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Soul Sale: A Rude Awakening - A Look at one of the Greatest Moral and Ethical Debates of Stem Cell Research with Excerpt

Soul Sale: A Rude Awakening 

This is what it looks like when the devil attacks. Americus Dotter, a human egg donor for Yale University, discovers that many of her embryos have gone to stem cell research. Unknown to her she has contributed to an industry that is at the center of our generation's greatest moral and ethical debate. Her story begins when she purchases a vehicle off of Craigslist that was involved in a highway shooting of a local hero. When the case explodes into an FBI investigation Amy finds herself at the center of suspicion and a torturous battle for her soul ensues. Discover how it is that she keeps her soul intact and how she responds when she is called to the Court of Heaven and must testify as to her true intentions.

About Americus Dotter 

Americus Dotter was an ovum donor for many fertility clinics across the United States including Yale University, and helped many couples achieve their goal of creating a family. Stem cell research and the ethics surrounding it are one of her primary concerns. Her book, Soul Sale, is the raw story of spiritual warfare that she experienced in 2008 following the birth of her own child. It is an example of "quantum psychiatry," a term that is gaining popularity and support in the psychiatric community. Quantum psychiatry is thought to be where spirituality and science meet to expose unproven realities. In a time where the transhuman agenda is beginning to appear in headlines, the ethics surrounding stem cell research must be discussed and unintended consequences of our knowledge should be examined. Amy Dotter successfully sheds light on these issues in a creative true story not like any ever heard before.

·  Paperback: 258 pages
·  Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 1, 2012)
·  Language: English
·  ISBN-10: 148021082X
·  ISBN-13: 978-1480210820

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Read an Excerpt
I stare out a strange window. Where am I? There appears to be a war going on outside. I have dedicated my life, my body, to creating life, and now the world is crumbling before my eyes. What have I done to deserve this? Where is a doctor? Why do lay here praying to die when just recently my future seemed so bright? Where are my children? Are they safe? Where is my family? 

I want to pound my chest because it feels as though my heart is stopping. There is only a camera in the room with me. I know that no one else sees what I am seeing. The nurse is scared of me. Am I slipping into a  coma?

I have tried to calm myself, but I am powerless against my mind. I need to say so much if this is truly the end of me. My thoughts just keep racing. I cannot find the strength to make this all stop. What is all of this supposed to mean? Then a calming voice whispers, “It will make sense when it needs to.” I am alone in the room. 

“People don’t just all of a sudden become schizophrenic at the age of 30,” the psychiatric nurse said. How could this be happening to me? I am an egg donor, for crying out loud! I went through multiple physicals and psychiatric testing. I am in top-notch health. I have no family history of mental illness. Just last week I was fighting crime and making right the wrongs in the world. 

                “Here, just take a pill so you don’t have to walk over hot coals or anything.”

                “I told you! I am not crazy! Call the detective! The FBI is involved! These pills and injections are just making things worse! There is something else going on here, and I want to talk to my family. I haven’t even spoken to a doctor! You cannot just keep doing this to me!”
I am shouting, but only a mumble can make it from my mouth. 

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