we share books, musical dvd, and poetry reading.
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Anonymous said...

happy 2015 ahead, folks.
keep writing,
keep sharing,
enjoy Amazon,, and create space.

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