Tuesday, March 1, 2016

story of the week on ssslamw39, two winners, one is Asim Kumar Paul, another is David Bechtolsheim

Asim Kumar Paul


I am not that boy
Who always wants to buy,
I am that boy
Who wants to bring
Smiling, again and
Again in the sense of
Joy, watching
Toy-selling shop,
To follow teacher’s
Saying, “Do not mess.”
I am that boy
Who always wants
To avoid lure
That comes ahead
Of every shadow
Of toy’s display,
Yet I want one toy
That has a story
That can say
Truth that is
Dramatic always.

  David Bechtolsheim 
the story of Liu Ying (柳岩),
a daughter to Liu Shihe (刘士和),
the niece of Wang Min (  王敏),
granddaughter of Liu Zhongyuan (柳宗元)

Liu Ying ((柳岩) was born on May 27, 1995 in Liangxiang hospital,
Fangshan district, Beijing City, a daughter to father Liu Shihe, and to
mother Peng Shuhua, the birth of Liu Ying remarks a historical mile stone
due to the complex family relation and history.

because at the time, when Liu Ying was born, her aunt Yan Ji, uncle Wu Jiahong
reside 5200 Kenwood, Chicago, IL, hyde park area, and they are at students /spouse
status, and when Liu Ying and her baby photos appear at Jiahong Wu (吴家洪)'s mail box,
when Jiahong carries the hand written letter to Ji Yan, they were amazed about the
unexpected marriage, and the baby girl,

Jiahong sighed, "Liu Ying, an infant girl, which is good lately, but by Chinese tradition,
Liu Ying's grandmother and parents may be upset since China boomer male birth, not
female birth, honestly, "

"I am sure Shihe Liu and Chuanzhen Peng will feel better if we spare a small amount of money
and give it to them on behalf of a young infant's growth and healthy benefits." persisted Ji Yan

with the permission of Jiahong Wu, Ji Yan (颜令宾) write back to Beijing, from Chicago,
offering some sisterly friendship and a small amount of cash so that her sister Shuhua feels
better about her baby daughter, and her husband Shihe Liu, and her mother in law Xiaosan Peng

not much communication after that, today is February 28, 2016, when Qiangjiao Kong (恐龙时)

feels guilty, after Jiahong Wu benefits Jialiang Wu, Ai Hong Wu, decides to include Ji Yan's
close relative, Chuanzhen Peng, Chuanxian Peng, Min Wang, Shihe Liu, Simei Yan, Hounian Peng, things go dramatic, Shihe liu refuses to take support unless his relatives are included,
but we don't know Shihe liu's two borthers, two sisters, thus we write a story on Liu Ying, and Liu Ying's grandfather, thus people know she is a good lady, Liu Ying resides Beijing,
attending Beijing University currently, and will be happy to be an American resident if applicable.

Ju er Yan |\  Zhongqiang Peng
            Hounian Peng

Simei Yan |\ Hounian Peng
           Ji Yan (Sayshree Ambrose Yan)
         Chuanzhen Peng (Drew Miranda Peng)
         Chuanxian Peng (Bob Bradley Peng)

Ji Yan || Jiahong Wu
    sheng wu
  tom lee wu

Chuanzhen Peng || Shihe Liu
             ying Liu (Patricia Minow Blair)

Chuanxian Peng |\ Min Wang
              yuewan Peng

PS: the story of the story of Liu Ying (柳岩), focus on Liu Ying her family relation, and her mother's relative Ji Yan, Min Wang, Zhongyuan Liu...

Zhongyuan Liu ||  Xiaosan Peng
            Shihe Liu (Leonard Proulx Liu) : a brother in law to Jiahong Wu, Ji Yan via Shuhua Peng
            Ericson Amis Liu (sister)
            Riekstins Tully Liu(sister)
            Faust Chuck Liu (brother)
            Norman Masinger Peng (brother)