Tuesday, June 21, 2016

story of the week 46, escape volcano from

thanks for reading our short story slams,
we simply feel good enough to continue our journey,
by recording our footsteps and come to a halt on story of the week 46,
the honor goes to

Dubuque Ottumwa

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it could erupt any time,
it is silent mostly

when a volcano blasts,
lots of rocks burn

dark sky
overflow rolling stones

there is no escape of natural disasters
but facing the music and challenging the force

the road is blocked
the view is blur

escape biases
escape subjective assumptions

seek green earth and peaceful meditation
rest at flower mountain and smile like heaven

so, if Wang Qi ( 王子文) is here,
so does Chia Nay (贾乃亮), a broken arrow and a red rose

despite the sadness upon Wang Qi and Chia Nay,
we hope, wish, pray, discipline, rule, play, compete, and satisfy

Wang Qi is a gem from Ottumwa, a film maker, and an actress from Disney,
Chia Nay is the prince of Sioux City, a novelist, and an award winning from new york times

escape fame
we obtain hardship

escape shame
we harvest partnership

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